Seven Don’ts You Required To Know On Cycling Attack

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Whether you are a professional cyclist who aims to win in the specific match or not, as long as you love cycling or you spend plenty of time on the bike often, you may have noticed how some guys always seem to get lucky and make it in every winning move? How many times do you want to make your perfect move and surpass your counterpart on the road? Well, actually, it is not so much about luck, it is about the attack. However, for many riders, the attack is still a new word or they have heard something about that, but they completely have no idea how and what to do. Believe it or not, knowing when, where and how to attack will improve your cycling enjoyment to a larger extent than ever. Here, I am going to tell you the every secret on the attack.

tips on cycling attack

Don’t bother attacking in a tailwind
It seems to have been a common sense that attacking into a tailwind is the best time for you to win your counterparts over, for the tailwind can help you speed up to some extent as well as save your energy. However, it is kind of misconception. Chances are that if you find it easy to ride in the tailwind, the rest of your counterparts find it easy too. Thus you will never get too far away from them when you are rolling easily at 50km/hr with a tailwind, not mention to surpass them. Worse still, when you are riding on the tailwind, you will be easier to get hurt for cycling too fast, for you have been too excited to remember to control your brake. Therefore, don’t attack the tailwind, instead, attack on the crosswind. Crosswinds are a great place to attack.

Don’t attack a descent
In fact, the reason that why you should not attack a descent is tips on cycling attackalmost the same as the above, because you know, when you enjoy accelerating on the descent and want to surpass others, the rest of them are thinking the same thing too. And if you forgot to brake when running down on a descent, which will not only puts you but also others in a great danger. You might fall or you might run into others.

Don’t attack too early
When riding on the road, it is not only you want to surpass others and make a cool move, other cyclists are the same too. Therefore, it is normal to be surpassed on the road. When it happens, most people’s first direct reaction is to ride over right away. I have to tell you, it is completely wrong, useless and also dangerous. Take the race as an example, early in the race is when most people are nervous, everyone is jockeying for position and flexing their muscle. If you attack early, there are still many uncertainties.

Don’t give up too early
You are excited at the first place and make up your mind that you will definitely surpass the guy ahead of you, however, you try a tips on cycling attackcouple of times and they did not work, you are still far behind that guy, so you give up, you think it is useless to attack. Don’t do that, don’t give up just yet. I have seen this situation so many times and lots of times it pays to keep pushing on. You will be kicking yourself if you give up, often the bread starts to pull away and opens up a healthy gap again. Just prepare yourself and try again, maybe the next time it works surprisingly.

Don’t attack too hard
You should keep in mind that timing is everything, you should attack the right but always try to attack everyone. In professional cycling, a peloton will make up 1-2 minutes every 10km (depending on the profile of the course) on a breakaway group. You must be aware of your own body and your level of fatigue and how long you can sustain a hard controlled effort for to decide if you should make that attack. If you decide to unleash an explosive attack, all you will be doing is kicking the hornet's nest. You know, sometimes what works much better is a non-threatening move where you roll off the front from a few wheels back.

tips on cycling attack

Don’t attack when riding through the feed zone
Well, for this, the reason is pretty simple. It is a bad etiquette and not cool. You know, when you cycling through the feed zone, I don’t want to say that, you will look like an idiot.

Don’t put too much faith on attaching rules
I have seen this kind of situation for many times that riders do not dare to break the so-called rules, so they lose the chances to surpass, to wind their counterparts. There are actually many unexpected outcomes in bike racing which ultimately makes it such a wonderful sport. Watch carefully, read the race, and most importantly know your competition.

To recap

As a matter of fact, it is not that easy to make a perfect move and attack smoothly. You have to take numerous things into consideration, such as environment, wind direction and time. However, just make sure that you obey the 7 don’t above, I can assure that you will have a good time on cycling.