How to Maintain and Repair Rim

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The maintenance of bike rim

After one-year’s ride, you should make sure you have a tune up at least once a year so a mechanic can look through your rims and make sure that they are true and also safe.
Keep it clean, and that’s a simple thing that you can do at home. Basically all you have to do is to keep them clean, because the braking surface will be nice and clean. Besides, it will make your rim last longer for it won’t corrode too quickly, especially if you’re leaving your bike outside. What you need to do is to make sure you clean off the rust and dirt, salt and things like that.

How to repair the bike rim

Sometimes, you’ll find your bike rim is dented. Knowing how to fix a dented bike rim may help you save money and time. So, let’s learn to repair the dented bike rim.

Firstly, you should remove the damaged wheel from your bike. Next, strip the tire and the tube from the wheel.
Hold a flat wrench firmly, such as a cone wrench, lengthwise against the concave side of the dent. It will most likely be on the outside of the rim.
Use a small adjustable wrench or vise grips to work along the dent slowly, carefully prying the rim out toward the flat wrench. You may not be able to perfectly align the rim, but you’ll most likely manage to get it back to the point where you don’t notice while riding.
Once the rim is as straight as possible, check the spokes around the rim. Those spokes may also need adjusting to true the wheel.