How to install the MTB lever and cable?

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If you are interested in upgrading your mountain bike, the brake lever and cable installment can be a good start for it’s easy and improves the bike by leaps and bounds.

Remove the grips.
Slide the front brake lever on the left side of the handlebar, and sometimes you might need to rotate the brake lever a little bit. Left side is going to be your front shifter and your front brake lever, and on the right side is going to be the rear shifter and rear brake lever. Shifters go on first.
Put the grips back on all the way. For lock-on grips, you want the grips all the way on so they’re flush with the end of the handlebar.
Do the same thing on the other side.
Make the fine adjustment on the angle of the brake levers. Move the shifters as far in as you can get them. Do this in the riding position. While you are straddling the bike and putting your hands on the grips, you should move the brake lever in or out so where you can use either one finger or two fingers to operate the brake lever. Float your fingers over the top of the brake lever and press down on the brake lever so when you are in a riding position, the angle between your hand, wrist, and forearm is a very straight angle.
Tighten the clamp bolt on the brake lever down at the position aforementioned.install the MTB lever and cable
Install a new cable into the brake lever. Fix the cable end in the brake lever and then slide it into the slot and through the barrel adjuster.
Install a ferrule onto the end of the cable housing if the ferrule fits inside the opening like the barrel adjuster or inside the end of the needle. If not, the ferrule is not a must. Then slide the brake cable into the cable housing and the needle and the rubber boot to the end of the housing. Get the cable installed on the brake.
Tighten the cable and get it adjusted. Get the cable pulled into the rim and let it out a little bit. Clamp down the bolt and test the brakes. Cut off the excess cable, leaving about an inch and a half or two inches.
Do it the same on the other side.
Then bring the shifter in, snug it up against the brake lever in a nice position. Tighten the shifter down onto the handlebar. There’s one important thing: make sure that the shifter body does not come in contact with the body of the brake lever. Sometimes these plastic bodies can bind up and reduce the shifting performance.install the MTB lever and cable
That's about it! Obviously, there are dozens of little details that will come up, but this should give you a broad overview of all the steps involved in MTB lever and cable installment. If you run into any problems along the way, don't hesitate to ask for help, whether it's from YouTube, a friend, a bike store, or—better yet— our website. Hopefully, we can make this site a great resource for bikes! Though the steps seem complicated, they turn easy as the installment commences!