How to install and adjust hydraulic disc brake (hayer and similar)?

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People who first buy the hydraulic brakes or bike with the hydraulic brakes are usually amazed by the feeling of the lever. It is very smooth and there is almost no friction between the oil and the housing. Here are some tips for installing and adjusting your hydraulic disc brake.

Needed tools.
You are going to need a cable cutter that will cut the cable and housing clean. And an 8 millimeter Allen wrench and a plastic hammer are also necessary.

Secure the brake lever to the handlebar, making sure all the bolts that attach the brake handle have some anti-seize compound on them.
Install the caliper.
Bring the disc through over the top of the crown of your shock. You are going to use an adapter to adapt the brake disc to the fork. Install the adapter first and slide the bolt that is going to hold the disc to the adapter on. You also want to make sure to put anti-seize compounds on the bolt. The first thing you have to take care of once you start to install the caliper is to make sure that the plastic spacer is in the caliper to know that the fats are wide apart from each other. Use the two screws that come with the system because they’re really pre-glued with Loctite. Assemble them onto the fork but don’t torque them down because in the later adjustment we still need to align the caliper itself with the wheel and the disk. It’s a couple of terms to make sure the thread is engaged.

hydraulic disc brake,install and maintenance

Use the cable guide on the fork.
It’s in the front so unscrew that plastic part and basically, fold it open and then put the cable in. if the caliper is not perfectly aligned with the fork, what you do is to use the torque and slightly loosen up that bolt 1/8 of a turn who sees the thing up tighten it again.

Shorten and shirr the cable. Make sure you wear the safety goggles because the oil might splash around a little. Remove the dust cap in the brake lever and untie in the nut with the8 millimeter wrench. Use the cable cutter to cut off the cable and put the housing back inside of the lever. In order to do so, we need to have a new nut put on top. After that, add the little plunger into the house. Take the plastic cap that comes with the system and a pair of piers. Hold them together with the hose inside and hammer it slightly with a plastic hammer. Make sure there is a snug fit. Press the hose into the lever and push the bangle and the nut all the way up and make sure the system id tied inside. Tighten it with the 8-millimeter wrench. Make sure the host does not slip out anymore.hydraulic disc brake,install and maintenance
Place the dust cap back and adjust the brake lever till you feel comfortable.
Squeeze the brake lever with the bolts on the brake loose and the pads being pushed in against the rotor. Tighten each bolt a quarter turn evenly. The let go of the brake lever and the wheel should spin freely and you shouldn’t hear any rubbing. If you do hear it rubbing, you are going to use the filler gauge caliper alignment tool- loosen the bolts on the caliper again, separate the pads a little and push the pistons back. The put the tool on the rotor. As the wheel rotates, it can also rotate up inside between the rotor and the pads. As what you do before, squeeze the brake lever with the bolts on the brake loose and the pads being pushed in against the rotor. Tighten each bolt a quarter turn evenly. Rotate the tool backward and get it come out. And then you’re ready to go!