Indoor cycling: 25 minutes interval training for you

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A rainy day or snowy day can be a roadblock that may stop your outside cycling activities. In this case, why don’t you do a cycling training indoor instead of the outdoor cycling? A regular cycling interval training can be a good way to keep fit and build perfect body shape quickly. Here are the steps of routines of indoor cycling interval training and we hope you can have fun.

1.Hand position
Before starting, we introduce for you what is the hand position according to the following at first, if you a fresh for indoor cycling training. As the picture shows, hand positions include hand position NO.1, 2,2.5 and 3. It will be different during the different stage of this training.

RPM refers to revolution per minute, which also means the speed of your cycling.

3.Effort level
Follow the effort level as a guide and work within your own capability, the effort levels are measured the rate of perceived exertion scale. Level 1 representing very light activity to level 10 which is your max effort activity.

4.Matters needing attention
A)You have to warm up avoiding hurt yourself during the high interval training.
B)Please prepare your tower and water. Use them whenever you need them.
C)Keep relaxed and don’t do much more over than maximum you can do.
Now, let’s begin!

Warm up
This is a 25-minute cycling journey. The first step is to warm up. There are going to have multiple intervals. We are going to be seated and standing, fast and slow, with plenty of recovery in between. Play some music with you.

Stage 1
We will get a warm up before interval starts. Keep your hand on hand position 1 and keep it nice and relaxed. You’ve got 100 RPM. Imagine a nice, nice, long, straight flat road ahead. The tarmac is perfect. We’re just spinning before we take on our little adventure together. Keep your water and towers ready and make yourself hydrated all the way through the session.

The end of the 60 seconds, slow down your legs and keep relaxed, like approaching a small climb. Hand position 2.5 and 100 RPM. Then start to another stage. This stage lasts 4 minutes.

Stage 2
Following the music beat, add a litter bit resistance, slow the speed and keep going. Then we’re going to transition to hand position 3 into standing climb very soon, like getting steeper climb.
1) Target 68 RPM and stay relaxed. The effort level is creeping up. Add a bit more resistance if you want to. Get ready to up and keep 15 seconds.
2) After that go back into the saddle, hand position 2.5. Keep going and lasting 1 minutes. Get hovering over that resistance or add a bit more if you need to.
3) Position 3 and out of saddle very soon. Keep 15 seconds and down, position 2.5.
4) Down for 3seconds and again up. Stay focused. Stay 10 seconds and position 2.5. Take a bit of resistance off. Take a rest for 40 seconds. Drink some water on board if you need, soften the pedals and let the heart rate come down. Imagine we’ve climbed up and it’s flattened off.
5) Back on the beat. Creeping the effort levels up again, get ready to transition to the position 3 and add the resistance, again up for 10 seconds. Down for 15 seconds and up, keeping 15 seconds and seated climb for 10 seconds, hand position 2.

Stage 3
This stage lasts 6 minutes. We’re still building strength in those legs. Keep relaxed and relax the upper body.
1)Cadence 68 and add some resistance. Slow down your legs. Keep seated for 2 minutes, hand position 2.5 the whole way through this.
2)After 2 minutes, get out of the saddle. 30 seconds up, hand position 3. Look forward and breath.
3)Then 30 seconds down and position 2.5. Take some oxygen into the lungs and let the heart rate come down. Take another drink if you need one.
4)Stay 30 seconds up and 30 seconds down until the 6 minutes end.

Interval training
Stage 1
1)keep 64 RPM for 1 minute and hand position 2.5. Just relax and we’re going to regroup.
2)At 2 minutes just 100 RPM, so make sure you’ve got resistance on, it’s not off completely. Imagine you’re riding on a country road on a nice Sunday morning. Very quiet, we’re just spinning. Get the heart rate up a litter harder and just enjoy this seated flat session of 2 minutes.

Stage 2
1)82 RPM and hand position is on NO.3. Up for 30 seconds then down for 10 seconds.
2)30 seconds up again. Keep hard working. Then 25 seconds for seated, position 2.5.
3)5 seconds standing work and 5 seconds down.
4)15 seconds up and 30 down, position 2.5 and take some resistance off.
5)Repeat 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down for 1 minutes.

Stage 3
1)78 RPM and position 2 and keep seated for 30 seconds.
2)8o or under 80 RPM and word hard. The resistance on, cadence is not super fast.
3)Position 2.5 and ready to up after 15seconds seated.
4)10 seconds up and position 3
5)Position 2.5 for 25 seconds down
6)10 seconds up again, position 3, then 15 seconds down
7)Up for 10 seconds and down for 25 seconds
8)Repeat 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down for 1 minutes

Stage 4
Lastly, it is also important to warm down after every session. Keep the resistance on, only a little bit. 90 to 100 RPM and bring the effort level back down from the hard work. Keep hydrated right the way trough and relax for 4 minutes.

Here is the whole process of a 25 minutes indoor cycling training. We hope you can enjoy it!