Some tips you require knowing in the fast and furious road cycling race

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As we all know, the Tour de France (French: Le Tour de France) is a famous annual cycling sport, mainly held in France, but also held in the neighboring countries (such as Britain, Belgium, and adjacent to the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains). When we watch the road cycling race on the TV, we always feel excited. While road cycling is for everyone, all of us can enjoy the event. But if you want to be the best in the road cycling race, you must make a great effort, from technique to training. In a fast and furious road cycling racing, it demands a great endurance, bike handling, skills and tactical means. Following the right move will get cyclists win so now I will find ways to boost your performance. Please take a look at the following tips because even the smallest improvements can exert a huge impact on road cycling race.

 Make first-phase preparations
First, getting the right nutrition before the race is crucial. Consuming the proper amount of food is very important for preparation which can provide energy during your race. But remember not to eat too much because sometimes you will feel sick and uncomfortable. Second, you should avoid hydration. The step is vital. The best way is to drink little but often, especially in the 24 hours before the race. You should drink water instead of sports drinks, coffee, and tea, especially avoiding alcohol. Third, you should have a good sleep. Sleep is the most important part of your training. If you sleep well the night before the event, you can wake up feeling motivated and ready. Make sure that you can get at least seven hours, go to bed early, avoiding having a TV, computer or phone in your bedroom. Fourth, preparing your bike for ready, it is unwise to let mechanical troubles prevent from succeeding. So you should focus on the bike parts carefully but don’t make the radical changes without professional testing. Fifth, you should get there on time and avoid delays. In such way, you can calm your emotion and have a plenty of time to do warm-up activity. Sixth, you should dress properly. Don’t leave what you are going to wear until race day. You should know them in advance, such as jersey, helmet so on. Finally, you should adjust and relax yourselves.

 During the cycling race
First, riding in a large group is a good option, which can conserve the energy for attacks and sprints because others can protect you from the wind. Second, it is necessary to keep a good position. You should try to stay in the top 20. If you end up in a bad position, you must have to work harder to chase others each time. In a good position, you can save energy because of having fewer riders in front of you. Third, eating and drinking may require some practice and it is not easy. You can practice this with your cyclists’ friends or club members if possible. Forth, be alert to the dangers. Some dangers are avoidable because you may bring down by falling riders. The suggestion to be alert the hazard is doing more practice. In addition, there are some cycling race tactics you need to pay attention to. First, if you have practiced your race plan during the event, you should stick to it when you the chance to win. Remember not to deploy different tactics when the race starts. However, unpredicted event can occur during the race if the first plan goes out of the control. So you need to prepare to launch another plan. Second, you should grab the chances. For example, maybe several of your rivals will get involved in the fall. Then, you can take this opportunity to surpass them. Moreover, there are other elements, such as the weather so on. The last but not least, it is very important to have the ability to read the race. The more race experience you get, the better you will become at competing.

road cycling race
 Last 1 km
When you get into the final dash in the race, you should try your best to sprint. But first, you should get a good position. In such way, you can have the chance to win. If you have team-mates, you can cooperate with them and get in the perfect position. Second, it is vital to react to your rivals’ attack and have the counter-attack so you need to make sure to prepare for these. Third, you should make sure you are in the control of your gear changes because it demands more for the gear when go into the last km. The optimum gear will allow you to achieve maximum speed in the final dash, especially avoiding the shift in the last 200m. Finally, it is crucial to calculate which time to have the sprint. Don’t go too early but not leave it too late. You can make it count and use the wind conditions to help you sprint. When you see the sprint line, normally you only have one big effort and go for it.
 After the race
No matter you are losing or winning the race, you don’t need to think about the result. You can have a summary for the match and do better in next race. Remember to check both your bike and yourselves, especially when you get hurt in the race. After that, you should relax your selves and have a family time. You can share good tips with your best friends and team-mates. In addition, you can listen to their experiences and pick their excellent riding brains that are more experienced than you or have knowledge of a particular race. Cheer up because next race is waiting for you.
Road cycling can be great fun. You can find out some national events featuring big games taking place in your area. Everyone has the opportunity to cycle on the road so just join us in the fast and furious road cycling race. At the same time, it is the opportunity to challenge you. Just do it.