The Best Recovery Tips Athletes Need (B)

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Many cyclists take their training plan very seriously. But if you are not fully recovered and able to work at your maximum, you won’t benefit fully from these workouts.

Since the recovery project plays an essential role for athletes. Then what do we do to recover from high-intensity exercise soon and efficiently? In the last passage, we have already talked about some tips that we need to pay attention to, such as sleep, nutrition and lessen mental stress.

And now, we are going to talk about other things like remedies, aids and massage to help you get clearer about the process of athletes’ recovery. Recovering properly is as important as exercise training, therefore we must take it seriously and do it in a right way. Keep in mind that we should recover not only from the physical aspect but also from the mental aspect to balance our daily life and our health.

Now, let’s get starting.

1.Get some home remedies.

What is a home remedy? This is a simple preparation or tonic, usually without a prescription or professional supervision and after unproven effectiveness, and it also is a medicine made with ingredients available at home.

It is very normal for cycling athletes having a saddle sore or other soreness at one point or another especially after a high-intensity workout or racing. A saddle sore looks like a pimple or a hair which is ingrown for most people. As a matter of fact, it is caused by bacteria infecting situation. You know you have a saddle sore when your rubbing-saddle area is pink or red and you feel uncomfortable about it.

You may feel a little awkward to see a doctor or you don’t have time, then you can cure it with home remedies. You can buy some medicines, such as tea tree oil, preparation H, Vagisil or Noxema. They are some useful home remedy medicines to cure or at least ease saddle sore. Another tip to avoid saddle sore is to get a diaper rash paste with a high concentration of zinc oxide.

In fact, home remedies can not only deal with saddle sore but also some other slight problem, such as sunburn. Buy some OTC at home or try lemon, ginger, cinnamon or honey to deal with some other problems.

2.Technological aids

Nowadays, in this rapidly developing high- tech world, people are very smart to combine technology and aids, then there it is, the technological aids in cycling recovery! We would like to introduce the popular ones with you.

First, compression wear is one part of Norma Tec Recovery, which can push and squeeze the muscles so as to push metabolic debris out of muscles and the system pulses prevent backflow of the fluids which is carrying some waste.

Second, compression clothing is helpful for lymphatic drainage and venous return, which can help clean the waste in legs.

What is more, ice baths can help reduce swelling and inflammation which contrasting water therapy can help remove the waste as well as reduce muscle soreness.

3.Go and get a massage.

Taking a proper massage has many advantages: it helps you relax, soothes anxiety and depression, improves sleep quality, boosts immunity, relieves headaches and also eases muscle pain. Its advantages are very beneficial to help recover from high-intensity workouts. Go and find a good masseur, and he will work out a massage plan according to your needs and specific problem areas.

You can also do some self-massage at home and a little tool can help you to do that without needing to see a doctor or wasting money. For example, a foam roller. The foam roller is used to massage yourself for target specific problems or areas. We need to use the roller in a proper way to get an effective result. However, the effect of the foam roller can’t be as good as a proper massage, and there are many types of the foam roller, so it’s important we choose the right one.

4.Restorative yoga

We all know yoga has a lot of advantages, such as improving your flexibility, building muscle strength, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown, protecting your spine and many other advantages. Restorative yoga is one of the branches of yoga and it works very well for recovery. Restorative yoga can not only soothe your nervous system, encourage mindfulness, foster transcendence, but also can release tense muscles, relieve joint aches and help improve sleep quality.

A restorative yoga typically consists only five or six poses, and you can learn it from a yoga video step by step. Keep in mind that only by doing it properly can we see its effects which are conducive to our physical recovery. The effect is not achieved in a day, so we should insist on doing it very day.

5.Meditation and breathing

What is meditation? According to Wikipedia, Meditation is a practice where a people operate or trains his mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. That is to say, from meditation, we know our body and our mind and make it “alive” to help better recover and get refresh again. In the course of meditation, we need to pay attention to our breath. Standardize your breathing technique and stick to it every time you breathe when meditation, whether inhale and exhale through mouth or nose, whatever you like.

As a matter of fact, the project of recovery and the proper way to it is actually almost as important as the training itself. You will perform better during each session through proper recovery, and it works not only for those who just finished their hard training, but also applies to our daily life.

Every rider can benefit from the right recovery training, and even if it's just a relaxing ride on the weekends, recovery is also important. If you do it properly, you can recover very soon and perform well the next.