How to Settle Crazy Conditions Effectively While Cycling? 1

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In the previous essay, I have talked about something about dealing with the crazy cycling conditions. And the front passage has mentioned some effective solution to settle roughness and the wet and slippery road. In fact, crazy riding situation not only consists of the two types but also many others, such as skinnies, soft, loose and deep sections, rut and so on. Next, I would like to share some measures to handle them.

How to operate in soft, deep and loose roots?
Deep nasty road, soft sand section, dust, gravel, and snow are some tough routes for you to challenge. If you ride them for the first time, you may feel a little perplexed don't know how to fight against them. Don't depress. Having applied the treatments as follows, you can overcome them.

Put your balance slightly back. When you ride on the deep, soft and loose road, if you clutch the handlebars too tight forward, you would feel extra heavy. And almost your weight pushes forward, which leads that the front weight is much heavier than the rear. Biking in this weight distribution method in soft and deep routes, it is difficult for you to march forward. What is worse, out of the uneven force, you are likely to fall down. Not a normal falling down but a falling down flying through the handlebars and the front wheel. That is horrible. So you have better to push the balance back slightly, which ensures your real balance and safety.

soft road

Equip an easier gear. It is well recognized that loose and soft road must be rough than the normal road. Facing different surroundings, you need to apply different equipment. Cycling on the looseness, you would catch bogging down easily. In order to keep the bog down away from you, you have better to use an easier gear.

Loosen braking. Unlike formal sections, cycling on soft, deep and loose roads require comparatively light touch. If you ride too hard, there are many small granules flying to embrace you, especially riding in the sand roots. And if you ride in deep snow, sand and mud roads, hard braking would scrub your speed. Therefore, it is wise for you not to brake as much as you would do on hard parts.

How to avoid the rut?
As for riders, rut may be the thing they like and disfavor at the same time. The rut is such an affair, sometimes it is people's friend, but the almost time it is the boring thing cyclists hate. Often, how to deal with the rut bothers people much.

Stay out of the rain ruts. Rain ruts prefer to grab you and then push you into a terrible situation. And the rut that runs down the trail is the specialized one. If you bike on a fire road or serious track, if there is much space for you to make a better line, it is great. But if the route is too narrow and you can find nowhere to go, at the moment, the way you can apply is to do ahead and take the rut.

Stay out of the uphill ruts. When climbing in a rut and the rear tire scrubs the canyon wall, there is increasing impossibility to slow your speed. What is more, you risk facing a slide out. If you can control the pedal, not smashing into the ground, it is a good opportunity to try to climb above the rut. If the accident, your back tire sliding down in the rut happens, the best way to solve it is to keep pedaling as fast as you can.

avoid ruts

Stay out of narrow ruts. Narrow ruts are well recognized to one of the strong enemies for disordering your cycling balance. Riding on that hard environment, quick speed matters so much. So crossing over the narrow rut, you should do pedaling as much as possible in the certain time.

Be cautious. Generally speaking, cycling on ruts is an activity which contains some potential hazards. So you must be cautious while doing it. When you conquer a rut, hitting it at an angle would be an easy way. And the thing you should keep in mind is that don't let your tires squeeze into it. As for the small ruts, you can just get light on your bicycle to get over it. As for huge ruts which are parallel to your route, you can span them.

How to handle the skinnies?
Skinnies, the extremely narrow roads look scary on the surface, let alone, cycling on them. Yeah, facing the skinnies, almost riders would cringe, staying still or giving it up. Don't be afraid of them. Next, let us vanquish them together.

Prepare you mental well. Seeing the tight routes, many people would feel afraid first. And consequently, you want to abandon them. So before overcoming it, you make good preparation in mental. You should tell yourself in a deep heart that it is just a small case and I can make it. Don't fear it.

Keep bending your arms. During cycling, the balance always plays an important role. For riding the skinnies, it urges tight balance very much. Bending your arms all the time control your balance very well.

Have a seat. When you can conquer the skinnies, you have better to be seated. Due to seating, the gravity would be slower. In this way can provide you with better balance. So, seat.

cycle on narrow road

Look forward. Cycling on extreme roads, broad vision means a lot. If you want to overcome the skinnies easier, it is wise and necessary for you to look as forward as you can. Owning a broader vision can help you to make a quick action to the upcoming issue, which a wonderful way to ensure your safety.

Own the all-rounded vision. There are many accidents appearing when you try to cross over the skinnies. To conquer it completely, you need a panoramic vision about all sides around you. Maintaining a soft force, don't fix your eyes on the only thing.

Concentration. Challenging the skinnies needs to keep your eye, your spirit and your operation at the same pace. Don't be absent-minded. Concentrate on the cycling which you are doing at the right time.