The key point of choosing cycling clothes and product recommendation

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Gradually, cycling becomes a kind of fashion exercise and more and more people join in. The main purpose to ride a bicycle is to take exercise for health. With its flexible and convenient, you can touch nature closely and feel free. It is not all cyclists that wear a cycling clothes. However, if you consider cycle as a formal habit, cycling clothes is very necessary to you because it can give you safe and comfort.

1.why should we wear cycling clothes?


I had such experience once---I drove on the mountain without street lamps and all around was totally dark. One side of the road was precipice! After an upslope and turning a sharp corner, I saw a cyclist. The reflective stripes on back, legs, and bicycle wheels were very dazzling. The dazzling color and the tenacious quality when he was uphill left deep impression to me. Therefore, a basic selecting point is a reflective stripe. Almost all specialty manufacturers, of course, have this design on cycling clothes. Be careful when you choose.

The color of cycling clothes is mostly colorful. The main purpose is to make cyclists more visible on the road and drivers and pedestrian can see you clearly even they are very far away from you, avoiding traffic accident as soon as possible. What’s more, colorful clothes can make your cyclist friends realize the distance between you and them.

Wear-resisting material is one aspect to keep you safe. The special fabric is not only strong, elastic and extensible but also wear-resisting and durable. So it can protect your body when you fall down.


Good breathability and perspiring are important features of cycling clothes fabric, which can expel much perspiration from your body quickly and keep dry. Cycling clothes are perspiring, breathability, windproof and rainproof, wear-resisting and uvioresistant, which can give you maximum comfort.

Cycling clothes is usually a set of dress. There is a seat pad in the crotch and it can reduce oppressing to privates (it is very important to men ) and tingling to hip. The seat pad is a good protection that can prevent your inner thigh from chafing during long-distance cycling.

In addition, wearing a cycling suit can reduce wind drag because it is close to your skin. You can increase the speed of 3-5 km/h from 30 km/h easily. There is no doubt that cyclists will feel very cool.

2.How to choose cycling clothes

The key points of choosing cycling clothes:

Fabric. According to various requirements, the fabric should be concerned first. With using eyelet fabric, the most normal fabric can only be dry quickly. It utilizes cellular structure and syphonage, increasing the number of the hole on clothes. Then sweat will be expelled to the air in a quick cross-ventilation situation. But this normal cloth cannot keep warm, you will lose a lot of heat of the body. Someone might think that it can be more comfortable through that way, isn’t it? It may be more comfortable in Summer, but cycling clothes should be more breathable and keep warm in another three seasons. Therefore, it needs more high-level fabric.

Nowadays, the main fabric of cycling clothes is CoolMax functional fiber fabric. It is produced by Dacron fiber from DuPont Company. Dacron fiber is hollow terylene belonging to new type polyester fiber. Its transverse section is not only four tubular shape but hollow fiber and the wall of the tube has breathability. Because of this special physical structure, it has the function of moisture absorption, expelling perspiration and breathability, that is to say, good capillary effect, which can expel perspiration from your skin at any time and evaporate on the surface of the cloth.

Comparing CoolMax functional fiber fabric and other fabric in the aspect of drying rate, it shows that the drying rate of CoolMax fabric is greater than others whenever for a short time or a long time. The drying rate of CoolMax is about two times as large as cotton. If CoolMax functional fiber fabric applies to denim fabric, the strong breathability and good hygroscopicity can keep your skin dry and reduce physical exertion. Being wet is not an annoying problem anymore.

The elasticity of cycling clothes is not high-tech. Adding Lycra into fabric will be stretchy enough, just like a swimsuit. However, the model is an important factor to cycling clothes. Specialty manufacturers can produce well-tailored cycling clothes for almost people.`

There are two ways to provide UV resistant. One is to put the coatings on cloth surface and this is a kind of post processing. This type of cloth will be aging after washing for many times and the UV resistant will be weakened. The other one is to add Uv isolation factor in fabric process and the end product has perpetual UV resistant. And for this reason, the latter is more expensive than the former.

Stitching is also important. Due to the requirement of tailored cycling clothes, it has to have strong elasticity. In this case, stitching should be done seriously. When shopping, you should take care of seam whether it is uniformity and the line number of stitching. The line number of some common cycling clothes is usually 3-needle 5-thread. But more high-level is 4-needle 6-thread because it needs a more advanced machine. And this stitching is more difficult so cycling clothes with 4-needle 6-thread cost more.

Waterproof. Some cycling clothes have a label of the waterproof index. If 10000mm high water column is pressed on the surface of the fabric and exudes no more than 3 drops through the fabric in 24 hours, we call it 10000mm water column pressure as the waterproof index of this clothes. If you just journey in the city and wear cycling clothes for daily outside exercise, 6000mm waterproof index is enough. But if you want to travel some severe cases, it is better to choose above 10000mm.

Zips. YKK is better and more durable than other normal zips.

Shorts should be a concern at seat pad. The seat pad is usually made of silica gel and sponge. In general, silica gel has better elasticity and sponge does well in hygroscopicity. We suggest the thicker sponge seat pad with CoolMax covering because it is breathable and elastic enough.

Some brands cycling shorts use seat pads imported from abroad, such as 4ucycling. These seat pads use different density into the different part of cycling shorts. The ionic composition of the fiber can protect crotch, reduce pressure and sterilize germs. It is the best seat pad and it can bring you very comfortable experience.

3.Cycling clothing products

With cycling becoming more and more popular, there are more and more cycling clothing manufacturers and clothing styles. In order to be convenient for your shopping, following we will introduce some special hot product of 4ucycling:

4ucycling Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket

This jacket is constructed using the latest wind technology with the fleece interior and keep you warm on a wintry day. It is the latest ergonomics design and stylish fitting, which is designed on the slim fit side. Full open zipper design sturdily built for guaranteed durability.

4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants

This pants has unique water repellent quality without being too clingy or tight and offers the athlete more flexibility in mobility. Zippered pockets with sturdily built zips on each side give the athletes the much-needed flexibility around the knee area. Reflective logo is on the left to improve the visibility of the athlete under low or poor lighting conditions.

4ucycling 3D Padded bike Underwear Shorts— Men & Women

This short perfect for extra-long cycle rides, for our shorts are ultra-thin, lightweight and wear resistant. Breathable polyester can help minimize wind resistance for your best performance. That is a 3D padding as a seat pad, designed with a durable, premium, and stitched 3D foam padding that won’t slip or slide as with other shorts, for excellent resistance and comfort. It is important that this short is suit for men and women.