Interesting things about cycling you want to know(C) --Women cycling in other areas

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Even in the same country, there are still some differences in different areas. The same movement in this area may be considered as normal yet while it is put in other areas is crazy.
Let’s continue talking about women cycling in other areas in Iran and other countries.

If there is a bike center in Iran, it must be the third largest city, Isfahan. In such a beautiful city, you can see the bikes everywhere. The infrastructure of this city makes it safer to ride than in Tehran. The local government is also actively promoting the bicycle movement. Flowers decorate bikes sculptures which are colorful and adorn the city. While in the most of the time on Tuesday, one of the main streets of Charbagh do not allow vehicles to pass.
In Isfahan, you can see bicycles everywhere. Yet, you cannot see too many women use the city's shared bike system. However, although there is one of Iran's best bike sharing systems, equipped with bicycle sheds and bright blue bikes, there is still a problem: women are not allowed to rent a bike.
If women ask to rent a bike, the guard on duty smiles apologetically and says that this injunction was not put forward by him. However, he is still unmoved by the prospect of an exception

Fortunately, women can own a bicycle. Sometimes you can see the girls riding through the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. "There are more and more people cycling, " says the 29-year-old Mahanaz. She is a female owner in the Isfahan busy market, “and even the local politicians ride to work to set an example."
"The biggest problem does not come from the government, but the dress code," Negin from Tehran said, "in the warm days, wearing long sleeve and pants is very hot. The worse is the men who stare at you and point at you. The people in Iran should really get accustomed to female cycling"

Nana, a 30-year-old lawyer, regards riding as the most passionate hobby. "I ride every day, sometimes I will ride 80 kilometers," she said, when she rides in the capital, she has never encountered any problems. "As long as the moderate Hassan Rouhani is still our president, we can ride a bike. My dream is to participate in the Olympic Games."
Whether Nana is able to realize her dream is a mystery. Although Iran's male cyclists have achieved some success in the Asian Games, there are only 100 female members in the Iran Bicycle Association. Iran female athletes participated in all sports programs, but generally Chinese or Japanese female athletes win in large tournaments.

Women cycling in Russia
On August 7th, the fourth ladies dressing activity was held in the Moscow Sokolniki Park. Girls dressed up in festive costumes, and ride a bicycle to advocate a healthy and active lifestyle. Most of them are wearing shoes with high heels and their bikes are decorated beautifully with flowers and pets.

Women cycling in China
There is not any limitation for women to ride in China. Thus, there are a lot of women cycling activities in many places in China. For example, there is a female entrepreneurial team, rode in Changsha. This activity displayed the charm of women, although women now cannot lead the world, still can make the world.

Women cycling in America
It is well-known that America is an open country. And it is said that women are love cycling more than men.
Every year, the naked bike riding will be held in Philadelphia. Thousands of nude or semi-nude people will ride in the streets, to promote energy saving and encourage people to positively treat their bodies. The naked riders usually wear masks, and some dress in underwear or painted, and many others dressed in shoes, and persist riding 19 kilometers.

Women cycling in Europe
London's annual "naked bike riding" is held in June each year, called the World Naked Cycling Day, the annual global nude cycling event in the UK. It has been supported by the government. The main aim of the activity is to encourage people to reduce dependence on oil, use more environmentally friendly transportation like the bicycle, in addition, to fight for the rights for bicycle traffic in the city.

Some comments on the Internet
“If a country wants to be more developed, it must start with equality. The more restrictions it has, the more discrimination it shows. The more serious the materialized thought is, the more crimes against women grow.”

“Are their religious leader's idiots? Why don't know how to advance with the times? It seems that only Allah, Anda and Mohammed can answer. ”

“Sexism is too severe in this area.”

“It’s terrible to say that Chinese people don't believe in religion. I think if I live in a country with such a religion, it's pretty terrible. ”

“Thinking of many restrictions for women uniform dressing, going out and all activities in the world for all kinds of reasons, I feel really terrible and feel lucky that I am not in the same world with them. I am fortunate as women without so many restrictions. Talking about feminist issues, like women suffering from discrimination while working, with these in Islamic, it is pale into insignificance by comparison.”
“It makes me feel puzzled what are the differences between religion and heresy.”

Different people have different ideas on women cycling. We have no right to interrupt others but we can persist doing what we love. Keep cycling, GO!
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