Some Basic Skills You Require To Know How to Maintain Your Bike

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As we all know, for a tennis player, a tennis racket is his weapon; for a star, his performance during the drama will become more convinced and important. Similarly, for a cyclist, the bike is like you “feet”. Without it, you can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery so it is essential you must protect it well and treasure it. But it is unavoidable that the bike will be broken one day. If you know bike maintenance, it can reduce the cost and time to ask the professional repair so it requires that you should be equipped with some basic maintenance. I hope you can benefit a lot from my tips.

 Safety Check Bike Before Rides
We all get in a habit of simply getting on your bike and riding away, overlooking that whether our bikes are in a good condition as the last ride or not. A safety check before you ride should become a habit, especially when you frequently travel by your bike. It not only contributes to the comfortable trip but also can help you find some minor problems before they become major ones. Here are some specific details you should notice. First, you should inflate the tires and inspect for wears and tears. Second, can grab the front brake and back brake. It is very important and remembers to confirm. Finally, you should move your bike back and forth to check tightly or loosely. When you prepare all of these, it will help you bike last longer.
 Keep Your Tyres Inflated Properly
You need to notice the tire pressure. Poorly inflated tires will result in a hard ride. So make sure they are in the right condition. You can use the digital gauge tool to measure the pressure instead of grabbing by hands. In addition, you can inspect for any tire damage, such as small punctures so on. Moreover, you can remove the wheels back and forth or ride for a while to experience the right pressure. You can bring the simple inflator pump with you or choose to inflate the tire in the local bike shops. When you need to strengthen the tire on the road, you can lean on the trees or on the ground. With a little air, it is enough to support you to go home.
 How to Keep Your Brakes in Good Condition
You can grab your front and rear brake levers to inspect that whether the brakes engage properly and smoothly. Broken brakes equal rubbish brakes. You can tell they are broken if they are completely loose. Fixing the brakes is very cheap and easy. You can ask the repairmen to help you or the websites can show you how to fix the brakes. If you want to fix by yourself, you just need a set of tools and some patience. If your brakes have become sluggish, you need to tighten them up and adjust them to the original position.

 How To Lube and Check Your Chain
The bike chain is a very important for a long trip. Keep your chain will prolong the life of the bike and save you a large amount of money. First, you should check with the chain to see if you can hear the noise or the chain drops out. If the chain works properly, you can lube the chain next. Here are some steps. At first, lean your bike against the wall. Then, clean off your chain with an old rag by gently wiping out the bottom section of your chain. If your chain is extremely dirty, you can use the chain cleaning tool. It will make the work easier. Next, you can use the lubricating oil on the bottom of the chain and pedal the chain constantly. Finally, let the lube soak in for a while your chain will have a good nice glisten.
 Replacing a Broken Spoke
Sometimes there are debris and stones on the road so a spoke can break at any time, which requires you to have some professional tools. Once you have them, replacing one is a relatively simple and direct procedure. The tools include a wrench, a chain whip and a spoke key. First, remove the cassette and broken spoke first, and remove the tire. Then, remove the rim tape and the nipple of the broken spoke. Finally, you can take the broken spoke out and reinstall a new one. But remember to pay attention to the orientation and follow the pattern. You can use the screwdriver to tighten the new spoke and the nipple. You can ride for a while to make sure it works normally.

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 Adjust Derailleurs
Derailleurs are the essential elements to the bike. The front derailleur can make sure smooth shifting and no irritating noise of the chain; while the rear derailleur can maintain a fast, accurate and steady shifting. So It is important to know some basic adjustment. Starting with the rear, we can use simple mechanisms to control it. At the front, you can use the screws to adjust the height between the derailleur and the top of the chain. You can check out video guides on adjusting the front and rear derailleur.
 It Is Your Turn
To be a great cyclist is not only to develop familiar cycling skills but keeps your bike ready to perform as well as you do. You can take some free weeks to practice the skills about maintenance. It is your show time, you should prepare to perform best.
It is important to have your bike inspected every season, like your teeth. Also, how often you inspect your bike depends on how well you maintain your bike, how many miles you go on, and the conditions you ride in. The more you maintain your bike, the less you spend annually in maintenance. In addition, you can join some clubs or buy some maintenance books so that you can repair your bike well. In your spare time, you can go to the local bike shops to buy some tools. As time goes by, you will be familiar with the maintenance. I hope all of you can become the “specialist” in the area of bike maintenance.