How To Join A Cycling Actually

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With the popularity and widespread of the cycling club, more and more cycling enthusiasts are considering joining a cycling. Indeed, cycling clubs nowadays enjoy a high reputation for their countless advantages. Joining a cycling club cannot only meet a great number of like-minded friends, give you a sense of companion, but also help you acquire a lot of useful cycling skills. However, joining a cycling club is just a quick thought, in order to enjoy all the benefits that cycling clubs offer to you, you must prepare well before joining the club. Thus, if you are thinking about taking part in the cycling club, today’s topic is just for you. I am going to introduce some basic tips on how to join a cycling club or what you require to do before you join it. Here we go!

Be clear about your purpose
Before joining the club, ask yourself one question, “why join a team?” join a cycling clubDifferent cyclists may have their own various answers, only when you ask yourself the question and reply it seriously, can you really enjoy joining a group. I already touched on some of the positives of joining a cycling above, just be clear on your own what goal would you like to achieve for a team. No matter what kind of person you are, as a matter of fact, an anti-social or a social one, cycling club is absolutely an option for you as long as you love cycling.

Find a suitable one
Indeed, it is not difficult to find a cycling club for there are so many around us nowadays. However, when it comes to finding a suitable one, you will need to take some time. There is no doubt that joining a right cycling club for you can guarantee your enjoyment in the future. Although nearly all the cycling clubs enjoy the same name, it is actually quite different between them. Some clubs are dedicated to providing an excellent group to enjoy cycling while others are centred on racing. Therefore, after being clear to your purpose, do a previous research on the Internet or ask some your experienced friends, and find a comparatively perfect cycling club for you. Contact the club secretary to find out exactly how it works to see to it that if it can fit your preference.

Be self-sufficient
join a cyclingEven though you are going to join a group and in general, the group leader will get all things done for you, there is still something you need to prepare by your own as you would for a solo ride. Water, food, spare tubes and multi-tool are the necessaries. Once you have decided which club you are to join, read carefully its instructions in advanced, be sure you have known well of the club.

Be clear of your physical condition
General speaking, regardless of your age, gender and economic condition, everyone can join the cycling club. However, when deciding to take part in a group, it is highly recommended that you should take your physical condition into consideration. Why not do a physical examination before making the decision? You must be responsible for yourself. Even though there are plenty of people around you when doing the outdoor activities, no one can make sure that everything is all right. If your physical condition is not suitable for intense exercises, like cycling, then you had better listen to your doctor, and give up the thought of joining a cycling club.

Know the lingo
If you have decided which club you are going to be part of it, taking some time to know the hand signals that are used on club rides is necessary, which will help you get into the group and better communicate with your companion. For example, pointing at a pot hole, waving up and down next to your hip to tell riders behind you are slowing or pointing behind your back to say you are moving around an object as well as indicating left and right. Getting these signs can not only guarantee you a smoother cycling but also protect you from hitting by others.

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Get ready to order large amount of club kit
When you have made up your mind to join a cycling club, you are going to be a member of the group. Even though you don’t know each other before, you are a team now. Therefore, as a team, there must be something to show that. Usually, that is the club kit. Of course, you don’t have to wear club kit to ride with the club, but it is nice. Thus, why not buy a club kit to prepare for your cycling club time? After all, it is totally affordable.

Get your bike ready
Well, since we are talking about joining a cycling club, then a good-quality join a cycling clubbike is indispensable. If you don’t have a bike, you had better purchase a new one immediately. If you have had your own, then make sure that your bike is in a good condition. Before really taking part in the club, there are several steps to get your bike ready.

♦♦ Clean your bike

♦♦ Inspect your brake system

♦♦ Watch your wheels

♦♦ Inspect the Drivetrain

♦♦ Check the tires

♦♦ Check the cables

♦♦ Add lubricant

Even though you are not alone anymore in the trip after joining the group, and when something happens, there must be someone help you to fit it. However, it is always wise to play safely, one cannot afford a single mishap.

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To recap

I have taken part in the cycling club for nearly a year. I enjoy myself with those lovely friends that share the common interest with me very much. All of these above are actually my own experience when I first made the decision of joining the group and they really help me a lot. If you are considering of joining a team, but have no idea on how to do. I hope that what I have shared above can come in handy and help you too. Life was a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Joining a cycling club is a big change in your life, be prepared and enjoy it. If you have any better idea, welcome to leave me your messages. Welcome to browse other related essays on our website.