Ten Reasons Why People Like Cycling

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A Great Way for Exercise

It is no doubt that cycling is a great way for exercise because it is a low-impact exercise which is suitable for many people. Besides, cycling is an outdoor exercise, so cyclists are provided the opportunity to breathe the fresh air, bath under the sunshine, and experience the cool breeze from nature, which could release them from their heavy pressures.

Cycling makes Cyclists Healthier

According to the results of the medical survey, people could benefit a lot from cycling. During the process of cycling, cyclists keep focusing their eyes on the road and taking in the sights and sounds of their surrounding environments, so nearly every part of their body is doing a pretty comprehensive exercise. Besides, cycling also has a positive effect on our health. Firstly, cycling is a good way to lose weight and keep fit because it could assist cyclists to burn calories and strengthen physique. Secondly, it could make people smarter. Some experienced cyclists said that their memory seems to have been improved since they began to cycling. Thirdly, cycling is great for the heart. It is said that the probability of high blood pressure is likely to decrease by 30% if people cycle in daily life.

Varying Scenery on the Road

The varying and significant scenery on the cycling road also attracts people to do cycling. If people do indoor exercise, they would feel bored easily because what jump into their sights are all the same things. And cycling outside could definitely tackle this problem because people could enjoy varying scenery when cycling and it is interesting enough for them to insist to cycle outside. Besides, the faster they run, the more scenery they could enjoy and the more fun they could have.

A Relatively Fast and Convenient Way to Get Around

Cycling is a relatively convenient way for people to get around in daily life. By cycling, people could move from one place to another with relatively quick speed without worrying about the traffic jam. Therefore, riding a bicycle would save time for cyclists. Besides, cycling is also an effective way to protect the environment.

Saving money

Cycling is cheap enough that everyone could afford. Cyclists only need to spend money in buying a bicycle at the beginning. And then they could keep fit and exercise by cycling, which is much cheaper than buying a membership card in the gym. Besides, cyclists could travel around to explore the new world by cycling, which saves their money for traveling.

Sense of Freedom

Some cyclists describe cycling as the easiest thing that people could do to fly without leaving the ground. To tell the truth, when cycling, people could definitely feel the sense of freedom which couldn’t be felt by sitting in the car or even plane. When driving a car or taking the airplane, passengers stay in a closed space where they couldn’t even feel the breeze in the open air. On the contrary, when riding a bicycle, people may feel the wind blowing, which generates the feeling of flying that makes them feel free.

Sense of Accomplishment

Generally, many cyclists would like to set up some cycling goals of every day, every month, or every year. For instance, they would regard 100 km or 200 km as cycling milestones. And once they achieve their goals, they would feel the sense of accomplishment. It not only brings them happiness and excitement but also encourages and inspires them to continue cycling in the future. At the same time, cyclists may found that their physique becomes healthier and their brain becomes smarter, which also brings them another sense of accomplishment.

Cycling is challenging

Comparing with treadmill, cycling outside is much more challenging. When people run on the treadmill, they could stop at any second if they want. However, cycling doesn’t allow cyclists give up at the midway. Once they cycle out, they have to face unpredictable situations such as bad weather, hunger, and tiredness. And no matter how terrible situation they come across, they have to insist on cycling because they have no choice but to arrive at the destination or return back to the place of departure. That is to say, cycling forces them to overcome varieties of challenges on the road, which not only improve their mental power but also bring them the excitement of accomplishing a challenging task.

The Excitement of Exploring New Routes and New Places

Cycling always means changes because cyclists would not only face variable situations on the road but also create something new by themselves such as planning a new route or a new destination. Cycling to new places provides cyclists a valuable opportunity to explore the new world and experience new things, which would excite them. And it also could help them escape from the regular and boring life and experience something interesting and exciting. Therefore, people love cycling, from which they obtain excitement and happiness which they couldn’t get by doing other things.

The Feeling of Riding in a Group

Cycling group is quite common in daily life. And riding in a group is also a good choice for cyclists. Firstly, they could make some new friends who share the same interest with them by joining a cycling group. Secondly, they could learn some helpful cycling skills from each other and make progress on cycling together. Thirdly, being company by others, it would be easier for them to complete their cycling. Fourthly, they could receive assistance from others when facing terrible situations, which may decrease the risk of cycling. Every coin has two sides, and riding in groups is no exception. Although riding in groups may miss the freedom and quietness of cycling alone, it also brings some new experiences to cyclists. Therefore, enjoying the feeling of riding in groups is also one of the reasons why people love cycling.