Some high-tech helmets for cycling you should have to keep you alive

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As we know, cycling is an exhilarating experience! You can enjoy the wind in your face, the freedom, and exciting speed. At the same time, it not only can bring you loads of benefits but also help you save money, that is, cycling is an economic and environmentally-friendly outdoor activity. However, every coin has two sides. While we enjoy the fun of cycling, it can also be relatively dangerous, even fatal. Head trauma is one of the worst experiences when coming to the bike accident so it is the utmost importance to wear helmets to protect yourself from injuries and fatal crashes.
With technology dominating every aspect of our lives, the researchers have invented many intelligent helmets which not only help protect our head but also can be multi-functional. Now, I will introduce some smart helmets for you. I am sure that you will change the world of cycling helmets.

1. IC-R smart helmet
This is a helmet that processes an advanced design with high-tech features. It has the Bluetooth communication and phone connectivity, LED displays. This helmet has two rear facing cameras, allowing the rider to see a 210-degree view of his surroundings so that it is no need for the rider to look around the road. In addition, it can warn you if you come across the collision by the voice control. These features can make their riders and give him a better experience and protection. In fact, these features can distinguish the road condition. Notification is another best feature of this helmet. The inside of the helmet installs a notification lighting which has two LED lights, one in red another in amber color. They will light up to warn the rider if there is any possible hazard ahead so that it can help him react to the situation accordingly. This helmet has an outstanding look, dark and black, but shine in design. Moreover, this helmet has other features, such as having a solar panel installed on the top so that it can help charge the equipment intelligently. Besides, it also comes with a small weight that can reduce your head pressure. The most important thing is to save skull in collisions. The helmet is going to hit the market very soon, and this will change your view of the helmet. The price is about to set in $1400. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth the price. I hope you can put on this helmet one day.

intelligent bike helmets
2. Live map helmet
We all know that when we engage in mountain cycling, it is hard for us to recognize the routes. Sometimes we need to spend time on checking whether we are on the right track or not, which makes us feel irradiated and annoying. However, the Livemap helmet is a smart helmet with an effective, easy and user-friendly system that can help us distinguish the road condition and our cycling routes. Then, the images will be presented to the visors, and utilize the earphones and voice controls to convey the information to the riders. Besides, there are other great features of this smart helmet. First, the light sensors can adjust the brightness automatically according to the light availability. Second, you don’t need to worry about the batteries. It can be used for a longer life. It is normal in size with a normal look and feels, allowing using and wearing easily despite packing with so many high-level technologies. The field of view is large and it will not obstruct your view at all. In fact, the projected images will be clear enough, making sure that you will not miss any information. Moreover, the intelligent will show you any updated weather changes and traffic information. When it comes to the lighting, it will don’t dazzle your eyes but adjust itself according to the light outside. But the researchers still have a long journey to work on this helmet because there is something to be improved: one is to perfect the designing of the electronics and test the software system; another is to get the certification for safety standards and launch to the market. I hope they can make their dreams come true and this helmet will be a wonderful creation in the world.

3. Sena Cavalry helmets
This kind of helmet is open-faced, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Although it is a half shell, it is still ventilated which means you will not feel any stuffy when wearing the helmet. Another impressive feature is the Bluetooth integration connecting wirelessly which includes the speakers, microphones so it is no need to install with complicated wires. It is a lightweight helmet that you can wear all day long. In addition, the Sena helmet is installed with a Noise Control system. It has a headphone which can reduce the noise level, such as the sound of the car horns, siren, and your engine sound. The system is intelligent because it can analyze the sound received through the microphones and filter out the damaging noises. In such way, you can listen to the music because the noise of wind is also reduced significantly so that you can feel natural and enjoy the trip. Sometimes, you may feel it difficult to control the buttons when wearing a pair of gloves. It doesn’t make sense. As you keep using the helmet and the buttons, you will get used to it, and with time goes by, you hand will adjust to buttons and control them gradually. Besides, the button is sensitive so you will find them easy to use. It is one of the bike products you don’t want to miss. Believe it or not, you will not go wrong when you use this kind of helmet.
Sometimes, when bad things happen, you might get a slight scratch on your body, but things get difficult when the head get involved. So that is why wearing a helmet is so mandatory when you ride your bike. The intelligent helmets will help us a lot and make us life convenient. But all of these helmets above are just not ordinary ones but combines with crazy high-tech. I hope we can put on our heads one day and enjoy an exhilarating trip.