How to get into cycling-10 tips you need to know

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Yes, I believe you know how to ride a bicycle when you were a kid. This two-wheel vehicle brings you much freedom, happiness, and adventure.

Now when you grow up, just like the other things in life, cycling becomes much more complicated. You have to worry about the traffic. You have to decide what kind of bike to buy. You have to use more and more equipment in order to keep you safe and comfortable...

Let's face it! Like you have to face other inevitable problems as you grow up. Take it easy. It's not that difficult from when you are a kid. After all, you still ride on that two-wheel vehicle. And this helps you get fit, build a healthy body and even make you remind those golden time in your childhood.

As a rookie, there are 10 things you need to know before you start finding your old golden time.

how to get into cycling

1、Get a bike

Obviously, the first step for you to start cycling is to have a bike. But it's not that simple as you imagine because there are wide ranges of different bikes with different brands and designs for you to choose.

The best choice of a bike for most road riding is the bike with drop handlebars which will help you get into a lower, more aerodynamic position. In this way, you can ride faster. But that's not the only choice. If your bike is aiming to commute and ride around the town then a hybrid bike with flat handlebars is more favorable.


Now you get a bike. The next things you need to prepare is the basic equipment. The helmet can protect your head when you fall over. Never ride without a helmet. And make sure it fits well. Next is the water bottle. You can get one with a cage that attaches to your bike. Lights are also necessary when you have to ride at night. It makes you be seen by other drivers. A portable pump makes you pump up your bike when you get a flat or a leaked tires. I believe you don't want to walk your bike back home. Likewise, a repair kit is important as well. When your bike breaks down at the place where there is no store for you to repair, it will do so much help. Of course, the premise is that you get some knowledge of how to repair a bike.

3、Kit yourself out

Now you have a bike and basic equipment, the next thing to do is to make sure that you look the part. The most important thing is to have a good pair of cycling shorts. I advise you not to wear common shorts because they don't have special material. The padding in the cycling shorts helps you stay dry and comfortable even in the hot weather. The shorts must fit you well. And shorts for men and women are different. The next is the jersey. You have to make sure that it fit you. You don't want your jersey flaps around in the wind.

4、Start slow.

You don't have to kill yourself when you start. Even if you have great energy and you are in great shape. We use different muscles than other exercises when cycling. Your body need some time to get used to this new type exercise. Cycling is a kind of entertainment. You don't have to compete with others. 2-3 miles at first is OK for you and do it nice and slow. Enjoy yourself!

5、Be safe.

Because we often ride a bike on the road, it's necessary for us to pay attention to crazy drivers and even other cyclists. An accident happened recently. Two cyclists were hit and one even died. How terrible it is! So please take precautions and make yourself safe. We suggest that you should ride in the daytime and follow the traffic rule. Wearing colorful reflectors is also a good way to keep others notice you and be safe.

6、Don't ride on empty

Cycling is a sport that consumes a lot of energy. That's why it can help people lose weight. But some people don't want to eat before cycling because they want to consume more energy. I have to say, this is totally wrong. If you are hungry and don't have enough energy to support you, this sometimes may cause you in a dangerous situation. Please do yourself a favor and eat something before you start cycling if yo u don't want you to end up with lying in the hospital.


Checking your bike from time to time ensures the parts of your bike work well, especially before cycling. You may not want this happens: you just ride for 10 minutes and your bike breaks down. This also discourages and upset you. So please make sure every time before you go out for cycling, your bike is in good condition.

8、Don't be too consistent

I don't mean that you should be consistent in cycling. I mean that you should change your speed from time to time. Some novices often repeat what they do every day. Your body will adapt this exercise and it can't help you lose weight or improve your health. You just make you feel bored in the process of cycling. So we advise that you can ride at a very low speed in this week and very quick at the next week. This will help to improve your body condition. Besides, you won't feel bored at cycling.

9、Cycling Forums and clubs

If you are just starting cycling and you want to motivate yourself. A good way is to join a cycling forum or a club. There are experienced cyclists in the forums and clubs. You can ask them what you don't understand or tips about cycling. They all would like to share their experience with you. Moreover, when you want to go cycling but you are alone, you can ask who is free and wants to go with you. After all, being alone is not so much good for a novice.

10、A desire

I often persist in doing something owing to our desires, so does cycling. Some people go cycling as they really like the sport of cycling. Some people ride a bike owing to the purpose of losing weight. No matter what kind of desire you have, please insist on it. Setting a goal or a plan for you in a certain time is quite good because it reminds you of cycling when you are lazy.