How to install and adjust the mechanical (cable-activated) disc brake?

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The brake we are choosing today is a Shimano SLX disc brake.

Required tools.
T25 Torx wrench, 3mm, and 5mm hex wrenches, torque wrench (5 to 7Nm), FSA bleed spacer, isopropyl denatured alcohol and lint-free rags and FSA disc brake and rotor kit.

Install the disc rotor.
Unscrew all the bolts on the hub. Place the disc rotor on the hub mounting surface and align the holes. Ensure that the arrow on the disc rotor is pointing in the direction of the wheel rotation. Then install the new disc rotor screws and tighten lightly using T25 Torx wrench. Sequentially tighten all the screws in a star pattern to 6mm. install and adjust the mechanical (cable-activated) disc brake

Install the brake lever and the caliper.
Remove the lever clamps and bolts and fit the lever body to the handlebar. Adjust the angle and location to the rider’s preference. Secure the lever with the clamp and tighten the bolts to 2mm using the 3-millimeter hex wrench. Secure the hose to the fork or frame following the correct hose routing and attachment points defined by the fork and the frame manufacturers. Attach the caliper to the fork or frame mount using FSA caliper bolts. Do not tighten the bolts and ensure that the caliper is free to move.

Reinstall the wheel.
Squeeze the lever several times until it feels firm then hold it in position or secure with rubber bands or a toe strap. Loosely tighten the caliper bolts then release the lever. Spin the wheel and check the clearance between the brake pads and rotor. Make small adjustments to the caliper alignment by loosening just one caliper bolt at a time. Once the caliper is centered tighten the caliper bolts to 6.0 27.0 Nm using the 5-millimeter hex wrench.

Wipe down the brake lever caliper and rotor with denatured isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free rag.
Connect the brake cable.
Insert the brake cable into the lever and turn the barrel adjuster on the lever clockwise all the way so that the barrel slot locks the cable. Slot the brake cable together with the housing into the slot on the top, and then slot it into the barrel adjuster on the caliper mount and finally into the cable intervals. Before you tighten the 10 anchor bolt turn the barrel adjuster on the caliper mount clockwise all the way and give it one anti-clockwise turn. It’s recommended that you pull the cable with one hand when you are tightening the bolts and prevent any excess cable in between. Leave around 2 to 4cm of the excess cable after the anchor bolt and cut off the rest of it by using the cable cutter. Then use the cable clip and keep it up.

install and adjust the mechanical (cable-activated) disc brake

Adjust the caliper mount.
Get the caliper bolts tightened after you are sure that the rotor sits in the center of the caliper. If you find the brake is too loose after you have secured the anchor bolt, another method that you can try out is to use the size 5 Allen key to tighten down the inboard pad or you can call it as the static caliper.

Then you’ve got on how to install the mechanical disc brake for your bicycle. Isn’t it easy and interesting?