Ride in The future: high-tech bike inventions you require to know

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Cycling isn’t just for the cyclists or athletes anymore. In the modern age, cycling is becoming more and more popular. Cycling can bring us many health benefits. For example, we can stay fit and it is convenient to commute from work to office. In addition, it is an environmentally-friendly activity. Of course, there still exists some problems. As the cities discover that the bike lanes are full of people who are pedaling to work, the manufacturers are making their painstaking effort to let bikes become more and more high-tech. nowadays, the bikes are all about computer-aid technology but the basic level has remained essentially unchanged—two wheels, brakes, and handlebars. So if you want to be special, you can combine your bike with new tech. Now, I will introduce some high-tech ideas for you and hope you can enjoy a trip.

1. Anti-Theft GPS Trackers
Nowadays, there are a lot of products on the market aiming to reduce the risk of theft. This kind of anti-theft GPS trackers is called like Hawke's idea, which has three different GPS trackers and includes top cap tracker, Seatpost tracker, and tail light tracker. They are hidden on different parts of your bike—on the handlebars, tail light, and seat post. All of these trackers will be installed and sync up to an app on your phone that can inform and text you if the bike moves after it has been locked. In addition, they are multifunctional because the manufacturers mount the smart pedal which was connected to the app so that they can track your fitness and help you plan the route in their spare time. What’s more, the tracker can detect and monitor the bike’s location permanently, including when it gets serious damage, such as cutting, firing etc. the bike thieves will be the losers when you have the anti-thieves bike trackers.
2. The Bottle That Keeps Water Cold Forever
If you are a hardcore cyclist who is good at climbing hills and like to spend spare time practicing mountain cycling, this is a piece of tech for you, a bottle. It is made of the super-insulated material, called Podium Ice by Camelback. The bottle has a striking feature that keeps water cold as much as four times longer than its closest rivals, and its low temperature can last for a long time so it is helpful for the cyclists who like to engage in mountain cycling in the hot weather. It uses something called aerogel insulation, and it's powerful enough to make your regular thermos look like a coffee cup. When having this kind of invention, you would not feel any extreme thirsty after you take part in the mountain bike race for miles. In addition, it is lightweight enough to carry so that you can avoid dehydrating and replenish water on time. Besides, there is a small button on the side of a bottle, allowing you to adjust whether you keep water cool or not. Sometimes, it is improper to drink cool water after high-intensity sport. But generally, the merits of invention outweigh its demerit.

high-tech bike inventions
3. The Wheel That Makes a Bike Smart
This is called the Copenhagen wheel which can turn your ordinary bicycle into a smart electric hybrid by connecting your back wheel to your smartphone. You can use the app and move around. Yet sometimes you bother to cycle for a long distance and climb the hills, the Copenhagen Wheel can change the situation. It can learn the condition of you pedal and integrates with your motion. At the same time, it can get your energy when you brake or go downhill and offer your push when you need it. It usually provides three to ten times regular foot power. So it is easy to ride. As you pedal, the engine automatically kicks in with no additional button. There is red casing, which includes all the technology—motor, removable batteries, wireless connectivity, smart locking, multiple sensors and an embedded system in the Copenhagen Wheel. You can use your smartphone to customize your rides. For example, you can monitor your physical activity, collect the information about the road condition and you can share your friend or other cyclists. In addition, there are also other smart features, which include an attached app that can detect how much calories you burned, help you plan the route and lock the wheel to somebody running off with it. With this wheel, the hills become flat, distances get shrink and you can cycle anywhere. Your bike became smart and you can transform your city.

high-tech bike inventions
4. The Helmet That Folds Flat
Most cyclists who don’t have the helmet think that the helmets are heavy, bulky and unfashionable. However, head trauma is the most serious experience when coming to the bike accident so it is very important to wear helmets to protect yourself from injuries and fatal crashes. But, there is a perfect solution, the Morpher Folding Helmet. This kind of helmet will provide a space-saving solution to your worries because it can fold flat as a pancake when you don’t use your helmet. You can pop it in your handbag and then pop it open when you need to wear the helmet. The invention is very cool and surprising although pretty simple, it has won a bunch of awards. This is a good invention and I hope you can like this helmet.
Whether you use your bike to commute, take exercise, avoid traffic, and protect the environment, these new technologies can help you ease your ride and bring the special experience to our lives. When you get used to these new technologies, you will change the view of the bike.