Tips for you how to conquer the injury and enjoy your trip

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As we know, cycling can bring many health benefits to us while it also can hurt our body if we don’t cycle properly, especially for the beginners. As you begin cycling more miles, aches and pains gradually start to hurt you. There are many factors which can lead to injuries and pains: poor riding position, imbalanced muscles, poor bike, training error or broken cycling equipment etc. Some pains and aches are inevitable because this is a sport after all so many people ignore the problems. However, you should listen to your body or the little problems will gradually become hazard ones. There are lists of discomforts you may experience and helpful tips for you how to fix them. You can follow these ways to have a free-ride.

Neck pains
Neck pains will occur because of the tightness in the muscle. The pains often start from the base of the skull and run along the sides of the neck all the way to the shoulders. They get too exhausted because they must bear the whole weight of the head for a long time in the same position while cycling. The solution is that you should make sure your bikes match well with your body. Too high or too low will make you feel uncomfortable. You can shorten the stem so you are in a more upright position as well as loosen your grip on the handlebars which will reduce the distance you need to bend over and relax your shoulders. In addition, you should check whether your helmet fits properly and your glasses don’t slip down or not. You can imagine that if you have to adjust your head often to keep them in place, you will strain your neck than usual. You can do some stretches which will eliminate the fatigue during the long ride. If the neck pains last for a long time, please be serious and go to the doctors.
Shoulder pains
When you feel your shoulder uncomfortable, it is often caused by your inappropriate behaviors. For example, you lock your elbows or lean too hard on your handlebars which will stress the muscles in the upper back and convey the pains directly to your shoulders. You can a bend your arms slightly and adjust your seat height so you can ride comfortably. You can do some exercises to reduce the pains such as moving and massaging your shoulders.

Fingers numbness
Hand problems may ruin cycling, but here are some suggestions for you. This is normal because there is too much stress on your hands caused by the grip of the handlebars. You can wear the gloves and hold the bar with your wrist in a right position. You can shift your weight too far forward. At the same time, it is vital that you should find a proper grip that fits your hand and maintains the comfort. Another best way to prevent the numbness is to move your hands around. People often ignore this point and keep their hands in one place. So you should change the hand position, such as riding on the tops, the hoods, the drops. In a word, you should move your hands frequently. However, if the pain the numbness reoccurs many times, you had better seek the medical help because the hands are very important for cycling.

pain-free ride
Lower Back pains
If you sit up too straight and sit in the same position for a long time, this could be a bad news for your back. Back pain is very common in cyclists and you must struggle to straighten up your back. Sometimes we want to cycle faster so we will strengthen the pedal stokers. This is a big problem because your spine must bear a lot of pressure which can easily result in back pain. What you should do is to set your back straight in the suitable position which fits the specific frame of your bike.
Knee pains
There are two common situations when you feel your knees uncomfortable. On the one hand, if you feel pain on the front of your knee, that is because you stretch too much. The solution is to lower the seat height. On the other hand, if the back of your knee gets hurt, it is because that you can’t get enough movement. The best way to solve this is increasing your seat height so that it will not limit your range of motion.
Seat sore
Seat sore is caused by the keeping many hours in the seat. It is a skin disorder. The friction between you skins, clothes and seat can result in horrible rashes. You should adjust the height of your seat and wear the right cycling shorts. Using the cream can help relieve the comfortableness of the skin friction against the seat. Another easy way is to move around more on the seat in order to prevent sore.

Foot numbness
Sometimes, your feet will get numb. It is very common. The major reason is that you don’t wear the right shoes. You should make sure that your shoes are not squeezing your feet and they are not too wide. Another cause is that too much hill riding will have a lot with foot numbness which means a lot of pressure on the foot.

Serious injuries
Most injuries take place because we ride at a high speed which will cause the superficial soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal trauma. Head trauma is the most serious problem which often occurs in the car accidents. So it is very important to wear the helmets. Please remember. Some injuries are very hard to avoid while you can take some measures to minimize the damage. You should be serious and take care of yourselves.

Cycling is a wonderful activity which you can have the wind in your air, sun on your face, connection with nature, but this is not always the case. So we need to be responsible to ourselves. And I hope these helpful tips can make you enjoy the ride.