The Functional Similarities and Differences Between Bicycle and Public Transport You Are Required to Realize

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Cities are built around the dominant modes of transportation. Where most people walk, you find compact urbanism; where most people drive cars, you find sprawl. It is hardly radical to criticize that transportation planning is a primary shaper of urban form. And now cities with a high modal share in public transport are now also thirst for a high modal share of cycling. So, when bicycle meets the public transport, who would be the winner, the bicycle or the public transport? Or, are they friends or adversaries? Indeed, it is difficult to sentence on it. And comparing and contrasting their functional similarities and differences, maybe we can get an answer.

Public transport and bicycles are commonly seen as competitors. In fact, comparing with public transportation, the bicycle often have a faster speed and more flexible during the short distance. But basic public transport construction such as tram tracks can be an obstacle or even a potential danger to cyclists. At the same time, transportation companies often regard riders as the hindrance, especially the "slowing down" travel times. 30 kph-zones gains cyclists' preference while the buses or trams not. What's more, taking the needs of the disabled and the comfort of passengers into consideration, the tram is required to stop. But it is unnecessary for cyclists to do that. As a matter of fact, the mobile patterns are diverse and these obstacles must be overwhelmed. And the multimodality is on the rise. People prefer to try various means of transport, from the car to public transport or riding if necessary. Research by German authority points out that the car is occupying less importance among the young people. How does it come about?

public transport and bicycle

Lower income. In recent years, the economic crisis has struck the global every now and then, leaving some bad effect on the economic development. And as a result, many companies go bankrupt and then many people are caused by unemployment. As unemployed you are, the life is continuing. Under that situation, in order to reduce your cost, choosing bicycle or public transport as your transportation tool is a good idea. No oil and no parking fee, it can help you save money.

Urbanization development. With the process of perfecting the urbanization, cities supply more and better public transport. Having this equipment, people can choose what they like and what they want to try. There is no doubt that people have more choice than the past. And if you own a car, you only own one trip mode. But selecting the public transport and bicycle, you can enjoy a variety of different experiences. How wonderful it is.

New communication technologies. Nothing is changeless. With the rapid development of science and technology, different lifestyles appear. Consequently, people can take participation in social life in colorful methods. Cycling with friends in a sunny day, slowing down the speed, you can talk something on the way. Cycling helps you get close to nature. With breeze or sunshine touching, cycling lets you relax and get away from the fatigue from every burden. Besides, setting on a bus together, you can talk the politics with other passengers. Even if they are strangers, you can exchange your thoughts with them. In general, bicycling is a good way to relax. And public transport might be a marvelous place where you get unexpected knowledge or make some friends. That's cool.

Environmentally-friendly concept. Nowadays, the air pollution and traffic jams are more and more serious. And effective measures should be taken to settle them at once. All of us are responsible for making efforts to protect the environment and reduce air pollution. At that moment, we can do it from the little thing. Biking and taking public transport to go out is the easiest thing we can do. More importantly, riding can contribute to protecting our home- Earth and building up the good body as well. So, why not do that?

bicycle and public transport

Looking the above, we can get the similarities between the bicycle and public transport. Both they are good helpers to save money and reduce the air pollution. Moreover, they are the vital outcome for urbanization and the novel lifestyle for people to advance. In combination or separately, cycling, walking, and public transport means a lot to the liveability of cities. They do well in the reduction of congestion and the efficient use of limited space. As similar they are in some aspects, they are not the same thing. Still, differences between them exist.

Flexibility. It is well recognized that bicycle belongs to individual matter. But public transport is something enjoyed by the public. As for the space occupying, public transport often takes much more space than the cycle. Besides, the demands of stops for other transportations are not applied for a bicycle, but for the most public transport. Taking these materials into account, we realize that bicycle is more flexible than public transport.

Operation method. How to run the bike and the public transport? From common sense, we get the answer without any attempt. Out of the design and function, public transport adopts the automatic running operation. However, a bicycle needs human power to go forward. But as for the speed and direction, both bike and tram are controlled by people. Of course, the driver is much easier than the cyclists. Due to the strength, energy, and intelligence, the rider is much more tired.

Speed. Mentioning the speed, there are diverse ideas. Over the short distance, or at the very beginning, the bicycle is parallel to public transport or even faster than it. But according to the difference in operation way, after a period of time, the rider cannot be as fast as before any longer. But the driver can keep the same speed or even faster speed. That is the divergence. So we are likely not to make a clear comparison.

bicycle and public transport

Property. Public transport, apparently, is something for many people. So it can do service for a lot of people at the same time. But the bicycle is long to individual matter, generally speaking. It only can use by the owner or the user. In addition, a bicycle cannot limit your vision and your activity space, which let you enjoy the nature completely. But public transport often confines you in a compact space.

When does the bicycle meet with the public transport, who is the winner? Can both they lead the city's transportation? In fact, in that changing world, we cannot make the answer. Browsing all the materials, we can see that, bicycle and public transport have their own merits and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect. Based on their similarities and differences and your demands, you can choose the best one. And may all of you a wonderful trip.