How to get substantially faster on your bike

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As a cyclist, everyone wants to be able to cycle fast, especially in the event of a cycling race. Most new cyclists have gained great achievement in fitness during the first few months of training. After this initial period, improvements become less obvious and maybe harder to find. Instead of being proud of your accomplishments and performance, you should make more effort to identify your gap with other top cyclists which will help you to make further progress in your career and ultimately to become a faster cyclist. Now, here, are some tips and you can combine with your training plan. I hope these tips will help you become faster, fitter and better cyclist. The most important thing is to get you win in the cycling race.

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1. Hire a coach
The great thing about the coach is that they know what they are doing and what we are doing. Sometimes, we will fail to design our training plans so it is a good idea that we find someone who can lay out a proper training schedule for us. It is worth the money to hire a coach if you want to make the substantial progress and have a specific goal in your cycling race. In addition, having a coach can force us to implement our training plans. It is the most difficult part of pushing ourselves into hard work. The coach can make sure that you can have an efficient and high-quality training which will allow you to improve. Moreover, the coach can help us mentally if we have problems in the race or training. At the same time, having an expert can ensure us recover properly when we get hurt and over train. We should have confidence that the work and effort we’re putting in will ultimately yield the result.
2. Improve Your Fitness
The easiest way to become a faster cyclist is to improve your fitness. This can be done by cycling more. You can use the spare time to practice or attend the exercise class. In addition, you can try different activities to keep your body more balanced and stay fit, such as swimming, running, yoga, climbing and weight lifting which can help strengthen muscles that will be helpful while getting your bike.

3. Ride with stronger cyclists
You can join a club or groups to ride with other stronger cyclists that will make you step outside of your comfortable zone and challenge yourselves. You can recognize the gap between you and other best cyclists. While having the race, you should be confident you can catch up even surpass them. But also you need to face the reality that you may get dropped for a few times, but you will appreciate this experience. The lesson you learned will help you become stronger, and the experience you gained is rewarding and priceless. After the race, you can exchange the views or ideas with other stronger cyclists and learn from them about cycling skills. This way can really push you and ultimately make a big progress.

4. Interval training
Interval is a good way to make you work hard and keep things easy. Because when you work at high intensities, it is tough to fully concentrate on the body and the mind. It is very difficult to push you to go on, so splitting the work into small species will help you keep going. Interval training can bring big gains. You can yield a high improvement by a relatively small amount of work. But at the same time, it is improper that you spend most of the time on interval training to see your speed increase. Interval training has different sizes and shapes, such as threshold intervals, lactate intervals, and tolerance which will focus on different aspects of riding speed. It is important that you should decide what you want to improve, combine with your training plan and ride with those intervals.
5. Good Nutrition
Nothing will slow you down but the dehydration and poor nutrition. In cycling, your body is the engine which can drive everything. So the food we eat is our fuel. However, we should eat properly instead of eating excessively. That means we should eat what our body needs most, not what it wants. During the race, it is vital to have good nutrition because of the calories being burned. So it is necessary to eat a balanced diet and keep control of the fatty foods and sweets. In addition, you can detect how many how many calories you're burning after working out per day and try to replenish the nutrients your body has lost. Also, remember to replenish the water because the dehydration will make you feel uncomfortable.
6. Recover properly
Sometimes we just work hard in our training, but ignore how important rest and recovery is. Recover is equal to the training days. We will feel our muscle fatigue after the training days so it is time to keep them off in order to get a fresh and efficient body for the following training. But you need to pay attention to one point: recovery days don’t mean you always stay away from your bike completely. In the contrary, you should find a recovery strategy that fits you. You can do some slower ride, such as a mountain cycling to keep things fresh. In addition, you can go to the fitness center to keep your muscle work or have a massage therapy to eliminate the lactic acid. The important thing is to have a recovery progress that really works for you.
The most obvious and practical way to get faster is to train harder and train smarter. There is nothing to get faster more than hard work. If you want to see your speed increase, that is the key---just get on your bike and cycle for miles. In a word, the essence is related to you. After all, you must fight alone. What you should do is to focus on your training and mind. In this way, you can become successful. But I still hope these suggestions above can help you to some extent.