Is the 4ucycling Cycling Clothing Suitable for an Elder?

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The physical condition of an elder cyclist might be less strong than a young rider because the muscle aging is inevitable. But with the help of cycling, aging resistance is not totally impossible. That implicates why the number of the elders cycling is on the rise in the recent decades.

To stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should, according to British guidelines, try to be active daily and should do (one of many activities recommended): at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or fast walking every week, and strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms).


And as the words go, “you cannot make bricks without straws.” The cycling clothing is not necessary for a daily commute, but for longer or more frequent rides, the right choice of clothing can make the cycling much easier and to some extent, replenish the strength differences between the elder and the young cyclist. Moreover, there is a psychological advantage to getting kitted up to go riding for it renders you warmness, ligament protection, wind-cut, etc.

4ucycling has devoted the newest technology and best material to its product research and development. The cycling kits from the arm sleeve, the leg warmer to the cycling jersey and padded tights can always satisfy the demands of various customer groups.

What the elderly cyclists are most concerned about is the clothing’s color, style, and features that help to make the cycling easier. We can assure you that the designs of our cycling clothing are intended to all cyclists, young or old.

Taking the cycling tights as an example, they are made for both cyclists and regular workout hobbyists. With a well-fitting anatomical design made for improved blood flow during strenuous workouts, many fitness athletes testify that the comfort levels achieved by using this product are well above the norm.

In addition, an aggravated compression for cycling tightsintensified muscle oxygenation is further amplified by these elegant looking tights. It also features a distinctive top-notch silicone gel padding system, which conspicuously misses in other brands. This high-end feature is in fact blended into this product for a high-power support around the hamstring and calf regions. Moreover, the fabric is well knitted to offer cyclists the much-needed flexibility for a victorious sprint on the track. Breathability and aeration are well guaranteed in these pants by a synthetic fabric material tailored for extreme outdoor use. Additionally, the latest technology that has been employed in the assembly of these pants has combined both sunscreen and anti-bacterial properties for extra hygienic standards.

All of the above features of the 4ucycling silicone gel padded compression tights could give the elder an all-around enhancement of strength and muscle protection. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of getting your body shape exposed, because our designers have made it to be black which is suitable to all ages. If you expect extra warm protection to your legs, the fleeced style can be chosen.

cycling jerseyAs for cycling jerseys, various designs and products of 4ucycling can also surprise you. It’s constructed from high technology functional fabric - COOLLTECH. It is a UV-protective, lightweight jersey in cool-max material. With 3D molded anatomical shaping and perfect sewing thread, the shirt is 360 degree body hug comfort and elegant to look at. What’s more, 2 standard pockets on back and 18cm length zipping system provide extra convenience. The jersey is also made out of wicking material, so sweat and water don’t stay on your skin. Depending on the quality of the jersey, they can have rubber around the waist, to prevent it from riding up.

Together with the fashionable fluorescent logo and elastic waist anti-skid designing the jersey sure will ensure you a safe and better riding experience. The cycling jersey offers more subtle advantages, which is why many people will forego it for a normal shirt. It really works in its own right over long distances, it does two counter-intuitive jobs. It cuts the wind and also wicks sweat, so it kind of turbo-charges your normal cooling system. Because cycling shorts don’t have pockets, the shorts and jersey go together, as the top has pockets in the back where they don’t swing around. Again, if you want warmness, the long sleeve one can fit you well.

Apart from the cycling tights and cycling jerseys as examples, all the other cycling clothing of 4ucycling has received favorable reviews from our customers at the age of 16 to 80 or more. So there is no need to hesitate any longer, no matter how old you are, just purchase now and you can enjoy great discount and service guarantee. We wish you a pleasant cycling experience with our products.