It Is time To Actually Choose The Right Bike For You

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When it comes to cycling, the first thing that strikes you must be choosing a good bicycle. Nowadays, there are many types of bike available on the market, varieties include BMX, Trike, Tandem, Tourer and Folding Bike. You can even buy electric bikes. It is hard to say which kind is better, each one has its pros and cons for different purposes. Therefore, for many, it may be a quite annoying joy to select a bike and purchase from so many various ones. So here, I am going to list a few most popular styles of bike available in most bike shops and online stores and tell you in what way these bikes will benefit you so as to help you choose the right bike. I really hope this article will come in handy. Let’s get the start.

different bikes

Mountain Bike
If you are a cyclist who enjoys climbing mountains and hills, a mountain bike is just for you. Mountain bikes consist of a strong frame with “oversized tubing” a “geometry” that allows for good climbing of hills and plenty of mud clearance. In other words, mountain bikes are actually designed for a specific purpose that is climbing mountains. Wide, Grooved tires allow for grip on tough rocky terrain, lots of gears for getting up hills or riding over tough rocky ground and tree roots. With an excellent mountain bike, you don’t need to worry about unexpected incidents and enjoy your wonderful mountain trip. Most mountain bikes these days also come with front suspension forks for comfort and extra speed over tough, rough terrain. Some also come with rear suspension to stop you getting shaken around on downhill descents. In one word, if you are a mountain riding cyclist, don’t hesitate, go and get a mountain bike, you will not regret that.

Road Bike
Generally speaking, road bikes are designed for performance on mostly well-paved roads. A road bike consists of a lightweight frame which needless to say, will save your energy to the largest extent when cycling. And if you are road bikelooking for a bike for commuting, a road bike is also your good choice. Road bikes are designed to travel fast so come with “drop handlebars” which give a more aerodynamic riding position. Thin tires with little tread mean low rolling resistance, bigger cranks mean more energy is generated with each pedal revolution, all of these mean greater speed. Thus, there is no doubt that road bike is a fast reaching machine to get from point A to point B. Anyway, a road bike is a good choice for you to serve as transportation or recreation.

Hybrid Bike
Well, as a matter of fact, a hybrid bike is a combination of mountain bike and road bike. Therefore, hybrids are very popular with commuters, since they offer more speed than a mountain bike but more comfort than a road bike. So of course, with high-quality equipment, a hybrid bike is also much more expensive than the two kinds of bikes I have mentioned above. A hybrid has a quite similar frame geometry to an MTB but the tubing is not a thick, higher gears and thin tires so it can travel fast on roads. Some hybrid bikes have front suspension forks, so it will be able to cope with gentle off-road routes like canals. Anyway, a hybrid bike is just beyond excellent, but it all depends on your economic capability on whether you are going to purchase it or not.

Cyclocross Bike
To be honestly, a cyclocross bike is actually born for professional cyclists. Cyclocross bikes are designed to travel cyclocross bikeboth on and off-road and it was evolved as something for road racers to do in the offseason. Cross bike will typically be heavier than a comparable road bike but lighter than a comparable touring bike. The wheelbase will be in between that of a road bike and a touring bike while the bottom bracket height and head tube angle could be on either side of that of a touring bike depending on the manufacturer’s philosophy. Whatever, cross bikes make wonderful commuters due to their versatility and durability. So if you like it, you can also buy it.

Touring Bike
There are a great number of cyclists enjoy the long-distant journey with their beloved bikes, the touring bikes are something just for them. Touring bikes are designed for long, multi-day excursions on the road. They are usually the heaviest bikes for the bunch as they are built for durability and to carry a lot of stuff beyond just the rider. They will maintain a relatively low bottom bracket but the wheelbase will be no longer and the head tube angle slacker when compared to a road bike. This adds to their stability, especially when fully loaded. So if you love touring cycling and would like to do it often, get a touring bike. It will help make your tour much easier and improve your cycling enjoyment.

touring bike

To recap

Different people have different purposes when it comes to cycling, some for exercise, some for recreation while some for commuting. No matter which purpose you are in, choosing the right bike for you is of great significance. I do hope the above article can really help get your satisfactory bike and enjoy your cycling to the largest extent. For more information on bicycles and cycling, please read more other articles on our website, you will be surprised to find the answer you want.