Newbie Guide! Summer Ride Frequently Asked Questions

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The real love - that is, the typhoon can not stop me from riding, high temperature can not stop me from riding. This article does not intend to introduce how to drink water, how to choose summer riding equipment, even the backpack shopping, and packaging skills, we are not going to talk about.We only show you some common summer ride problems. This article is dedicated to those riders who like riding and want to ride even in such a hot weather.

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1. Being topless?

Human body temperature regulation is not only affected by evaporation but also relates to radiation. When the outside temperature exceeds 37 ℃, the body temperature mainly relies on evaporation to lose heat; when the temperature continues to rise, the body would not lose heat through the radiation but would absorb heat from the outer environment.So, if you are barebacked, you may feel more hot.people feel hotter. So, on the one hand, being barebacked is not beautiful, on the other hand, riding clothes can not only protect you from getting burnt, but also sunscreen, but also accelerate perspiration to a certain extent.
So, What’s the point of being barebacked?In my view, the advantage is that you can cut one shirt from your washing bucket.

2. Water supplement?

The high temperature in summer will accelerate the loss of water so the skills and frequency of drinking water are particularly important, do not go into details here. "Novice guide: summer riding water 6 small common sense"
the energy supplement on the road is also a general, the diet should be not greasy and an appropriate amount of protein and vitamins is essential. There are different kinds of fruits in summer.Those fruits can not only supplement water, but also have other function, such as tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, peaches, grapes, bananas and so on.Tomato is nutrient-rich with high quality and reasonable price, containing lycopene which is effective in anti-oxidation and can improve the skin anti-ultraviolet ability. But hollow tomatoes may easily lead to abdominal pain. Another issue is that food in hot weather is easy to go rotten, we should pay attention to the food hygiene and do not eat rotten food.

Portable high-energy food such as chocolate has the risk of melting.It may paste your face when you eat.

3. Staple food selection?

When riding out, the food should be selected to serve for the ride plan. My personal advice is to eat pasta for it’s easy to digest. Even eating a lot won’t affect the ride. While eating too much meat will increase the burden of the stomach, which will lengthen the digestion time.When finishing riding, a nosh-up is perfect.

4. The right time and route?

The selection of a route and the arrangement need to consider a lot of factors.We should know the road conditions: Is the road crowded or not?Are there any hills or not?Are there any places to supply food and water?we should also know whether the sun will blaze down on your route for a long time.
Senior riding friends recommend: generally starting at six o’clock would be perfect, 8 or 9 o’clock are also appropriate. You can have lunch at 2 pm because it is the hottest of the day around 2 pm. After lunch, a rest of 15-30 minutes is necessary, in which way,150km a day would be relatively easy.
Once you are not familiar with the route you choose, when something unexpected happens, do not try to catch the plan, but to adjust your plan according to the actual situation.


5.The sun protection?

The light is strong in summer, so it’s easy to get burnt when exposed to the sunlight for a long time.We may pay no attention to sun protection when it’s cloudy.Actually, the clouds’ blocking of ultraviolet light is minimal, and even become an accomplice of multi-reflection of ultraviolet light deepening the UV damage.
There are physical methods and chemical methods to prevent sunburn. The physical method is to wear riding suits, helmets, gloves, face shields, and glasses to reduce the exposed parts. Chemical method is to use sunscreen products, and the effective time of the products is not very long.So, we advise to take physical method mainly and take chemical method as a complement.
6. Accidents?

Things are unexpected. What if we encounter accidents?
Catching a cold: The alternation of hot and cold is quick in summer. If getting wet in the rain, it’s easy to catch a cold. If the clothes are sweaty and wet, do replace them as soon as possible.

Getting cramps: If you start fierce rush without warming-up exercise, it is easy to cause leg cramps. You should ride slowly for some time so that your body adapts to exercise and then slowly increase the amount of exercise. After the summer riding, feet are easy to congest and swell, in which case, when resting, lying flat and setting feet higher would be helpful to promote blood circulation. If there is a slope, you can take a break with your head down and your feet up.

Getting sunstroke: In order to avoid sunstroke, you must cover your head and drink plenty of water.If getting sunstroke, take some drugs, have a break or go to the hospital if serious.When riding in a relatively dry area, in the relatively dry areas when riding, smearing some fat in the nasal cavity would be helpful to avoid dry nose and to ensure smooth breathing.

Keeping away from the colorful mosquitoes and unknown plants can reduce the risk of allergic inflammation.
7. Mechanical problems?

The high temperature in summer will cause high tire pressure, the tire can not fully contact the ground, accelerating the central abrasive wear.In the meantime, the high air pressure will also increase the risk of puncture, so it’s important to pay attention to changes in tire pressure.

8. Pay attention to weather and geological disasters

Summer is also the rainy season, downfalls are frequent.So riders should prepare a raincoat or a windbreaker which is waterproof.And riders should also keep away from dangerous reservoirs, ravines and cliffs for high temperature will make the soil structure fragile.
Since we’ve known those summer riding issues, hope you a funny and safe riding.