Road Cycling Skill for you: How to Get Started

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Are you a beginner in cycling? Follow tips below and you will be more skillful in cycling.

How to Buy a Right Bike
Make sure you know which type of bike to buy. On which kind of terrain you are going to ride? If it’s rough, you’d better not buy a road bike, which has no a suspension system to absorb shock. If you have a strong back, you are recommended to buy it. Meanwhile, a mountain bike is suitable for trails and mountains. Large tires will tread well and grab the surface, which help you to go uphill. Although its frame is heavier, it has the system for you. Usually, the handlebar is straight, which makes you uncomfortable after long riding on paved trails. And a hybrid bike has the low gearing while providing you an upright riding position.

Cycling Skill

In addition, you need to set your budget. Don’t buy a wrong bike for money save, after all, you should buy a bike for long-term usage which will actually save money for you. When buying a bike, you should sit on to check it, whether it is comfortable for you? Are you stretched out too much? Or the controls are easy for you to reach and use? Ride the bike for longer time to feel whether its frame is in a right size. Pay attention to the distance between the seat and the bottom of the pedal stroke. Also the angle is important for you to lean to hold the handlebars.

Adjust your On-bike Position Well
The first, look at the frame size. It is the road bike frame that is sized typically by its height in centimeters and measured at the down tube. And the length to measure at the top tube is also important, which will affect the distance between you and the handlebars.

The second, handlebar height should be considered. It cannot be too long or low. Does your neck or shoulder feel sore after riding? Raise your handlebar. You can raise the stem with spacers underneath or flip the handlebar stem to make it point upwards. And when you are stretching out too far, put on a shorter stem, which makes you closer with the handlebars. You can move the saddle forward to make up as a long reach.

The third, seat height is important. It’s a good idea to bend your knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Have a straight leg to realize it when putting your heel on the pedal in the position of six o’clock.

How to Hold your Handlebars
It’s necessaryCycling Skill to know when the time is correct to hold each position on handlebars, which makes you ride faster, safer, and more comfortable. Let’s start with the drops which are the best position for your riding faster. When it’s lower, you will be more aerodynamic and control the bike better. It’s the most effective position for you to brake. Then you need to tackle the hoods which are the best position for your being comfortable all day. It’s not so aerodynamic but great for climbing out of the saddle. Last but not the least, hold your bars on the tops, which will make your long and gradual climbing great for sitting you further back on the bike. It will open up your lungs and recruit your glutes.

How to Dress Right Anytime
Here I have some suggestions on what to wear in different temperature. When it’s 35 degrees, you are recommended to wear heavy tights, long-sleeve wicking turtleneck undershirt and cycling jacket. For feet, you need shoe covers and wool socks with charcoal toe warmers. In addition, take gloves and headband covering ears with you. When it’s 25 degrees, wear winter bib tights, long jersey and the undershirt. Lined cycling jacket, mittens, lobster claw gloves, balaclava are also recommended. For 45 degrees, you need tights or leg warmers.Cycling Skill The undershirt, the covering ears, and lined jacket are still advisable, and you can take thin full-fingered gloves. For 60 degrees, shorts and long-sleeve jersey, and sleeveless wicking undershirt are a rule of thumb. Also, lightweight long-sleeve jersey collocated with long-sleeve undershirt is good.

Now you have known many basics about cycling, get started now and you will find yourself better than before!