How to Install the Brake Lever Shifters

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Here will show you the steps to install the brake lever shifters.

Step 1:

Before beginning with the brake lever, remove the bolts and apply that grease. They’re going to come with a bit of factor in this but it’s always to be sure.

Step 2:

Slide the front shifter on first, and followed by front brake lever after greasing the other bolt and then slide it and the other shifter on. Note that the brake lever generally is going to be site-specific the, so make sure you get everything right, brake lever go on top while the shifters go on the bottom. But now you are not going to tighten these up just yet, and just let it dangle until you get everything installed.

Step 3:

Do the same thing on the other side, slide rear shifter on, then slide rear brake lever. You might need to rotate the handlebar just a little bit, to be able to get in on there over the top, and then slide it on.

Step 4:

Then you are going to put your grips on by sliding. You want the grips all the way on so they flush with the end of the handlebar. If it is a new grip, it’s got a little coating in which is going to help it stick to the bar; if it’s an older group or a used grip and you can spray some regular hairspray in. It helps slide it on and then once that hairspray dries, it will stick it to the bar.

Step 5:

Next, make the fine adjustment of the angle of your brake levers and shifters. So you need to drop the bike down onto the ground in order to your later adjustment by riding position. In order to fine tune the positioning of brake levers and shifters, you’ll move the shifters as far in as you can get them and then move the brake levers.

Step 6:

While you are straddling the bike, put your hands on the grips and you want to move the brake lever in or out, so where you can either one finger or two fingers to operate the brake lever. Float two fingers over the top of the brake lever and then press down on the brake lever. Note that you should in a riding position of the angle among your hand, wrist and forearm is a very straight angle.

Step 7:

If you see the brake lever is too high, you can find it really very uncomfortable angle in your wrist but as you rotate it down and you are in your riding position, this angle start straightening up quite a bit, so you are going to go ahead and tighten this brake lever down at that position.

Step 8:

Then you are going to bring your shifter in, snug it up against the brake lever. And you can rotate this around a little bit but you are going to find a place where that shifter paddle on the shifter is in a nice comfortable position which makes it easy to reach.

Step 9:

And then you want to tighten that shifter down onto the handlebar. Make sure that this shifter body does not come in contact with the body of the brake lever. Note that sometimes these plastic bodies can bind up and reduce your shifter performance if there’s contact between the shifter body and the brake lever body.