Interesting things you actually do not know about cycling

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Do you know cycling as a mere way to exercise? There are a lot of interesting things about cycling during its development you actually do not know. Now, let me tell you.

1. Leather seat
If there is not a good seat installed on your bike, you will feel your ass suffered when you are riding on the road. A leather seat can solve your worries and it is simple, elegant, and retro. You may not know its history. In the middle of the nineteenth Century, the designer John Brooks worked in a harness factory in Birmingham. He was used to riding on the horse. As his beloved horse died, he had to buy a bicycle for travel. However, he found that the bicycle seat is not so comfortable, then he began to take inspiration from the new design of saddle. As a result, a type of leather seat coincident with the character of human hip appeared.
2. Carrier Bike
The appearance of carrier bike changed the situation that bike could not carry heavy things. It dated back to 1930s.
Designer’s inspiration to equip the back of a bicycle with a flat cargo area came from the trailer. It is now called the shelves. Bicycles in front with a huge frame is designed for carrying luggage the box, and children.
With such a design, the carrier bike became popular in Europe courier company and department stores, to be used to deliver things. What was more interesting, in1942, the pastor Kristian_Skjerring held a race between the dog and bicycle messengers, similar to the game from Copenhagen to the Rio De Janeiro now.
This kind of bicycle still exists in nowadays after an amount of developments with plentiful variations.

3. Silk cycling jersey
In 1942, Armando Castelli, a tailor in India opened the era of Silk Cycling Jersey. He used the silk to replace the original wool material which was easily wet and heavy. A tight breathable Jersey was born after that. After World War II, due to the industrial revolution, the silk which was considered as expensive materials are slowly being replaced by nylon and spandex fibers. But there is one thing undeniable, those costumes made of old wool will become eternal fashion.
4. Road bike with bent handle
The king of the bike, Eddy Merckx a used a classical bike with a bent handle to create "one hour record". The bike whose downward bending of the handlebar was coincident with aerodynamics was designed by designer Ernesto Colnago. Now you can see so many bikes like it in the street. The cyclists stooping down cycle in a high speed which sometimes can catch up with the bus.
The design of this car in 1972 undoubtedly became a classic.
5. Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber, light as a feather and stronger than metal, which was a great invention in the industrial history has been applied in various fields in the 1950s. Bicycle designers applied this invention to the design of bicycle as well. From the bike, Pinarello Dogma F8, the Sky Team tour de France champion Forum rode, we can appreciate the advantages of carbon fiber. It has strong plasticity, high rigidity, and lightweight, which means the human can invent a frame which is more coincident with aerodynamic to make the bike lighter and run faster.
6. Brompton(A brand concentrated on the design of folding bike):
Brompton’s sample folding bike made in 1975 is on display at the apartment of its founder Andrew Ritchie in South Kensington. This sample bike shows that folding bike is a very subversive design compared to the traditional bicycle. It is no exaggeration to say that Brompton has revolutionized the traveling way of people by folding city bike. At least, you can ride it to any bar, as you get into the bar with it folded, and you do not have to worry about losing the bike unlocked anymore.
7. Fixed Gear Bike
In the 1990s, messengers by bicycle in London and New York started replacing the old steel bike by a kind of bike with low maintenance frequency, single speed, no flywheel, and no transmission. All parts that were easily damaged were cut off which only had the frame and the wheel that seemed cannot be less. Because it looks more concise, portable with fluent lines of aesthetic, this bike gradually became prevalent in the market.
8. Folding helmet
Plixi helmet, designed by Overade, can be folded into its original size 1/3 which can be put in the bag. The top of the helmet is similar to the design of the sliding roof which makes folding and reset easy avoiding you looking like carrying a pot while walking with a helmet in the mall.
9. 3D printed bike
In this time, it can even print pizza in the space, 3D printer printing bike gathering design essence of several generations had become reality. In 2013, Renishaw and Empire_Cycles had made such breakthrough. Now, this bike is displayed in the Museum of Art. The frame of titanium material makes it look very firm and stylish. The idea of adding the metal powder to print it absolutely impressive.
10. The Sandwich Bike(assembling bike in a box)
You may have seen a lot of folding and assembling bikes, but the bike like The Sandwich Bike can make an impact is a minority. By the inspiration of flat packaging and family assembling, Holland designer Basten Leijh made Sandwich Bike concentrated in a small and flat package box. Then it can even be an easy job for the postman to send it to your door. Everything you need is put in the box containing less than 50 parts and the assembly tool. As the design team said, if you know how to make a sandwich, you can assemble The Sandwich Bike. With a difference between it and ordinary welding frame, there are two blocks like "sandwich" coating composite plates in this frame. Although parts of the bike may seem simple, it isn’t corresponding weakening. What an interesting and creative idea!

After reading above, you must be more curious about the interesting things and developments of cycling. Open our website, read the articles, then you will find more and gain more.