how to flow on every trail (3)

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We have already talked about learning how to see, learning how to choose the great lines and mastering the art of pumping and some knowledge about speed, effort reserve and commitment at the first two passages before, and I believe some of you may have learned something useful about how to flow on every trail. And now I would like to introduce the third part to you. That is the state of flow and your motivation.

1.The state of flow.
As we all know, the flow trail is a trail that you have got berms, jumps, flat turns and stuff that is really great for building your confidence as a cyclist. Here I am going to show you some tips about how to ride a flow trail fast and effectively as well as how to improve riding skills.

There is nothing better than railing a turn on a flow trail. The first thing on a flow trail I think about is the conditions of the trail. Some trail turnings may be tacky or dusty and some may even have braking bumps, therefore, it’s very important for us to choose your riding line when you are coming up to the turn. Otherwise, you easily get hurt. When you are going to turn, you always want to do your braking before the turning, so you carry the maximum amount of speed around the turn coming up.

The position of your hip is also very important. We want to slide the hip over, getting into that tact position with your elbows bent and your butt over the rear of the saddle. To get the maximum amount of momentum, we tend to throw the bike right around to really rail that turn.

If you are struggling to pull the bike run, then maybe you can look at fixed points of eggs at the turn and that will draw you and the bike into that section and you will find yourself speed up. When into the next section you will be feeling confident and fast ready to rail the nest turn. Remember to look at where you want to go.

When you successfully link two turns together, you will be feeling awesome. The things we need to pay attention to firstly is a sense of the body position as well as you really want to push up. Get your braking done right in the chunk where is between the two turns. And then you can set up and get up high into the left-handed place. Rail that round and look for that point at the end of the turn and it will pull you into the section. Always look ahead because you can know what is coming up next.

As a matter of fact, cycling flow trails are a great place to learn how to jump, especially because the actual speed you’ve got for the trail is governed by what you are riding on and where you’ve just come out of to some extend. For example, you just came out of a berm and there is a jump to a flat and smooth tabletop and then you actually can have a good run-up and a good few attempts. If you land short, it will buck you up over or cause a crash. It doesn’t mean that you can go slack in your technique. And also we need some effort to get over double jumps, but the same principles apply.

We love mountain bikes because it can satisfy so many desires, such as fitness, awesome feelings, health and so on. I know that it’s not an easy task to master these skills, but we can always build our skills and confidence in hard practice. Once you feel good and comfortable when doing it, you actually learn it.

2. Find out the reason why you ride.
We all do things for at least a reason, so as riding. Some people start riding because they want to keep fit, some want to make money from it, some people ride just for fun. Whatever the reason is, just keep it in mind, because your reasons are motivations. Only knowing what your motivations are at the first place can we figure out the best cycling route. In other words, your motivation is one of the keys to the gate of happiness.

For example, if your reason is to have fun or to keep fit, then you can ride safely in a park or ride every morning regularly. If you want to make a bunch of money from cycling as a professional cyclist, then get some professional training and attend some racing events.

However, it can be hard to find your reasons and motivations and it’s really hard for many people to keep motivated all the time. Here are some tips to help you boost you cycling motivation.

Firstly, you can choose a goal, then plan a schedule and stick to it. Secondly, get great prepare for it.get everything needed the night before cycling. Thirdly, arrange with some of your friends to ride together, and then you can supervise each other. Or you can join a cycling club. It’s a great idea because you can have riding mates and you can learn some useful skills and you will make some new friends there. What’s more, a reward to yourself is a great idea to keep motivated if you have achieved your goal or you’ve challenged yourself. There are many other ways to keep the passion. Just find a way which suits you the best.

In fact, flow is a precise psychological state that requires adequate skills (to do things masterly), some certain goals (so that you have motivation and rewards) and excitement (proper stress can push you). there are some tips to help you achieve flow. First of all, break big and tough tasks into small and easy ones. Secondly, practice is always the golden rule. Thirdly, learn from people above your skill level. Fourthly, choose the proper cycling equipment and learn to conquer your weakness. Last but not least, be confident and focus on the things you’re doing.