The greatest cities in the world for cyclists

Posted by tan xiao yan on

In today’s world, more and more citizens are realizing the benefits of cycling so cycling in the cities makes sense. At the same time, the city government is taking measures to perfect the infrastructure to serve people and keep them safe. This boom to increase the cycling facilities proves a great achievement in the urbanization. From my perspectives, I think investment in bicycle infrastructure is a wise move because it can solve efficiently not only the traffic problems but also the health problems of the citizens. Of course, many cities are ahead, some are between but some are lag behind. So where is the exact heaven for the cyclists? Now, I will introduce some top cities for you.

1.Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark continues to further promote and perfect its facilities as the bicycle city. It has invested a large amount of money in cycling infrastructure and facilities over the past decade. Now, it has built many new bridges which are designed for cyclists. In addition, there are a lot of pedestrians and bike paths under construction which will open soon. Moreover, the city has opened the Harbor Ring bicycle route which will allow citizens to cycle around the harbor. The government designed a new traffic light system, controlling the flow through the city. At the same time, it also has completed a new bicycle superhighway routes since 2015. Now, most of the residents would prefer to cycle to work. In a world, a few places in the world like Copenhagen would get such support from their government. It is worth cycling there.
2. Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrecht is one of the smaller cities on Netherlands, which becomes the most popular cities for cyclists in Netherlands. In recent years, Holland has always maintained the levels of cycling instead of improving it. However, Utrecht seems to break the rules. The Dafne Schippersbrug Bridge which was designed uniquely is a good example. Besides, the city is going to build about 30,000 bike parking spots by 2020. You can see the bicycle streets are standard in Utrecht and the city claims that it plans to build the longest bicycle street in the country or more. The system is also very advanced which can detect each cyclist’s speed and help them slow down or speed up in order to avoid the accidents. Utrecht is waiting for you.
3. Strasbourg, France
For a long time, Strasbourg has been the first cycling city in France. But things have changed because many cities, such as Paris, Nantes have made a rapid progress. At the same time, Strasbourg has reacted to the situation. You can see the city with so many public bikes on the street. In addition, the government will subsidize the people who deliver goods with their bikes. Moreover, Strasbourg is planning to build a network of “superhighways” with routes to suburbs and neighboring towns. The bicycle is equal to the public transport in the city which creates a good bicycle culture. I am looking forward to visiting the city with my bike.
4. Malmö, Sweden
Since the year in 2015, Malmö has attached much importance to the bicycle as transport in the city. We will witness the opening of Bicycle House which is designed for accommodating bicycles and encourages car-free living. Near the bicycle house, it is the Bicycle Hotel which provides bicycle travelers any service and there are many bicycle clubs, allowing you share and exchange the experience, views, and ideas. The city wants to upgrade its bike sharing and infrastructure and we are looking forward to this change.
5. Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp is still the largest city for cycling in Belgium. We can see a big momentum in the city. The city plans to extend its bike system from the city center to the residential neighborhoods. It is going to perfect the bike parking facilities for large events. We know that they do very well at the Central Station about the bike parking, but in the future, other stations are also improved as well. There are other plans: many bicycle/pedestrian bridges, bike superhighways, etc. it means that Antwerp is trying to improve its modernization.

6. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo once came to the top 20 in 2015, so we also can have fun in the city. The tourists’ area is full of bikes as well as the neighborhoods. So you can understand why Japan is the world’s third great cycling nation, and Tokyo plays a vital role. In Tokyo, you will find the bike parking facilities and the parking cellars everywhere which are often located near the train stations. It is convenient for the tourists to travel around the country by bike. In addition, the 2020 Olympics will be a great opportunity for Tokyo to recognize the cycling as a useful transport. I hope I can visit the 2020 Olympics and travel by bike. Hope to meet you.

7. Berlin, Germany
Recently, Berlin has gained much attention from the world because the cycling activists promoted a cycling movement, putting bikes on the city’s agenda. Under the pressure, Berlin is testing with the traffic-free streets for cyclists. At the same time, the city government decided to build the bike infrastructure and facilities in the neighborhoods for cyclists. The city also needs to plan accordingly to serve more people as the rise of the cargo bike. So what is going to happen in the future? We hope to seek for.
8. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana has got its own achievements about cycling in recent years, and becoming the Green Capital of Europe 2016 has strengthened its confidence. As the cycling gained popularity in the world, it is going to continue to extend its solid and cohesive public network. The improvement of its cycling levers will become easier. Thanks to governmental support, advocacy and promotion work of cycling work well which will contribute to a more bicycle-friendly city.
It is time for these cities to prove their worth. From now on, you can visit and cycle these cities at any time at anywhere. They are looking forward to seeing you. Can’t wait!