The secret weapons for cycling---food for nutrition

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The secret weapons for cycling---food for nutrition

Hot Chocolate---Secret weapons for winter cycling

We are not kidding, hot chocolate help restore the body. In the winter, riding and gym exercise makes your body full of energy, the author has been eagerly looking forward to next year's battle. Whether you are about to have a big game, or still want to compare to last year's performance has improved, the winter training can help you keep riding the body function, but you also nehot chocolateed to effectively restore the body to maintain the long time training, and chocolate have a magical effect on physical function recovery.

Last year, according to a study we are surprised to find that dark chocolate can improve cycling performance. With this conclusion, we explored by other means and indeed found that chocolate delicacy is beneficial to our training. Regardless of the training time, if you’re not carry on an effective recovery, you will not be able to maintain a long time training. The recovery time for the recovery of muscle growth is a very important stage. A mixture of carbohydrates and proteins can satisfactorily meet the body needs after exercise

Maybe you will be very surprised, but hot or cold chocolate’s carbohydrate and protein ratio is 3:1, which is known as the best ratio. Cocoa not only contains a lot of useful material but also reduce the generation of creatine kinase, thereby reducing the damage to the muscle after exercise.

Of course, what we said about hot chocolate, does not mean sugar cream with chocolate powder or cotton candy like dessert. We are referring to cocoa which can restore the body to the efficacy of powder, or chocolate powder containing protein.

Hot chocolate can also keep you warm in winter, after a long and cold cycling journey, I believe it’s a wonderful thing to drink a cup of chocolate.

The following is a simple hot chocolate healthy recipes, it will be of great help for the restoration of the body after winter training

You only need to spend 10 minutes, and prepare the following materials:

1 scoops of protein powder

1 cup of skim milk (half fat and whole milk can)

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Making method

Use a blender to mix all ingredients, it can avoid powder agglomeration
Pour the mixture into the pan and heat until slightly boiling
When you see a foam on the edge, pour hot chocolate into your favorite cup
Reminder---this is the most basic approach, you can add other ingredients according to personal taste. Sprinkle with cinnamon and spice mix can make your winter hot flavor, add a little lemon juice in the pot can also increase the flavor.
cycling nutrition

Banana with the coffee can improve the energy and store the energy. Generally, need 30 grams of carbohydrates, probably the energy provided by a banana, with a cup of coffee, the effect is very good. The banana is designed to prevent muscle cramps have the certain effect of alleviating hunger. Banana sugar can be stored for a long time in the body, slowly absorbed into the blood, which can maintain the ideal endurance. A study by the State University of Texas shows that bananas are a very effective supplement to TT athletes. To get a double energy guarantee, that's coffee. In 2004, coffee was removed from the banned list of Wada, and quickly became the darling of the sport. It not only increased alertness but also reduced fatigue and improved athletic performance. University study of the bath in 2012, caffeinated beverages can effectively improve the TT level of male drivers, and the intake level of the peak is about 45-90 minutes, so it’s suitable to drink 1 hours before the game. Little U give a small tip of a banana =30 grams of carbohydrates, a pack of espresso in the caffeine content of 80 mg.

Let me introduce some helpful diet for you by the way.

Those engaged in endurance sports athletes will eat more high carbohydrate foods, this is not a coincidence, there are numerous studies show that outpouring carbohydrate supplement is the key to lasting movement. Oatmeal and High-fat sports drinks win in the contrast in improving the athletes’ enduring. According to the study of the chief researcher Professor Williams, congee is the best food in advance consumption for endurance athletes.

Honey water
In a series of experiments comparing sports drinks with natural carbohydrate sources, researchers at the University of Memphis believe that honey is better than exercise gels. The advantage of honey is that it contains both fructose and glucose, and the absorption of these two sugars is also different, is conducive to absorption in many ways.

Whey protein soy milkmilk
Leucine can trigger muscle synthesis, so whey with the high content of leucine is the only source of muscle growth.

Pasta, tomato, watercress, carbohydrates
Many people think the cheese is more nutritious than pasta, in fact it is to be aimed at different situation, in the recovery phase, much stronger than cheese pasta, durum wheat is the Italy side of the legal materials, but also the hardest wheat varieties, with high density, high protein, high strength and other characteristics, for recovery of pasta the first choice.

Oatmeal Milk
Corn contains large amounts of carbohydrates, maintenance of motor energy needs, there are some body needs trace elements, then the collocation of protein and fat in milk, if you simply eat a fruit, so that it’s almost perfect breakfast for the riders.

A good eating habit plays an important part in your cycling. It affects your cycling schedule and cycling speed. Also, it affects the moon on your journey. With a healthy and strong body, you’ll have a good time on your cycling journey. When facing difficulties, can you have the energy to deal with.

Eat and drink something that can provide you energy. Refuse to eat junk food. Nutrition of body is the base to do anything you want to do and cycle to anywhere you want.