Ten unique types of cyclists which are divided into 3 categories require wheelers to know

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Cycling has become a kind of very popular activity around the world. With more and more people ride the bicycles, the types of bikes and the ways to ride also become more and more multiple and diversified. For instance, bikes for racing, bikes for exercise, and bikes for riding on the mountain or in the city, etc. In other words, there are so many sorts of cycling types that the different types of cyclists appear with them, too. Cyclists will be divided into many various categories for the different standards. So what I am going to talk about may be overlapping with each other for a little bit. Next, ten unique types of cyclists will be divided into 3 categories: goals or purpose, the cycling area, and proficiency. The first category contains racing cyclists, fitness cyclists, utilitarian cyclists, recreational cyclists, and touring cyclists. The second one includes mountain cyclists, roadies, and seaside cyclists. The last one comprises professional cyclists and amateur cyclists.

1.Goal or purpose The bike is a fairly common and useful tool in our daily life. It can help us a lot for changing the world, and the quality of our lives. Different kinds of people may use it to do different things or achieve their goals. It has become one of the most necessary transportation tools in this planet. Besides, the types of this category are really a huge number, and I am just about to talk about 5 of them which are very typical and common around us.

A.Racing cyclists At first, bicycles were made for transportation to improve the quality of human’s life. However, nowadays, bikes has developed into a kind of competition form in many countries and a lot of international games. So racing bicycles are produced to serve for those races. And many racing cyclists also are trained to take part in those competitions in their countries or around the world. They have the unified outfits or uniforms with bright colors and obvious logos on them. They usually are trained in the certain places with certain people in the certain time. Those cyclists are sort of athletes of the sportsmen who ride as their jobs and duties. And many racing associations of cycling are established to organize some races or exchange their experience.

B. Fitness cyclists Now, the problem of obesity of most people in the world has become severer and severer and the health also faces a serious condition. Because they lack exercise, the body functions of them has degenerated. They do not run, play basketball, cycle, swim, dance and so on to improve their health conditions. And this matter has been realized by many people, so they start to focus on cycling activity to keep fit. Therefore, they are called fitness cyclists, who usually do not have the same uniforms. The basic purpose of their cycling is being comfy and happy.

C. Utilitarian cyclists Some people may like to cycle to offices or cycle with friends to travel or relax. Different people want different kinds cycling activities. Some of them focus on one type cycling with the specific bikes. However, because of the living conditions and personal hobbies, some people tend to buy one or two utilitarian bicycles for many cycling purposes, that is the group of utilitarian cyclists. And most of those people are commuters and housewives.

D. Recreational cyclists Nowadays, cycling is not only a sort of sports cycling but also become an entertainment. And teenagers and the hot-blooded young men who like to try something exciting and risky are the major groups of the recreational cyclist. The typical types of cycling for those cyclists are Freeride Extreme, Dirt Jumping (DJ), scooter, Urban and Street and so on. They like to dress the bright, colorful and fantastic cycling jerseys.

E. Touring cyclists As we all know, traveling is relatively expensive for the ordinary families, especially for those places in a long distance away. But nearly everyone likes to travel, so what can they do? Sure, the cycling tour is an affordable way for most common people. Besides, some rich people may also try the cycling tour for they want to try something special.it can give the touring cyclists a great chance to get close to the real nature.

2.Cycling Area A great number of bikes are invented and produced for various cycling purposes or for cycling in different areas. If you cycle in a specific area with the technical bike, it will give you extreme exciting feelings. Therefore, many people expertise in different areas is also divided into the concrete types of cyclists.

A.Mountain cyclists The first type cyclists in different areas I want to talk about is mountain riders, which means those cyclists who cycle on the mountains, forest, and hills. They are often quite healthy and strong for the terrains of mountains are always tough. They need the great physical conditions, and they can see the amazing views of the mountains. In addition, mountain cyclists know how to protect themselves and cycle efficiently and safely in that kind of area.

B. Roadies “Roadies” is a special name for those cyclists who ride in the cities or urban areas. They dress in bright and cool jerseys and gather into a small group, being on their handsome road bikes and moving fast in the city to catch others eyesight. If they show up in the city, no matter they are in a group or be individual, they can attract people’s attentions. C. Seaside cyclists Except for the formal two, there is also another kind of typical cycling area, the seaside. Those people who ride on the beach and seaside called seaside cyclists. It is a relative different group compared to others. People who cycle beside the sea can not only enjoy the sea sights but also enjoy the sunshine. Cyclists ride on the sands can dress some short jerseys or the long ones, they tend to cycle with their families and friends.

3.Proficiency Whatever you learn, at the beginning, it is nearly impossible for people to do that thing extremely great. Everything has a process. So as the cycling. The cyclists can be divided into different levels according to their proficiency on cycling.

A.Professional cyclists Some people like cycling very much, so they try their best to do it well, or they accept the tough training for becoming the professional one in cycling. General speaking, professional cyclists are those who can attend the technical cycling races or national athletes of cycling. Their capacity of cycling is far more outstanding than other levels. They have the unified uniforms and the excellent bikes to ride.

B.Amateur cyclists However, because there are a lot of reasons from different aspects, there won’t be many professional cyclists in our daily life. But, people like cycling is a great number, and they also endeavor to be the good ones. So more and amateur cyclists appear. They may be not the beat ones in cycling, but they love it and enjoy it. And they sometimes hold the amateur race for exchanging experience too. They dress the cycling clothes they like, and bike with their dear friends “bikes”.

Bikes change the world, and it also changes people, too. They cyclists I listed above all are influenced a lot by the cycling, in other words, cycling makes them become a better person. So no matter what kinds of cyclists you are, just enjoy yourself, insist yourself and your cycling dream.