The advocacy and future of urban cycling

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Cycling is a habit, or a kind of attitude, or a pleasure. What is the connection between them? When cycling becomes your habit, it naturally becomes your lifestyle. Similarly, when cycling becomes a kind of attitude, of course, it is a pleasure. In modern society, people are always looking for so-called “power”, “wealth”,“fame” etc. Sometimes we will forget what we want to acquire and why we set off. But with the cycling boom, we can reacquire unique experience which cycling brings to us. We can visit everywhere at will, no matter the sights. It seems the world belongs to you. That is the fun of cycling. So we need to find the pleasure of cycling. What should we do?The key point is to advocate cycling. Here are some tips you require to know about advocacy of cycling.

As we all know, cities have always been the domain of the cars, and the infrastructure and facilities are designed for the motor vehicles. When we cycle on the roads, there is a potential threat. So the government should make great effort to construct some special areas and create safer streets for cycling. Only in such way can we encourage people to engage in cycling. At present, the cyclists often ride their bikes in the parks or having some mountain cycling. While it is another fun, it will have more freedom when cycling on the city roads. You can enjoy the beautiful sights along the streets. At the same time, we should invest more funds in expanding the cycling industry. For example, we can offer more bike shops or have more bicycles exhibitions. At the same time, we can have more cycling clubs so that the cyclists can exchange their views and lead to the cycling trend. the future of urban cycling

We know lots of kids who ride bikes to school but they don’t realize how important it is. With the development of high-tech, more and more kids would prefer to stay at home playing the games instead of taking exercises. It is a negative phenomenon which will result in many healthy problems, such as obesity, and short-sight. But if you ride your bike it is fun, it is healthy for you, it gives you exercise, and you don’t pollute the air. At weekends, parents can go cycling with the kids. During the trip, it is a good opportunity to enhance the communication. At the same time, the kids also can benefit a lot. He can learn the patience, perseverance, and form the good habit, which is so called “the spirit of the cycling”. The kids are the future of bike advocacy, so we need to make some efforts on them.

For advocating the cycling, it is important to create the bike culture, just like the traditional cultures among countries because it will be rooted in our hearts and will guide us in work or life. In fact, a bike, on the road, is a kind of cycling culture. There may be wind and rain ahead, but there are rainbows and scenery. Bitter and tired can hardly be avoided, but those memorable experience on the road is unique. They are in the pursuit of the most beautiful scenery, but also feel a spiritual journey. That is the essence of the cycling culture. We can say that the advocacy is the future of cycling. What is future of urban cycling? As cycling increases in popularity, particularly in big cities, so grows the need to provide cyclists with safer routes. But what does that look like in already crowded cities? There are some plans for cycling paths in urban cities.

We have seen the bridges across the rivers so that we can use the space better. So why not build a bike lane to the water? This is another approach to cycling in urban cities. We can build the bike lane from residential neighborhoods to one of the city’s financial districts, allowing cyclists to completely avoid traffic. In addition, in such way we can have more cycle cites and avoids the car accidents. The floating path would have four lanes-two in each direction and the type of use would change throughout the day. During peak times, all four lanes would be for fast-moving cyclists but at other times, one lane in each direction would be used by pedestrians.

Sky Cycle
Another alternative approach is Sky cycle-a network of bike paths above railway lines. They can be installed above the railways, and it is like the corridors. When we travel around using cycle, we feel the fresh air which is absent in the case of traveling in a car. We can see the outside life more closely. We become sentimental towards the social life. We completely overlook the resentment of life when we move on the cycle. Those who live in the populated cities can enjoy urban cycling more than those who belong to the village. This is because the villagers have the habit of enjoying fresh air all the time. Thus, for the citizens, cycling provides many probabilities to take pleasure in nature. The busy schedule and harsh life of the citizens make them alien to the natural sights. In this way, cycling involves a lot of pleasures that a man cannot enjoy inside a car. I hope everyone can enjoy urban cycling.