Smile on a bicycle, or cry in a BMW?

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Would you prefer to smile on a bicycle, or cry in a BMW? That is a question.

“I would rather cry in a BMW" is a quotation that became an online sensation in the People's Republic of China in 2010. It originated from Ma Nuo, a 20-year-old female contestant on the television show Fei Cheng Wu Rao (also known in English as If you are the One). The line was in response to a question by an unemployed suitor who asked if Ma would "ride a bicycle with him" on a date. The series of events have been summed up in the media with the quip "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle."

In interviews after the show, Ma pointedly denied that she is a "gold digger" – saying that she "just wanted to reject her suitor in a creative way." Nonetheless, the phrase has made its rounds across the Chinese blogosphere, and has become emblematic of the culture of materialism and lack of authenticity that now allegedly permeates Chinese society, particularly in the process of dating and courtship. Social commentator Chen Zhigang remarked, "Does Ma Nuo only speak for herself? No. Her opinion resonates with youth; they have grown up in a society that is quickly accumulating material wealth. They are snobbish. They worship money, cars and houses because the highly developing economy has made them do so."

The blunt nature of the statement works well in the dating show's format, and is not the first controversial phrase to arise out of Fei Cheng Wu Rao. It was cited by critics as a window to the "degradation of Chinese social values," and even drew the attention of government censors, who eventually forced producers to re-design the format of the show to be more professional and 'clean' of morally questionable content. A Global Times commentary remarked that the obsession with BMWs is symbolic of a larger national trend that measures a person's success solely by money rather than factors such as "knowledge, taste, kindness or vision." The phrase also earned notoriety for Ma, whose purported pictures began surfacing all over the internet despite strong dislike from the public.

As pointed out in an earlier answer, smiling doesn’t mean happiness, crying doesn’t mean sadness. Assuming you mean be happy on a bicycle versus being sad in a BMW, I believe most people would prefer smiling on a bicycle.

Mr. Zhang, who turns 59 on Sunday, represents an generation that remembers the more egalitarian, if also poorer and more politically repressive, Maoist era, before the economic changes that unleashed the scramble for material advancement my experience I would rather be happy than sad no matter where I am or how much money I have. After all, if the wealth, prestige, and life experiences that have led you to get a BMW have left you unhappy has it really been worth it? Conversely, if the lack of wealth and circumstances that have led you to be riding a bicycle have been ones that have, by and large, made you happy, then does it matter that you don't have an expensive car? Boiled down to the bare bones, this expression says that it's better to be rich and sad than poor and happy. I disagree.

And for cyclists, smiling on the bike is a better way to relax them. Bikes are a more active and nature-friendly way of transportation. It is also believed that being smiling is more important than being sad. It is agreed that if the person is smiling means that he is mentally satisfied with his life and self-contentment is one of the most cheering gifts of nature.

Every year, a lovely place of Emporia, KS, holds one of the biggest bike events in the Midwest, the Dirty Kanza (2200 riders in the 200 division alone). Its 200 miles of gravel grinding in the Kansas country (heat, humidity, strong winds, tire shredding flint roads, water crossings, and, if you are really unlucky, bike ruining mud). It’s brutal, and every year, even if you can get in (a big if, since the registration is usually sold out in the first few minutes), around half of the competitors are unable finish, and the current DK record is finishing in over 13 hours.

So, after all of that, why would anyone bother? Some cyclists have ridden in the DK twice, finishing the 50 and attempting the 100. Every time those cyclists go out and ride, it’s a fantastic experience. They don’t know anyone who crosses the finish line, no matter what distance, that isn’t given a smile by the hundreds of cheering people and ringing cowbells. Not to mention that it is also the biggest street festival of the year, so, assuming you are of legal age, the rest of your day usually is encompassed by the best street food in the state, as well some of the best beer you’ll ever have. It’s a good day.

Some people say women are very dependent and they should be blame. Why can’t they work hard and buy a house together with their man? However, very few women today think like that.” Nobody need to waste time on a relationship that was doomed to vanish.

Our riches are our health and our intelligence, our family and pur friends. There are plenty of people who are lacking in one, or all of those things, while we have them in abundance. To the person crying in their BMW, we would say, don’t take anything for granted… be grateful for everything you have. If you had parents who loved you, and did a reasonably good job of raising you… that’s like winning lotto. The world is full of broken people whose parents never loved them, or did a crappy job of raising them, and most of those people end up either in jail, or in mental institutions. We are grateful that we are not one of those people, because we were blessed beyond measure to have parents who loved us, and did a good job of being parents. Every time we see someone in a wheelchair, we should be grateful I can walk. Every time we see a blind person, we should be grateful we can see. Every time we meet someone who’s intellectually handicapped, we should be grateful that we have the intelligence to function normally.

So, we should be aware of that who would rather be happy than sad?? us!! That is the meaning and happiness of life, not the BMW.

Of course, there are disagreed voices. We could see many personal stories seem to confirm that the ideal mate is the one who can deliver a home and a car. Among other things sentiment is secondary since money is the key to happiness in a modern society.

The supporters of crying in a BMW give some sophisticated ideas. “Why not do it in a BMW since we all sometimes cry?” “No one see me to cry but every one saw me in a BMW.” “I do know this means like would you be happy with very little or sad with everything but simply neither would work for the human body. Maybe you’re happy for that one moment but then become miserable on a bicycle because it’s your house, your food and your family whereas if you’re crying in a BMW, you have money to feed a family and have a happy life.”

We should also see that the trick is to be fulfilled within. The trick is to not compare and to be thankful for what you have. You then balance you gratitude with ability and work for whatever you want knowing you don’t really need it. Why would a person cry sitting in a BMW which is dream car of a large mass of population and everyone wants to have it. I don't think there is a point of crying in a BMW

Truth is that even if you are smiling on a bicycle you will still be dreaming about a BMW. And if you are crying in a BMW you will envy the simplicity of smiling on a bicycle.

That's human nature- To be never satisfied. We are always craving for more. No matter whether we are feeling happy or sad. We tend to think that our emotions are co-dependent upon a bicycle or a BMW or to be more straight and specific we misunderstand that money defines happiness.

Money only defines the amount of comfort you are going to have in life. Rich people are not always miserable and poor people are not always happy. Your happiness and sadness depends on the kind of people you are surrounded with and how they make you feel…!Why are you smiling? If you’re smiling because you are an optimist and just look on the bright side of life - bicycle. If you are smiling because you know how to enjoy the little things in life like sunshine and fresh air - bicycle. If you are crying in your car because you had a crappy day, so you would cry on your bike as well – BMW. Point being - optimism and the ability to be positive or general happiness are worth more than any money you can have. But whether you are in that BMW or on the bike, try to smile - bike or BMW are both something to be grateful for.

Largely, it depends on your own personal interests and passions. Some interests don’t require great wealth (or any) and if you respond to those interests you can be very happy. Other interests are expensive (i.e. auto racing a BMW) and to be happy you either have to accept that wealth is necessary to engage in that activity or find something else to enjoy.

Smiling on a bike is not everyone’s choice. And it is not wrong to cry in a BMW. Remember, don’t regret once you make a choice.