Something Unbeknown About Cycling Shorts

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As we all know, cycling shorts are one of the most important equipment for cycling. Cycling shorts can help reduce the pain of your bottom by avoiding rubbing with the cushion. And they can lower the windage to upgrade comfort and fun of riding.

About Cycling Shorts

Now, we are going to talk about something you DO NOT know about cycling shorts.

Close-fitting cycling shorts use a stretchable material. It can cover your hips and legs to protect your muscles and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Additionally, they are conducive to the recovery of muscles while relaxing.

The design of close-fitting cycling shorts helps to reduce the windage while advancing. When your legs move up and down, they can lower rubbing against the cushion to avoid scratching. The use of 3D stitched padding in cycling shorts helps absorb shock to lessen the sense of discomfort. Great cycling shorts with materials of various densities can suit the pressure from different parts.

Something About Cycling Shorts

You may be conservative and want to choose close-fitting cycling shorts of a larger size. Yet, the larger size of cycling shorts is not conducive to protecting your muscles and skin. Instead, they will add the legs rubbing with cushion. It is easier to scratch and hurt your skin. Then they DO help nothing. What is more, cycling shorts of larger size cannot cling to your hips and then will move with your actions. It usually leads to an embarrassing situation where the cushion seizes you. They will crinkle, especially the parts of your hips. It looks not so good.

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Cycling Shorts with padding

Padding is the most vital part of cycling shorts. Cheap shorts often integrate with common foam. They are unbreathable, hot without supporting. For instance, some can only use for several times and then become wastes. Some good cycling shorts use an ultra durable, premium, stitched 3D foam padding that won’t slide. You can still enjoy excellent comfort when use with hard, uncomfortable bicycle seats! They are ultra thin, lightweight and wear-resistant, manufactured from premium, breathable polyester. They can help cut windage for your best performance!

The main materials of padding are silicone and foam of high density and high elasticity . They have power to support your weight. Wen you are purchasing cycling shorts, you had better press their padding and feel. The better elasticity silicone padding has, the better the sponge padding can breathe. And they are better. Do not choose them according to their thickness. Choose the shorts you can touch them with softy.

What are the types and characteristics of cycling shorts?

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Silicone padding

Silicone is of heat-resistance, high density and low chemical reactivity. It is more flexible than the sponge and can adhere pretty well to the seat. Yet, its shortcoming is deadly. Due to its structure, it cannot be breathable. During riding, it cannot absorb your sweat and then you will feel stuffy and wet. It is obvious in a long-distance riding. If you are a novice at cycling and do not ride often, it fits you well, considering short distance. Sofa and cushion usually use the sponge as material. Because it is soft and has good air permeability. It helps to absorb your sweat to most maximum extent and dries fast without going moldy. But, you cannot twist or press it or put them under the hot sun, it will become waste.

Sponge padding

As we all know, the sponge has good hygroscopicity and is adept in buffering. The sponge is usually used as the main material of sofas and cushions because it is soft, fine and smooth. It is so breathable that it could absorb our sweat at utmost. After being wet, it can dry fast and is not easy to do moldy. Every coin has two sides.It is the same with the sponge. You can not twist it or press it. Protect its fiber and you can use it for a long time. Do not put it under the blazing sun for quite a long time.

Punching cellular silicone\sponge padding

Punching cellar silicone padding and punching cellar sponge padding can make you feel better. Because they stereo perception. Punching cellar surface can contact with air and do better in breathability, and absorbing sweat. With it, cycling shorts can function much better than with traditional padding during a long time riding.

Exterior materials
cycling short with elasticity

Wearing close-fitting cycling shorts is conducive to pedaling. It has a high quality of elasticity that can make you move as free as you want. The high quality of cycling shorts is made from COOLMAX material which is excellent in breathability. They can dry quickly and help you feel comfort. Even if you wear them in summer, you won’t feel uncomfortable and be afraid of miliaria.

Meanwhile, the anti-skid material plays a vital role in cycling shorts legs. Usually, the anti-skid material is made of rubber string and silicone. Rubber string is at low cost. Silicone can make people feel good in touching and is not easy to slide. But it is not so breathable. Recently, some manufacturers use elastic band made of high elastic fabric in cycling shorts, to make them more close-fitting and comfortable. It can prevent people from skin sensibility.

Cycling shorts bring some problems as well as meet the need of most you. For example, some of you with a beer belly wear the cycling shorts will feel the pressure on your belly and will be uncomfortable. And when you are cycling in a low gesture, you will also feel the pressure on the stomach. When the cycling shorts are not fit for you, they are apt to get down. Then you need to hold them up from time to time. Thus it will affect your progress.

To improve these situations, cycling bib shorts are right here.

cycling short bibs

As far as we can see, competitors in the professional cycling race usually wear cycling bib shorts. Cycling bib shorts do not have an elastic band. You can directly hold the belts on your shoulders. This design can solve above problems skillfully. They can show their elasticity perfectly to the extreme. With them, you won’t feel pressure from the elastic band anymore. You can feel freer and be more energetic. They are pretty fit for you to compete in a cycling race or ride in a long time.

The disadvantages of cycling bib shorts, as well as their advantages, are really highlighted. When you are going to answer a call of nature in the wild, especially in winter, you have to put off your coat and then take down the belts of cycling bib shorts. You must be extremely cold and feel trouble. At this time, you may think of cycling shorts.

Taking the convenience of wearing into consideration, more special designs are appearing.

For instance, the zippered design comes from the chest to the waist to reduce some trouble.

However, the zipper does not has elasticity. They are not close-fitting and will cause some rubbing and discomfort.

You ask, I answer

The more expensive cycling shorts are, the more comfortable they, right?

Of course not. Many of you tend to buy the big brands. Because you think the quality of big brands is better than that of common brands. Yes, it is. But you should have a limit on the price. Cycling shorts must be fit for you. If they are not, they are useless no matter how expensive they are. You need to choose suitable cycling shorts according to your body shape, cycling environment, and habits.

How to clean the cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts are prone to breed bacteria. So you should pay attention to clean and disinfect them after wearing. Although their exterior material and padding have a high quality of elasticity, you need to worry about their shape. Therefore, clean them by hand or use the washing machine in the soft pattern. But do not dry them with the machine.

Is the padding in man’s cycling shorts the same with that of woman’s?

Different. Usually, the padding in man’s cycling shorts are longer to protect the important part of their body, and the sideward parts are narrow. While woman’ s os pelvis is wider than man’s. Their padding is wide and short.

Should you wear briefs while wearing cycling shorts?

It is unnecessary to wear briefs. Because the exterior material of briefs is cotton, it does good in absorbing sweat and bad in perspiring. And it will increase the rub and easy to breed bacteria. Gradually, It will lead to chafing. No benefit the briefs can bring to you.

Is the padding thicker, the better?

As a rider cycling for several times, you should know the thicker and softer padding can influence your comfort and performance. The quality of cycling shorts does not depend on padding’s

thickness. Professional riders often wear shorts with thin padding.

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Are cycling shorts UV-proofing? Will they become weak in UV-proofing after washing?

There are two ways to prevent UV radiation. One is to print chemical coating on them. They will get older and weak after washing for several times. The other way is to mix some UV isolation factors in their material. It is at high cost and not common. Most cycling shorts tend to use a chemical coating. If you use this kind of shorts for nearly 3 or 4 times weekly, you can use them for two years.