How to Do a Charity Ride

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The charity bicycle ride, aiming at raising fund, is an activity that sponsored by a variety of organizations throughout the world. Many of the cyclists dream of that they are cycling for a good reason, and the charity ride can cater to their goals. Charity rides are the enjoyable activity which is more pleasant than riding a bike because pedaling for a purpose often gives the cyclists a sense of achievement and happiness.

As a popular means of fund-raising around the world, people organize the charity bicycle rides for many reasons: fighting to beat cancer; helping sick or disadvantaged children; aiding the elderly or mental ill or the disabled; sheltering the homeless and so on. Would you like to join or organize a charity bicycle ride? If your answer is "Yes", you can continue to read the article and learn how to do. The following is some introduction of two types of charity rides and how to do a charity ride.

Organized Charitable Rides

To join the charitable rides is the simplest way to join the charity ride. In an organized ride, the cyclists do not need to put much energy into it because the charities would get everything ready, including the route of the ride, lodging, and food on the way of cycling, water and so on. Generally speaking, charities are more likely to be successful in raising money to help others.

The organized rides are organized by a variety of non-profit organizations to raise fund or to glorify their profile. In the organized charity ride, the cyclists would meet new friends from the city, country, or even the world.

Independent Charitable Ride

If you want to ride for raising the awareness of an event which has not been noticed by the people around, you can choose to ride independently. Independent charitable rides require the organizer undertake all the plans for the charity ride, including the routes, training, fund raising and so on. When planning a charity ride, the organizer needs to focus on it: spend time, money, energy to make full preparation for the ride. It is a large project to plan.

Decide the Size and Type

First of all, you should decide the size and the type of the rides that you are going to join or hold. In the organized rides, you can choose the one you want to go: ride to fight against disease or helping the poor children, and so on. Want to ride with fewer than 30 people or more? It depends on you.

In the independent ride, you need to choose the size and event of the charity ride. Choose one event that you want to raise awareness and decide the size: fewer than 20 people in the town or more than 50 person ride 300-mile.

Pick Your Route

As mentioned above, in an organized charitable ride, the charity would get everything ready, so you do not need to spend time on it. However, if you want to ride independently, you need to pick your route of the ride. When planning the route, you should take many factors into account: money, manual labor, material resources. Try to be realistic and do not set the goal you can't reach. For example, you can choose the 50-mile ride one day ride in your hometown or 200-mile ride on the public highway for 3 days. You should familiar with the route you choose because it can ensure a smooth ride.

Plan a Fundraising and Publicize

If your purpose to hold the charity ride is to raise fund, here are something you can do to raise fund. Generally speaking, the easiest way to raise fund is by creating an online donation page which should establish the budge, expenses and target fundraising goal of the charity ride. Besides, you can tell the social media to let everyone know about your charity ride and get the donation, and it also helps to publicize the charity ride to attract cyclists to join the ride or your group.

Some Issues of Before the Ride

Before starting the charity ride, here are some issues you should pay attention to. At first, safety is one thing that must be careful. Safety and good health are the basic to continue the charity ride. The organizer must prevent the participants from injury. Knowing the traffic and road conditions of the route can help a lot in avoiding danger. Perhaps, the organizer can buy insurance for everybody involved. Besides, carrying the gears of the participators. In a ride over one day, the cyclists need to take their luggage with them. Taking the luggage on the bike is a little troublesome for them.

The organizer should prepare and take the sport kit, drinking water, or maybe medicines for the cyclists. Finally, preparing the shelter for the cyclists. Everyone needs to have a rest during a long ride in order to continue the following ride and the organizer should be responsible for the accommodation of the bikers.


Organizing a charity ride need a lot of costs, and sometimes it may be unaffordable for the organizer. Then the organizer can look for sponsorship in the local business. Finding a sponsorship can be very competitive, so your type of ride should be attractive to attract the company to support your project. Besides, a good negotiating ability may help a lot when you talk with the sponsor. What' more, you can contact with a big charity to ask for help or to corporate with them. Some charities would help you to plan the ride if the charity rides benefit them. However, make sure that your charity ride won't do harm to the charity or the company, or your relationship with them may be destroyed.

Something Should Aware of

After joining the organized ride or are ready for the independent ride, here are some matters you should pay attention to. Firstly, physical strength is quite important in the cycling, so you or the participants should have a good physical strength. Before the ride, the cyclists should keep training. Secondly, keep in mind that charity rides are not a competition, so you don't need to aspire for speed, instead, the thing you should aspire is safety. Concentrate on your ride when cycling and take notice of the road to watch for obstacles.


If you have never joined a charity ride before and really want to cycle for a cause, I'd like to suggest you join the organized charitable ride. There are many meaningful great charity rides, for example, the one that happened in 4th July 2017 lasting for 6 days in the UK, and its goal is to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians. Joining the organized ride is a good experience for the cyclists because they can learn a lot from the ride. Besides, the experience that you learn from the organized ride is useful when planning an independently charitable ride.

The charity ride not only can help the person the organizers want to assist, but also satisfy cyclists with the dream that cycling for a cause. Start cycling for a reason and join the charity rides and planning you own charity ride.