The 7 best high-tech bike locks you should require to know keep your bike safe

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We know that a quality bike is very vital to the cyclists because of it just like a “weapon” in the race battle. Besides, cyclists must put a huge investment, such as time and money on the bike. Bikes are often the targets because they are lightweight enough to carry easily. In addition, it is hardly possible to track where it is or recognize them. However, all of which can disappear in a moment when it comes to the bike thief. It is a frustrating and disheartening experience so it is necessary to take an extra step to protect your bike. For example, you should buy the best bike locks to guard it. As the high-tech bike locks hit the market, you can choose one of them, and I am sure that it will change your view of the bike locks. Here, I will introduce some bike locks to you to provide you more options.

1. Skunklock
The most striking feature of the Skunklock is to fight back. By now, it is the only lock that can fight back with the thieves in the bike locks market. The interior of the lock has the mixture of pressurized smelly and noxious gases. As soon as the lock is damaged, the gases will be given out. As a result, the bike thieves will vomit and feel uncomfortable. His abnormal behavior will gain attention from others so he may give up to stole the bike and beat a hasty retreat. Someone may worry that the gases will run out of. The researchers explained that in the lock inside, there will seal many gases, like a “gases store”, when the gases have released the rest of the gases will refuel. While sometimes you need to check the gases in the lock, even you can go to the lock shop to replenish them. It is said that the Skunklock will be available in the summer 2017. The price is around 100 euro. Maybe it is a little expensive but it is worth buying in order to lose your favorite bike.
2. Tex-lock
Tex-lock is a textile-based bike and there is a padlock on it. It has a notable advantage, that is, it is made of the high-quality, high-tech materials which can bear any damages by fire or cuttings. It is U-shaped so that it is convenient to lock. Besides, the size of the lock is suitable and it is very light and flexible, not bring any extra weight when you ride your bike. The manufacturers are going to release in autumn 2017, and it will cost you 90 euros. I hope that one day every bike will put on this kind of lock combined with technology and creativity.

high-tech bike locks
3. Insect
The “insect” is not a book, but a classic alarm system. On the one hand, it is installed on your bike and on the other hand, it is connected to your phone. When someone tries to steal your bike, it will make a sound, just like the alarm. The Insect will give out a 100dB alarm and inform you through the connection on your phone. If you are near, you can check what happen in your bike. If not, it is ok because the alarm will catch the attention from other people. The thief may get away out of fear. What’s more, an App called Bike Hunters will inform all users in the area, and the location also can be tracked by GPS and detect the suspected situation. Besides, the area could have a cop there and he will help us solve the problems. The lock has launched in April. The price is 79 euros.

4. Litelok
People have a misconception that as long as bikes have needed to be secured, the locks must be heavy and unwieldy, and it is hard to carry. But now, it doesn’t have to this way. Litelock is a new type of high-tech lock. It is lightweight, and the weight of the lock itself is 2.2 pounds. Besides, it is very flexible to use to secure your bike. What is more, it can withstand serious damage from cutting, bolt croppers, hacksaws, and other tools of the bike-pillaging trade. The litelok still needs to test and then hit the market in August this year. They will be shipped to the world. The price will set at $104. It is affordable and worthwhile. Because when your bike is stolen, it is very late to regret so you need to act fast as you can.
5. Quicklock Padlock
The Bluetooth seems the undeniable trend to everything in the future. We have heard about the new technology of helmet, but not yet in bike locks. The upcoming Quicklock catch our attention because it is not just connected with your phone, but you can connect to ring, key so on, which means you can connect your bike with your friend. If someone wants to steal your bike, anything you connected will inform you. In addition, another striking feature is that it appears indestructible. Meanwhile, the Quicklock doesn’t look like a normal bike, but it can be converted to the part of a chain. The price will be $79, including the chain. It is reasonable to buy this kind of lock, move on.

6. Mighty Click
Sometimes, we bother to lock our bike, especially using the biggest chain lock. The problem is that chain locks are heavy and it is difficult and uncomfortable to wear around your waist. In some cities, it is impossible to track your beloved bike back. At that time, the only thing you could do is to expect it to still be there when you come back. But the Mighty Click offers a solution. It is a secure, steel chain lock that you can hang on your waist like a normal one. In addition, there are two zippers pockets for money, key, and small stuff. The price is $29 with a padlock. The lock is affordable. If you lock you bike with a secured chain, then the Mighty Click would be the best option for you.
Whether you choose the traditional lock, best lock you are concerned, or the high-tech bikes locks, you should invest 10% of the bike’s value in the lock. It is worth doing. I am sure that you will see the value soon. Hope you can enjoy your trip.