tips you require to know to ride on campus more easily and safely

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no matter due to health benefits, environmental factors or financial reasons, riding a bike are becoming an increasingly popular way of transportation on many campuses nowadays. many students have found the considerable value in riding bikes from one place to other places. in fact, riding bikes around campus instead of a car has many advantages, such as reducing the cost of gasoline, protecting the environment by reducing harmful emissions, parking with no hassles and providing a good chance to get in shape without having to set foot in the gym. since there are so many benefits, yet how to ride on campus safely and easily? here are a few tips and general guidelines that cyclists should follow when riding bikes around campus to ensure the safety of the riders and other people.

1.wearing a helmetwear a helmet

Head protection is the most important safeguard when biking due to the brain damages is often permanent unlike road rash and broken bones, so wearing a helmet is a must wherever you ride even you ride to class. When you are riding on campus, the possibility of a collision increase because you easily get distracted by passing members or hurry to get to class and take the little chance. According to the Bicycle Helmet Institute, students who had been wearing a helmet are more likely to survive in a serious accident, so Wearing a helmet to protect your head is more important than what your hair is going to look like. Besides, it’s of great importance to fiddle with the straps to fit it well and your helmet should be worn level and cover your forehead. The sticker in your helmet should also meet standards set by the Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) and reflective stickers are better.

2.obey all traffic rules

The most important thing of safe bicycling is to obey all traffic signals and signs. Bear in mind that you are part of the traffic and the following rules are your best interests.always obey traffic rules when riding on campus

Always ride on the right side of the street and go with traffic. riding on the left side of the road or the wrong way on a one-way street just puts your life at risk, because it increases your closing speed with a car and puts you in an unexpected position for car drivers.
pay attention to the traffic signals, signs and roadway devices and stop at red lights even if you are hurry to class.
Notice all directions at intersections. Be ready to yield to turning cars because car drivers can’t always expect you from the unexpected intersection.
Always ride at reasonable or limited speed even if you are late for class.
Never carry books or other stuff in your hands when you are riding. If you must, using a backpack or rack is a good choice. Never using phones when you are riding.
Always use hand signals to indicate your turns, lane changes and stopping. Pay attention to the cars parked on the road and ride 4 feet out from them to avoid being doored.
Wear bright clothes to increase your visibility when riding at night
3.Always check and maintain your bikealways check and maintain your bike when using bikes on campus

Your bike needs your a little tender loving care to ensure you get an enjoyable and smooth ride, so always remember to check and maintain your bike regularly. Do check it when there is something feels wrong. Keep your bike clean so that your clothes don’t get grungy and dirty on the way to your class to avoid embarrassment and it’s one thing you can do to prolong the life of your bike. Both of your brakes must work all the time. Keep all nuts and bolts tight at the beginning of the semester. Make sure your chain lubed to avoid squeaking and eventually breaking from the excess friction. Keep your tires inflated properly or it will be prone to punctures. If you can’t do your bike maintenance, go to the bike shops for help or ask other campus riders or pros what they do.

4.always lock your bikealways lock your bike when using bicycle on campus

Finding your bike is stolen on campus is the nightmare that every cyclist doesn't want to have. When using a bicycle on campus, remember to lock your bike with an adequate lock to a bike rack and other secure parking facilities. Some thief can easily defeat the lock, so you’d better buy a 6- foot cable or chain with your lock to secure your bikes well. If possible, don’t get your bike too fancy. Don’t lock your bike to or lean it against lamp posts, hand rails, buildings, or other campus property not intended to host bicycles because it’s likely to create safety escape hazards, interfere with maintenance work, and what’s worse, it may even cause damage to the property and your bike. You will find that if you park your bike in areas other than designated bicycle racks will be removed by Campus Safety staff.

5.share the campusshare the campus

Riding on 2 wheels is a fast way to get around campus, but you still need to pay attention to other bikes, cars and pedestrians especially when in the 10 minutes rush between classes. You should keep your speed down and warm pedestrians when you ride behind them with a friendly “ bicycle passing on your left” or whatever to avoid collisions on shared sidewalks. As I have mentioned before, be ready to yield to pedestrians just as you expect a car too.

Ultimately, riding on campus is really an enjoyable thing, it’s fun, cheap, healthful and environmentally friendly. I hope the above tips don’t weigh you down. Just enjoy.