Ten items to carry for cycling trip

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If you are planning a cycling trip, except for the cycling routines, you still need to consider carefully what should be placed in your packages. Sometimes, our packages might be full of the things that we think is necessary, but it is not convenient to carry so heavy packages during the cycling tour. Therefore, we should lighten our packages as possible as we can with all essential things included. Besides, what you decide to take should depend on the destination you are going to reach and the period of your cycling trip. This article lists ten items that should be carried for cycling tour and we hope that you could obtain some useful information from this article.

Clothing on the bicycle

Clothing is quite significant for cyclists. For example, if you wear a cotton T-shirt when cycling, you would feel cold once your sweat soars the cotton T-shirt. And that’s the reason why professional cycling clothing is not made of cotton. We suggested that you would better wear cycling clothing which is made from fabrics through which water can move away from your skin and evaporate. This kind of breathable clothing could prevent you from getting a cold.

Moreover, when you come up with a cycling plan, you’d better check the weather on your cycling routine and your destination, which has a critical effect on your determination that what kind of clothing should be placed in your package. If it will rain, you have to take the clothing whose outer layer is waterproof with you. If it is cold, you must prepare some thick clothing to prevent the chilly climate. In a word, what clothing you need to take have the intimate relationship with the weather.

Besides, some cycling shorts are essential because at least one layer of foam are padded inside them to increase the thickness and density. The purpose of adding one more layer is to help reduce the road shock that attacks to your hip.

Off the bike clothing

In addition to the clothing designed for cycling, you still need to take some off the bike clothing because you might want to wander around the town where your destination is located when you have some spare time. And some cyclists may still want to take some beautiful pictures during the cycling trip, so it would be essential for them to prepare some off the bike clothing so as to take the most magnificent pictures.

Gloves and special shoes

Many people might doubt that whether it is necessary to carry items like cycling gloves and cycling shoes. Gloves provide essential padding for your hands which could prevent them from getting hurt or tired as your cycling day flies. Therefore, we advise you to wear gloves when cycling to protect your hand and alleviate tiredness. Moreover, A patch of toweling fabric is attached to the back of cycling gloves so that you can wipe your face to remove your sweat with them when it’s hot or wipe your nose in a chilly weather.

As for cycling shoes, they are generally equipped with cleats and special pedals which great for comfort and performance. We encourage you to take the time to learn how to ride with them before using them on your bike vacation.


When you taking a cycling trip, sunglasses should be taken with you. It could protect your eye from being hurt by the strong sunshine or the strong wind. In this way, your attention would not be distracted by the strong sunshine and you could cycle safely on the road.


When taking cycling trip, it is unavoidable to cycle under the sun. Sometimes, the sunshine is so soft that we extremely enjoy the moment of bathing in it. But no matter how soft the sunshine is, it still would hurt your skin to some degree especially in summer. Therefore, you have to carry sun cream and lip balm to protect your skin and lip from being hurt by the sun.


It is no doubt that safety is the most important thing in the cycling trip, which requires you to wear hamlet when you are cycling. Although somebody might complain that wearing Hamlet is so hot when it is in summer or it might increase the load on the head, which makes cyclists quiet uncomfortable. However, you have to keep in mind that cyclists are the vulnerable road users and your helmet might save your life if you involved in the traffic accident because the helmet could decrease the harm to your head. Besides, a brightly colored helmet could make you visible for other vehicles, which could avoid the traffic accident. And it also could prevent you from being influenced by the sun, wind, and rain.

In some countries, if you don’t wear a helmet, you would break the traffic law, which brings you a punishment ticket. Considering the obedience of traffic law and your safety, we advise you to carry a helmet with you.

Sufficient food and water

It is common sense that sufficient food and water should be carried no matter how long you would cycle. Cycling is an exercise which may burn your calories and consume your energy, so you have to take in some food and water to obtain sufficient energy to reach the destination. Especially when it is hot, you have to make sure the intake of water to avoid heat stroke.

Small first aid kit

The unpredictable situation is common during the cycling trip. For example, you might get hurt, catch a cold, or feel uncomfortable because of tiredness, so you should take small first aid kit including painkillers for headaches or other diseases to alleviate your symptom.


If you are planning to camp in the wild during your cycling vacation, it is necessary for you to take a tent and something you need to keep warm when you are sleeping such as sleeping bag, sleeping mat, air pillow and so on. We advise you to learn how to put up the tent before your cycling trip. If you have decided to reserve a room in the hotel, you don’t need to prepare the tent and other items for sleeping.

Camera and spare batteries

Many cyclists would like to record their trip or the magnificent scenery on the cycling with cameras, so you’d better remember to carry your camera and spare batteries to avoid feeling regret. Sometimes, if you camp in the wild, you might feel alone and you could watch the photos took in the daytime or your family picture which are taken before to alleviate homesickness and kill the lonely time at night.

bicycle repair tools

In general, you should check the condition of your bicycle before departure. However, you couldn’t make sure that your bicycle would not break down during your cycling trip. Therefore, we encourage you to carry some simple bicycle repair tools to tackle the unpredictable problems of the bicycle.