How to overhaul Shimano SPD pedal bearing

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Today I am going to show you how to overhaul Shimano SPD pedal bearing. You don’t need many tools and you have need a bear grease. So it is no reason not to stuck in and get your hands dirty.

Shimano pedal bearings excellent quality. They don’t need a lot of looking after but a bit of preventative maintenance is always a good idea. Oder pedals use this tool, this castellated tool to remove the collar which removes cartridge which contains the bearings. We don’t need that anymore. All of the new pedals use a spanner flats. So the right-hand pedal has got a left-hand thread. The left-hand pedal which is this one here just uses a regular thread, so crack cartridge open.

It is undone. We can remove the cartridge. Just need to give it a good clean so you probably don’t need any degreaser for this. If it is really dirty, give it a bit of a spray but if you do use degreaser and obviously have to make sure it is thoroughly dry before you reassemble it. So a bit of degreaser inside the pedal bodies and then you can find something to poke a rag down inside. Just give it a good clean and get rid of any dirt or old grease with everything nice and clean. We just need to add some fresh grease, so get some quality grease and we are caught the filling the pedal body. Then when we screw the cartridge into price, the old grease will get pushed out through the through the cartridge and gets replaced with the nice new fresh brief. If it is finished, let’s get off with the spanner.

And Shimano recommend Italian talk on these same pedals of ten Newton meters. It is important. They are tight. The pedal bodies will drop off next up, just need to clean the excess grease off. So the old dirty grease has been pushed out through the cartridge and the fresh grease as well.

Shimano use a great pin system the pins load from the back as opposed to the top. Then we have not lost the means to remove it and just unscrew them from the back which is nice. If there is any mud compacted in there head of the pin then that needs to be removed. The pins have washers on them which enable you to change the height of the pin.

And before your basis pin is a better lock tight on there already but we will just add time you drop there. Just to make sure you don’t lose it. Screw it in and pins replaced. You can change the height of the pins by removing or running the washers. So what most riders aim to do is have tall pins around the edge and shorter ones in the middle together concave feel. We would like it to protrude slightly more. We can simply remove the washer and refit. At all a pin to upgrade or break before you fit any pedal to your bike. It is really important that we apply some kind of anti-seize to the threads. So here we have got a bit of copper grease. Make sure the threads are clean. You are applying it. This will mean that you rather remove the pedal at a later date. I won’t season and it will help prevent creeks as well. So that is it. Repeat the other pedal and you have got a pair freshening service pedals that should last many an extra model when you refit into your bike. Just remember that the left pedal adds a left hand thread. So they will talk in towards the front of the bike both sides.

That is it. It is very easy. Get back on your bike and you are ready to hit the trails.