The Best 3 Steps You Require to Maximize Fitness

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How to make the most of your fitness by cycling in a short time or how to maximize the fitness effect of cycling? This is what most of the people want to know, especially those who don’t have much time and want to get fit in a short period.

Years ago, I wanted to lose weight and get fit and I kinda liked cycling. So I bought a mountain bike and I thought I had time to ride every day. And if I rode for 2 hours per day, within 3 months I would lose weight and get very fit. However, the truth was that I didn’t have 2 hours a day to ride for 3 months. I was stuck by some other things. The time was a problem and I really couldn’t hang on there on my own.

Then how did I get fit finally and maximize the fitness effect of cycling? Here is the answer: pay attention to your diet, stress your muscles and systems to make them work efficiently and concentrate on recovery. Step by step and stick to the plan, I believe you can make the most of your fitness by cycling and make a big difference.

Pay attention to your diet.
According to the Energy Conservation Law, to lose weight or get fit, we need to know the golden rule: the calories you absorb is lower than the calories you burn. For most people, overweight and obesity are caused by not having energy balance.

The average normal female basal metabolism is 1200 calories per day and the male basal metabolism is 1800 calories per day. That means we need to consume 1200/1800 calories a day in order to get fit.

Some people try to diet but usually, it doesn’t work very well. However, when you diet, your basal metabolism slows, which reduces how many calories you burn. And people who lose weight at least need to absorb 1200 calories a day in order to ensure the normal metabolism of the human body.

The thing is how to eat.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for losing weight people because it gives you a better sense of satiety and avoids eating too much, and it contains a higher thermic effect of food which needs more energy to digest it. When having some high-intensity workouts, adequate protein slows down the process of muscle breakdown caused by insufficient energy. 20g protein a day is enough and you can absorb it from chicken, fish, beef, milk and so on.

Except for protein, enough water is required to burn calories, get rid of toxins and absorb nutrients from food. Bear in mind that foods high in sugar, salt and fat need avoiding, such as the refined sugar, fried food. You can also develop the habit of eating little but often, it helps reduce stress from work, alleviate the pressure on the stomach and get rid of body toxins. However, it doesn't mean that you need to cut fat from your diet completely as it can repair your muscle tissue and prevent injury. Some fats like Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are beneficial to our health.

A good way to improve your diet is to keep a diet diary. Make sure the energy you absorb is lower than the energy you consume. Your diet actually plays a vital role in getting fit. Pay attention to it. If you ride every hard every day and eat a lot of food high in fat, sugar and salt, it doesn’t work.

Cycling in a more efficient way.
If we want to get fit through cycling, we need to ride in a more efficient way. Basically, we can burn about 235-370 calories if we ride 10 mph for an hour, 350-550 calories if we ride 12 mph for an hour. If we keep riding at this speed every day for an hour for7 days, we can lose about 450g. What to do to ride more efficient to boost our performance?

First of all, find your proper and most suitable position and maintain it. Improper position often leads to energy wasting or even injury. Secondly, always look at places ahead of you but not your front tire, as in that way you can ride faster. Thirdly, let your legs do the work and keep your upper body as still as possible because in this way, you can save some energy and keep cycling further. Fourth, if you ride with a proper cadence or find out your cycling rhythm, your muscle and legs will work longer and better. What is more, learning how to sprint helps you cycling faster while learning how to use front brake wisely helps you stop more quickly and safer. Last but not least, find out some motivations to keep you going. Sometimes we just don’t want to do it for no reason, but if we have some motivations to inspire us to keep going, we can make it eventually.

There are still many cycling techniques we can learn to speed up and boost our cycling performance. Learn them and use them. The most important thing is to stick it and never gave up.

Things about recovery.
After a high-intensity workout, recovery is necessary for us to relax our muscles and boost our performance better. There are many ways to recover.

Get a good night sleep, have enough nutrition, get a massage, do some restorative yoga, get some help from technological aids, and so on.

I have written two passages about how to recover better and sooner from high-intensity workouts before, and you may have a look at it.

To make the most of our fitness or to maximize the fitness effect by cycling in a short time is a tough task as we can’t achieve the goal in a very short time. We all know that Rome isn’t built in a day, so as workouts. But always focus on our mind, stick to our plan because perseverance always prevails. As believing in God, believe in yourself that you can make the most of your fitness eventually by your efforts: pay attention to your diet, maximize your cycling effect and recover properly.