Top 10 advantages of using messenger bags for cyclists

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Messenger Bag
The term "messenger bag" refers to bags that are styled after the ones bicycle messengers carry. with a shoulder strap as a feature, the messenger bag can be worn across your body. the true messenger style is with the bag hanging down at your side or slung onto your back. The use of messenger bags goes back to ancient times when relic pursue were used to deliver mail and valuable commodities such as gold and silver. Today, The messenger bags have become quite popular among both short and long distance cyclists. Some people may ask why are they so popular. Now, let me the top 10 advantages of using a messenger bag.

1.Ease of use
As Stephanie Vardavas said, backpacks are a hassle if you need to get something out. Instead of sitting cycling bagon your back, Messenger bags which you can move in front of you are more comfortable to wear and easy to control. You can control the safety issues, easily reach inside and access anything if necessary. Some cyclists said that a good messenger bag is like a large cross-body purse: easily accessible and convenient whether you are walking, standing, sitting or biking.

2.Strong storage capacity
advantages of using messenger bags for cyclists
Messenger bags have enough room for all your devices and even may have specified areas to accommodate each item with inside pockets with various size, making it possible to carry your laptop, PDA, tablet and other identification documents in safe and organized manner. Besides, messenger bags is more suited to the kinds of things and it can expand or contract to accommodate the items you carry no matter one slip of paper or fifty pounds of groceries. As well as strong storage capacity, messenger bags are perfect for laptops because of the flat rectangular shape. However, backpacks are designed for cyclists who don’t need to carry laptops. Therefore, a messenger bags is an ideal choice for commuters.

3.Cool appearance
Messenger bags have the virtue of being pretty cool. they come in woolen, cotton, canvas and Top 10 advantages of using messenger bags for cyclistsleather versions bearing design patterns of all sorts. With various color, these bags are today vibrant fashion accessories. Besides, their large, straight surface is the perfect canvas for pins, buttons, patches, and other embellishments.

4. Waterproof
Most of the messenger bags feature bodies of waterproof material, such as nylon and PVC. Most people usually arrive looking like they have swum too work, but they are surprised to find that their laptop, documents, and work clothes are always bone dry. So even in the rainy days, you don’t have to worry about your important items.

5. Comfort
Unlike backpacks which cause your neck and back to hurt after about 10 minutes, messenger bags are more comfortable. Messenger bags are designed for one thing: to carry a load properly balanced while you are on a bicycle, in a low, horizontal riding position. It offers much better over the shoulder visibility if you ride in a low position.

6.Help stop sweating
Many people may have the experience that they are soaked with sweat when they arrive no matter how gently they ride or what the temperature is. Unlike backpack with less airflow between your back and the bag, the messenger bag, which rides lower, cover less of your back and will make you sweat a little less.

With a messenger bag, it’s safer when you are biking. It’s always on you and keeps your belongings close to your body, so you don’t have to worry about locking it up with your bike. This is great for cities where there is a high rate of crime. Other kinds of bags, such as rucksacks, panniers, can leave you vulnerable to theft, with your things out of your sight.

8.easy to carry around off your bike
If you chose a bike as your primary mode of transportation and make multiple stops, it will be very inconvenient to secure your bags without detaching them and carrying them. However, if you are with a messenger bag, you can get off your bike and go to a concert or other social event still with your messenger bag.

9.Being able to be customized
Top 10 advantages of using messenger bags for cyclists
One of the biggest advantages of messenger bags over other bags is its ability to be customized by the cyclists. Especially for the young, it is a must. No two bags are the same among them. Some people like to have their friends sign their bags or they may add patches or pins to the bag. Hence, messenger bags usually come in a wide range of colors and designs.

One of the biggest advantages of a messenger bag is that you can adjust them to ride low so that when you are riding your bike, it sits right on the top edge of your hips just above the seat. This will be more comfortable than having the backpack sitting right on the top of shoulder blades. The messenger bags which tend to pull along your body in that position doesn’t weight you down the same way.

During the past few years, the designs have changed a lot for a greater social appeal, but the same durability, secure, and efficient principals still apply. Today more and more people has chosen to bike to work. Messenger bags which are big enough to fit necessary office equipment are the best choice for them. They are light weight, lie close to your body, and provide easy access to all kinds of material, messenger bags are worth investing for bike commuters.