Should You Choose Bicycling or Skateboarding in a City?

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Living in a city, maybe you are considering about which one is more efficient. Or maybe you think bicycling or skateboarding is better, but want to know more about how they work differently. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of bicycling or skateboarding? If you want to know what you should consider choosing one of them for going out, here I have some opinions to share with you.

Bicycling vs SkateboardingIt depends on how many miles you will get over to choose a method of transportation. Are you going for a long distance, for example, 5 miles? Here bicycling would be more suitable for you. If you go with a skateboard in the case, it may be hard work. However, in a short distance, you can choose skateboarding or biking, both appropriate. With a skateboard, you can go on the pavement slowly, cruise on the lane of bike, and tear it down a street. It is a way between a pedestrian and a bike, so you can adjust how you ride to fit in them. Meanwhile, with a bike, you can be at ease anywhere and don’t need to worry about any given distance as soon as you prepare enough. So it seems that bicycling is better than skateboarding.

Consider how much time you have spent on learning how to ride a bike? Obviously, it takes more time to be proficient in skateboarding than biking. Many of us don’t learn how to ride a skateboard in our childhood, while most of us have learned the skill to ride a bike. As a result, if you want to choose skateboarding for commuting or the others, make sure that you are proficient enough to handle many troubles which may occur on the road. Before that, you’d better choose a bike.

Bicycling vs Skateboarding

If you are in a hurry, skateboarding is not recommended. A skateboard can manage bad surfaces mostly when you are proficient and have equipped it right with larger wheels, longer boards, etc. However, there may be cobblestones, mud and grass on the road even though in a city. If you are in a hilly city or there are many poor conditions in your route, you’d better choose a bike, so you can keep going fast without a problem and won’t be held back by them

Here the case is different. You can take a skateboard on public transport without a problem, while you need to know whether it is available for you to load your bike on the local public transport. In a similar arrangement with a skateboard, you can cover much ground, get on and off trains, buses or subways, and use it to complete the rest of the journeys. Otherwise, your hands will be free, which means you can eat something or check maps while going on and keeping your own safety. So you can choose the skateboard for convenience’s sake.

It may cost more to buy or fix a bike than to buy a skateboard. Before you choose a bicycle, make sure that you have sufficient capital so you won’t be troubled by problems of your bike.

Body Energy
When it comes to the energy efficiency, there is no doubt that the bike is a good choice, while skateboarding may cost a lot of energy lost for you in a big city or a long distance. Many commuters choose the bikes which help them save body energy. If you want to save your energy, choose the bike, so you don’t need to worry that your energy for working is exhausted.

WeatherBicycling vs Skateboarding
You cannot always go out with the weather you desire. Be careful about the weather, and check if there will be raining, snowing, etc. Definitely, a skateboard is not suitable for poor weather condition, but how about a bike? Check up your bike carefully; make sure that you have enough tools and knowledge for repairing.

In fact, it is a question in the argumentation. You may fall off the skateboard which is not possessed with brakes that the bike has. However, someone thinks that with the skateboard you can jump out of the way before a car crashes you. Meanwhile, on the bike, you may be stuck with your leg and it’s not simple for you to escape in an emergency. So which one is safer? You’d better choose a bike which has been proved well to be safe in most of the conditions. By the way, in terms of safety on a skateboard, popular longboards are recommended. Also, it depends on your carefulness on the road which is helpful After all, when you have got a hang of general knowledge about how to ensure your own safety, what you should do is to be careful.

It is really important to everyone, isn’t it? Even though the bike is expensive or the skateboard is not appropriate for poor road conditions, you still want to use either. You can kill your time and feel fun with a skateboard or a bike. However, above factors should not be ignored. According to the conditions, when it is appropriate to use either, just go with your interest.

Bicycling vs Skateboarding

In fact, it mainly depends on whether the city you live in is hilly, the distances you will get over, the weather and your own interest. Generally speaking, in long distances or hilly cities, it would be a good choice to go out with the bike which is faster, body-energy-save, familiar to you while being costly in price and troublesome to take on the public transport. In short distances or smooth roads, it is appropriate to choose the skateboard which is easy to be taken on the public transport and makes your hands free while being lower in price and speed, harder to get the hang of and making your body energy lose fast. It seems that bikes are suitable for the majority of the conditions while the grounds skateboards are able to cover are less. Anyway, make sure you have prepared yourself well; choose one to use in appropriate conditions.