Tips for Green-Cyclists

Posted by tan xiao yan on

If you are a beginner for cycling and don’t know how to behave well during riding, don’t be so anxious and take it easy. Here are some trips followed for you, which can help you a lot.

1.Don't make comments on other cyclists' bikes easily.

Not only green cyclists but also someone who have ridden for a period of time need to pay attention to it. In fact, expressing your ideas means nothing. But what matters is that you make some comments by imaginations. For example, you should not say "your equipment is so expensive" or " your equipment is not in reason". If you are more experienced than others, your comments may be acceptable. But you are at the same level, and that ideas would make cyclists feel uncomfortable about you.

2.Don't want to be the first one all the time.

Out of having no good understanding of cycling team, some green-cyclists would do that easily. Generally speaking, the experienced riders are in the front of and at the end of the cycling line. Teamwork should show the great distribution and arrangement based on the situation, not individual ability.

3.Do check-out before cycling.

Check plays a vital part in cycling. So the green cyclists should pay attention to it especially. As for individual riding, you need to check out the things you carry carefully. Facing with an unfamiliar route, you don't be too anxious. You should take some emergency tools in case of unexpected affairs.

4.Learn some basic maintenance and repair.

After buying bikes, you can not regard maintenance and repair as dealership's duty all the time. It is a wrong idea. In order to enjoy cycling better, you need to master some adjustments and protection methods. For example, you should know how to adjust the brake. Besides, you should give protection to the bike after cycling in a rainy day. Only gain some skills can you have a safer cycling tour.

5.Learn to recommend cycling to people around you.

When you cost $ several thousand to buy a bicycle, people might be dazzled at your behavior. And they might even make teasing. Why do they that? Because they don't know about the activity. So you should tell them benefits about cycling and why you buy a bike at that price. Just like mobile phones, not so different as they are, their prices are various.

6.Keep going.

For skillful riders, doing cycling again after a long time not, they may feel uncomfortable. But for green ones, they won't do it any longer. So whatever you think about cycling, please be persistent. Even if you buy the bike by accident, you should find for the reason for keeping going.

We should come to realize that: there is no one born with wonderful cycling skills. All people grow from studying and practice. By efforts, you will be an experienced rider from a green hand one day. The above six things would give you trips to be successful. But only by your perseverance can create marvels.