Reasons For Not Buying a Cheap Bicycle

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Just like other things, there are always cheap bikes and expensive bikes in the world. Have you ever come into a department shop and find the bike you really like? But when the shop assistance tells you the price of it, what you are thinking is: Oh God, why does this thing so expensive? I am not sure that whether you have heard of this: What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. Expensive bike must have some irreplaceable advantages that cheap bikes don't own.

Over the past decade, with the developments the technology and innovation, there are so many dramatic improvements in the frame materials, suspension design, wheels and braking systems. All of these improvements make bicycles more durable and bring people more fun than ever before. But of course, all of these benefits take an added cost.

If you really love cycling and are serious about the bikes, a $2,500 bike doesn't seem that crazy and expensive when you ride it every day of the week. There is an old saying that "buy cheap, buy twice". This is never truer than in bicycles. You might go to the local shop t buy a cheap bike at the price of $250, But I have to tell you that soon you will be really disappointed about the unfavorable performance of your cheap bike. More importantly, it will prevent you from trying to become a better rider. In the following passage, I will tell you in details that the disadvantages of cheap bicycles.

disadvantages of cheap bicycle

1、The shifting of cheap bikes is more likely to become ruined. When you ride a cheap bike with shifting/skipping gear of bad performance is very annoying, which makes riding less fun. This inevitably will lead to less riding.

2、Frequent mechanical service is needed on cheap bikes and you have to take your bike to the store to repair your bike from time to time. If you buy a cheap bike and don;t want to pay unexpected money on the service costs, you will lose the incentive to repair your bike. And then you will not want to go cycling and your bikes will end up with a load of rubbish.

3、The braking power is insufficient. It is pretty dangerous, especially in wet weather. You can not only hurt yourself but also hurt other people. It is a really dangerous thing that the brake doesn't work in a crisis.

4、Cheap bikes incline to make much more annoying and loud noises.It will lead riding less fun. More importantly, the sound that your bike produces will make you embarrassed because everyone is looking at you.

5、Frame geometry and handling on the cheapest bikes are almost of bad performance because they are not designed for long-term training.

6、The equipment on the cheap bikes like saddles, wheels, and headsets are too lousy. If you are an enthusiastic rider and you go cycling several days a week, pretty soon you will find an interesting fact that the replacements on your bike are more than the original parts. So you don't you buy an expensive but qualified bike. This can save your so much time to get your bike to repair.

7、The cheap bikes are too heavy. Owing to their cheap price, manufacturers use cheap steel and materials to make the bikes so the weight of wheels of them are heavier. Imagine that you are going to another place and you want to take your bike with you. You can't even carry it into the train as they are so heavier. Besides, heavy bikes are difficult to operate, especially for women.

8、Cheap bikes are simply made out of the cheap parts that can be put together. Those components are without the benefit of durability and function. They are usually sold at department stores and installed by employees who has no concept and idea of cycling.

Cost is a strange thing. People would like to spend thousands of dollars on their cars each year. But they are not willing to pay their money on the bike. Many people hesitate at paying $500 for a typical bike with reasonable components.The bike is cheap to maintain and it brings you so many hours of fun and provides an alternate method of exercise that helps you to stay healthy. Besides, it doesn't pollute the environment.

I am not instigating that you should buy a luxurious and expensive bike.But I do want to tell you that if you really love riding, please do yourself a favor and don't buy the too cheap bikes. Sports are a way to release your pressure and unhappiness.I believe you would like to make an investment for yourself and gain much more entertainment. I don't this happen: in the beginning, you are an avid rider, but later you stop it for some reasons, like your poor quality bike. Everyone can get enjoyment and fun for biking. That is what I want.