Is Cycling Dangerous?   -5 Reasons for Decoding the Question

Posted by tan xiao yan on

For most of us, cycling is healthy. It is kind of exercise. Exercise is good for our health. We can build up our body through cycling. We can lose weight through cycling. We can... so many things we can do by cycling. However, the premise is that we must ride it in a right way. For example, if you are riding for a long long time without any rest, you may be in danger. We can deny that cycling may be dangerous for us sometimes. 5 reasons are as follows.

For children-fear is dangerous

The fear of cycling actually, as it were, leads to additional deaths. Children are studying and developing. They do what their parents teach to do. But in some cases, children are learning to ride a bike, their parents do not instruct them how to ride in the street. Instead, parents mainly tell them to watch for cars and to get off the road. But the bad day comes when these primitive rules are not good enough, and the traffic report reads something like this: "the child was riding after dark without a light, on the wrong side of the road, and failed to stop at a stop sign. The motorist couldn't stop in time." To all intents and purposes, the majority of cycling deaths are accidents like this one, that is, the behaviour of children made no sense at all.

For men-an incorrect position is dangerous

In all of the cyclists, men are dominant. Most of the males are interested in cycling maybe for two reasons. One is for body-building. The other is that cycling is cool! But be careful, man. Men are often concerned by likely effects of ED or erectile dysfunction as it is known by most. The sexual performance of men is largely harmed by having an incorrect position on the bike. When the saddle has the nose tilted up and the saddle is positioned too high or too low, it can put large pressure on the pelvic region, thus causing erectile dysfunction. Also, the temperature is bad for health due to friction between the saddle and the pelvic region. Men should pay more attention even though the discomfort felt by a rider will make him stop before doing damage.

For women-lowering handlebars is dangerous

As a matter of fact, the effect of cycling on the female anatomy was less well-known until now. A new study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shows that riding bikes decreases women's sexual sensation. The cause is also that riding on a bike saddle places a lot of pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the genital area. This happens whether you are man or woman. But a study showed that compared with the female runner, female cyclists had less genital sensation.

An experiment had been conducted to find out the seasons. The finding was that the lower the handlebars, the more physical effects the women experienced. That's because low handlebars required the women to lean forward, which in turn put more pressure on the perineum made of soft tissue. And lead to numbness, soreness and tingling if riding for a long time. These problems might be likely to occur when the rider assumed an aerodynamic racing position in which she leant far forward with her back flat.

For all cyclists-the traffic road is dangerous

The heavy traffic road is inevitable for cycling. Riding on this road, cyclists should be more careful. Safety on this road is the main concern for all cyclists, novices and professionals alike. Because on the traffic road, cyclists need to watch for the busy motor cars, the traffic lights and sudden brakes. But you have to remember, your safety on the bike is almost always in your hands. Actually, the majority of bike accidents are the riders' fault, either due to unsafe behaviour or failure to signal his or her presence on the road.

For all cyclists-sidewalk cycling is dangerous

People may be confused how riding bikes on sidewalks can be dangerous. First things first, there is a greater chance of small collisions both for cyclists and pedestrians because of poorer visibility and limited room. There is also a greater chance of falling down. But in recent years, the number of accidents between cars and bikes have increased, particularly at intersections and driveways. This is usually due to unwilling to dismount and to wait for the light. A study made in 1994 showed that sidewalk cycling is almost twice as dangerous as cycling in the street, and cycling against the traffic on the sidewalk is more than four times as dangerous as cycling in the street.

Actually, pedestrians are dangerous for cyclists. Even pedestrians are comparably safe on the sidewalk, because 1) they are moving slowly, 2) they can look behind more easily, and 3) they can jump to one side. But cyclists are not so lucky. They cannot be very safe. They are even as seven times as many pedestrians killed each year since pedestrians have more fatalities per mile of travel than cyclists.

Frankly speaking, I'm not saying that cycling is too dangerous to ride often. In effect, the advantages of cycling outweigh the disadvantages. The purpose I write this article is that remind you of cycling in a right way. Be careful of yourself meanwhile cycling for health. So remember, you cannot be too careful if riding on the traffic road. And practice riding again and again to improve your cycling skills. Anyways, good luck to you!