How to Master Your Bike Correctly?

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Bicycle, one of the commonest transportation tools, we are extremely familiar. And without a bike, we cannot generate cycling or riding. Even if the bicycle is a very ordinary thing in our daily life, most of us are the owners of them instead of the masters. It seems to be glum. In order to improve our position, we need to master the bike, especially the cyclists. So, how to master your bicycle correctly? Next, I would like to share some key points with you.

What is the correct way for touching your bike?

There is a common misconception that whatever way you ride, as long as you feel comfortable, it is the correct riding method? In fact, some biking methods are right and let you be easy at the same time. But others methods are unsure. How to touch your bike correctly?

Adjust your bike seat. As for seat adjustment, lower it far enough until you can put both your feet flat on the ground while you are seating. Why lower your seat? A lower seat allows you to stop yourself with your feet easily before you fall. But it is not the lower seat you adjust, the better way you use. The height of your seat should be changed in accordance with your physical height and your feet length. And as for children, they can use training wheels or the specialty balance bikes.

Check the brakes. Before riding, it is wise for you to pay some attention to brakes, finding out how the brakes work on the bike. How to test brakes? Stay off your bicycle and keep it next to you and walk it. Push the brake buttons and considering some facts. Where is the location? How close do they feel? And what reaction the bike make? You would feel more comfortable when you have learned this because you can make a quick emergency stop when it is needed.

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Start gliding. Pushing yourself forwards by your feet rather than the pedals. You should tuck your feet upwards and onto the pedals, which is a good way to keep balance. When you feel the bicycle begins to tip, you can catch it by putting one foot to the ground and then stop. Or you can wait for bike staying flat and continue riding.

How to optimize your sense of balance?

During the cycling tour, balance means a lot. Keeping balance is significant for a wonderful and joyful riding trip. In order to occupy a more interesting cycling travel, what should you do to optimize your sense of balance? Here are some considerate tips to learn by heart.

Relax. We know that tension would act against the balance, which is a strong enemy. So keep yourself relax wherever you are, on and off the bike. Besides, relax can not only contribute to your balance but also give you an easy mood to enjoy the scenery alongside the road.

Moving continually. Before riding, you should know that balance is not a matter of the static action. You use your pump, cockpit and keep basic move, groove more often and more actively, the more balanced and more fluent you will be.

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Keep a sight on where you want to go. Generally speaking, where you look, your brain and your body would receive the information that is the place where you want to go. At that moment, all your bike, eyes, and body would make action together for the same goal, which is helpful for remaining balance. Do this is just like every driving and motorcycle program said, look where you want to go and go advance where you look.

Practice. Practice makes perfect. Therefore, practice matters much. And not only biking, but also keeping balance. You also can learn balance from the cycling. Work on track stands and exercise slow riding. You can keep balance by standing one foot while you wash your hair. Something which improves your balance improves your riding.

Apply a long pole. It is a not cool method to carry a really long pole with you where you go, but it is extremely effective. You can put it in your backseat to keep balance. Even if you tend to fall down, it can protect you from falling down to the ground directly. So, if you are the very new rookie, it is better for you to try it.

How to stay on your bike perfectly?

In general, while riding, you can seat on the seating washer or stand. In fact, what posture you prefer to ride, you have better to get into the attack position.

Bend your knees. Bending knees can give you a built-in suspension. And it is stupid for you to ride with completely straight knees because it is bad for your unyielding. What is worse, when you meet with something super hard, you risk getting a outreach injury. So you should keep knees bent. Lower your hips and upper body until you can stand straight fully and hit your seat freely.

bend knees

Back your hips and torso level. Some clever riders would apply this method. But you should not try to accomplish it by lowering your shoulders to the handlebars, which is a bad way to shift your weight forwards. Just to push your hips back and then keep your spine and tailbone in one line, folding your torso forward. In this way, your shoulder would swing forward, which is good for balance at the same time.

Down your shoulders. When you back your hips and are involved in a torso level, consequently, your shoulders would come down. And lowering shoulders deserves special attention. The lower your shoulders are, the more arm range you pay to concern, pump, manual and jump. Getting your head and shoulders close to the handlebars runs counter to the whole lot of evolution.

Elbows out. During riding, you should hold your elbows out, keeping them be in one line with your shoulders. If there is a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and the forearm, it would better.

Up your head and out your eyes. Lift your head and look as far ahead as possible. It is the simplest issue but the most important one. It is a prerequisite to ensure your safety and keep balance.