Ride to Journey With Children

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Where will you go with your children in your family days, an amusement park, a museum or an exhibition? Nowadays, there are many instances that many parents go cycling with their children to travel. Cycling to travel becomes a romantic choice. Although cycling alone is a great way to enjoy silence and nature, cycling is never an individual activity and specially designed for adults. Many children have considered cycling as an interesting hobby.

Cycling with children not only can leave a special and unforgettable experience for children but also can encourage them to take exercise. It is useful for building a strong body and strengthening children’s cardio-pulmonary function. So when you decide to ride to travel with your kids, what should you prepare for your family touring and where can you go to spend the beautiful family days? The following are several recommends for you and your families.

Types of bike for children

Children’ age is the first factor to consider what preparation should do. If your kids are too young to ride a bike, you can consider purchasing a bike trailer so that you can ride for your kids and take them along with you. Before your tour, you have to check the safety of the bike trailer, test whether it is tight and stable. If you need to take a train, you can raise your bike and fold the trailer and get onto the train.

If your children have already learned how to ride a bike, it is easy for you to plan a holiday with your whole family on the bicycle. You can buy a proper bike for your children. Kids are always tolerating for almost any bike. Good bikes are used every day because children are pleased to ride but bad bikes are always decaying in the garage then become trash. So parents should select the good and strong one for your kids. According to the age of children, parents can consider what kind of bicycle should buy for your kids.

Age 4 to 6

This age stage can try a 16in-wheel bike rather than a balance bike. Like 12in-wheel and 14in-wheel bikes, all 16-in wheel bikes are installed a single-speed gear. The chain is too short to derailleur gear. When you select a new bike for your child, you should concern its low stand-over, ball bearing, tires and not stiff brakes.

Age 6-9

Unlike the bicycle used by 4-6 years old kids, 6-9 can ride a 20in-wheel bike. For this kind of bikes, its single-speeds are still fine but a 3-speed hub gear is better than 16in-wheel bicycles, and it is easy to use and hard to break. Usually, hub gears are more expensive, so 5 or 6-speed derailleurs are commonly more in the shop. If you buy a bike with a derailleur, you should get a derailleur guard for the situation that the bike is dropped on its side. Some 20in-wheel bicycles have suspension forks, even full suspension. There are two disadvantages--- one is extra weight and another is less money to go round elsewhere. You will find you pay much money for the bike and the suspension forks are enough. But a rigid bike is more worthy.

Age 8-12

As kids get elder, their bikes get bigger, too. The components on an adult bike start to be installed on them. So its price also rises. Some good quality 24in-wheel bike starts at about 380 dollars. For children, you can purchase a bike with a light-weight aluminum frame, aluminum alloy and good brakes. Most mountain bikes from the bigger brands will have an 18 or 21-speed drive train and cheap suspension fork, which may work adequately. A better choice would be a lighter rigid bike with a wide-range 8-speed cassette and a single chainring, which is lighter, simpler, easier to use and more durable.

Age above 12

Children above 12 can buy them a small-framed adult mountain bike with 26in wheels. Many manufacturers make frames down to 14 or 15in and some do 12 of 13in frames. Some experienced off-road riders may want the smallest frame for the extra clearance over the top tube, but most teenagers can ride 14 or 15in directly. Unless a 26in-wheel bike is specifically designed for children, don’t put your 9- or 10-year –old on it just because he or she can reach the pedals. He or she will be better ride a 24in-wheel bike and it will be probably lighter and be easier to control than an adult bike.

Generally, teenagers are usually aware of peer pressure and will want to buy a cool bike. So you should decide what kind of bike they want to ride. But what you should realize is that safety is always the most important.

Where can go for family days

A new bike is ready. Now you should plan where you can ride to with your families. Considering for children, you should choose some plain and gentle terrain but not the difficult and severe environment. According to the experienced parents, here are some places where your family can go for the holiday:

1. Denmark

Denmark is a fantastic family cycling destination. You can make it easy for your children by planning routes that are less hilly and combining natural experiences with the excitement of attractions along the way, such as zoos and amusement parks.

2. Bristol to Bath Path, Bristol

There are many sculptures and a working steam engine at the old train station on the path. You and your family can enjoy a pub lunch at Saltford with beautiful views of River Avon. You can spend your time on the Roman Baths, art galleries, shopping and Botanical Gardens.

3. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is an attracted choice for your family, including a playground, the California Academy of Sciences and a Dutch windmill.