Hybrid VS road bike

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No matter you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, one of the most important decisions you will make is the type of bike you will use on your ride. Many of us will feel confused with the myriad of options available to choose from when we are looking at getting a new bike. Without looking at technical aspects, let’s talk about the obvious distinctions between hybrid and road bikes.hybrid bikes VS road bikes
1. What is a hybrid bike?
As the name suggest, hybrid bike combines the characteristic of a mountain bike and a road bike, thus it can also be used both in rough roads and pavements. The tires of hybrid bikes are narrower than a mountain bike’s but wider and more robust than a road bike and the gears are as wide as a mountain bike to make it easy to cope with changes in speed or gradient. They can handle road riding and off-road riding on a simple terrain. So they are certainly a good choice for general road bike cycling and leisure rides. Yet, hybrid bikes cannot equate mountain bikes when it comes to performance and comfort if you are going for very rough terrains up the hill.

2. What is a road bike?
The road bike is a general term for bikes designed to ride on well-paved roads for speed and long distance so that the riding position is low down rather than upright. With the characteristics of drop handlebars, skinny tires, and a minimal saddle, there are 3 types of road bikes which are commonly identified: touring bikes for long trips and tours, racing for competition and intensive training and sports as a cross between touring and racing. Road bikes are best suited to more experienced riders because they are nimble, fast handling, precision machines. Many people find that road bike is the quickest and most enjoyable choice for racing for its most aerodynamic position.

What are the similarities between the road and hybrid bikes?
1. Titanium frames
2. Carton forks
3. Adjustable stems
4. Tire size=700 * 25

What are the differences between the road and hybrid bikes?
1. Weight
Because hybrid bikes tend to use heavy chunky frames and heavy chunky wheels, they will carry extra weight than road bikes. Because of this difference, the road bikes feel more responsive, especially in tight turns. Yet, this difference will not influence the performance for the type of cycling one does on your tours.
2. Geometry
Even though all bikes come with adjustable stems and a less aggressive touring geometry, the seating position on a hybrid bike is nearly upright that isn’t possible on a road bike. This more relaxed position can reduce wind drag and lead to a much easier ride.
Most of the hybrid bikes are smaller than road bikes for ease of getting on and off. Yet, some hybrid bikes have a high bottom bracket and crank which can impede getting on and off the bike. Road bikes usually have the lower bottom bracket and crank than hybrid bikes to maximize ease on all your road trips. Besides, the most obvious difference is the handlebars. All hybrid bikes have handlebars elevated to seat height or above to overcome resistance and force, while road bikes have handlebars at seat height or below to improve the rider and bike’s aerodynamics.handlebars
3. Wheels
Both hybrid bikes and road bikes have 700 c wheels. Road bike wheels tend to use 23 mm or below and the narrow wheels improve the speed at a higher pace. Hybrid bike wheels, but, are a bit wider than road bike wheels, with widths at least 23 mm and sometimes 35 mm or more for speed and comfort. The hybrid tires work on rocky roads and rough roads and are best for daily road and easy off-road ride.
4. Other components
Hybrid bikes may have suspension on the seat post or front fork to improve the comfort of the ride. Besides, hybrid and touring road bikes often have a wide range of gears, up to 27, while sport and racing bikes will have fewer. Some hybrid bikes and road bikes come with triple chain-rings and gearing like what you’d find on a mountain bike which means you can spin up even the steepest of hills. Sometimes the quality of the components depends on the prize.

Which one is better?
Hybrid bikes and road bikes have its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better totally depends on your purpose.
If you are the rider who is after of speed and endurance on a long distance ride on well-paved roads, a road bike is the best choice. Besides, a road bike is also an ideal choice for those who want to conquer steep hill on the outskirts of the city and aspire to be a road bicycle racer at your local city bicycle races. The road bike which is light in weight and contains features will maximize your energy and better speed.
But, if you are someone who wants to ride with an aim to keep fit, or wants to commute to your workplace, school or city spots for leisure, a hybrid bike is an ideal choice. Besides, if you don’t have much budget to buy a mountain bike or road bike, a hybrid bike could be a practical choice. What makes it even better is the convenience for it has a more relaxed geometry than road bikes.

In fact, the comfort and the benefit of the bike differ from person to person, so you’d better go to the local bike shops and take the both types for a test ride. Do make sure the bike you buy is the right size frame and fits you well. As long as you have an average level of fitness and flexibility, there will be no discomfort. Besides, if you are a rider who loves adventure and fun riding, you can always try new things.