Top 15 Global Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey Which You Choose

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Many people love cycling nowadays. But do you really know about cycling jersey? As you can see, most brands have their own disadvantages, such as bad designs, conspicuous logos and so on. What is more, they usually neglect the beauty of design and make cycling jersey more functional rather than the appearance of them.

It is so lucky that, there are some cycling jersey showing us the beauty of consciousness. We got something about the top 15 global fashion brands from the foreign report. You had better know about them.

Cycling Jersey


Excellent designers all around the world l love the cycling jersey of Bernard, including their color, patterns, and special designs. They combine perfectly and make cyclists a wonderful view in the cycling race. As long as its cycling suits of limited edition come into the market, including cycling jersey, shorts, sleeveless sweater, people rush to buy. They are always sold out at once. Bernard always enjoys a good sale.

Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Jaggad is one of Melbourne's brands. The design of Jaggad intends for professional cyclists and meets the needs of the performances of the clubs. Its jersey are ultra modern and of high quality. Yet, it is no so flashy and over-branding. What makes Jaggad different, is its interesting investigators and sporting identification behind its brand. The investigators vary from AFL player Steve Greene and Chris Judd to Just Jeans' founder Craig Kimberley to the Rich list's celebrity Ryan Trainor.

Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Rapha is a one-station shopping platform catered for insightful cyclists. It provides you with all kinds of cycling jersey and accessories for performance. It has relevant publications and event information as well. Rapha' s first edition came out in July 2014. Later it held a cycling exhibition and had some cycling activities. Although began in low status, it has already become a code word for the cycling jersey of the highest quality and the sponsor of Team Sky' s cycling jersey.

Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey

4.Kirshner Brasil

World Cup is not the sole famous sport. Kirshner' s cycling jersey is pretty eye-catching and modern. Up to date, it has a product line of short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, jersey, T-shirts of large size and riding caps. It is going to produce a series of over-sleeve and jacket.

Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Do you remember? In the Olympic, World championships and many famous professional cycling races, riders won over 250 gold medals wearing ASSOS cycling jersey.

Global Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Capo was founded in 2004 and its founders are Gray Vasconi and Robert Carbone. At first, It only had technical socks and casual jersey. After a few years, Capo's products are extended to men' s cycling jersey and a series of custom-built jersey. Capo now is famous all over North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and England for its high-quality and pretty fashion design.

Cycling Jersey

7.Brandt Sorenson

Brandt Sorenson is a brand of luxury cycling jersey made in America by hand. It pays more attention to quality and function than convenience and cost of producing. The style of Brandt Sorenson‘s design shows you a spirit of vigorous and aggressive in the heart of the modern athlete. If you are crazy about nature, it can help you make special cycling jersey for you.

Cycling Jersey

8.Cafe Du Cycliste

Another famous cycling jersey' brand is Cafe du Cycliste. It concentrates on custom-built technics. Its products use textile fabrics that are hard-wearing. It provides a series of colors to choose to show cyclists' graceful bearing.

Global Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Volero design its jersey in Australia and produce in Italy. It is a brand concentrating on upmarket cycling jersey. It was founded by two brothers who love cycling and design. This summer series of products has these qualities, such as light surface material, hygroscopicity, absorption of sweat and fade resistance.


When a crowd of cycling lovers rushing on the roads of Australia and Europe, a wonderful idea occurred to them that most people ignored some cycling features. Then they decided to set up their own company to produce cycling jersey. Delord is showing a design style of concise, fashion and high quality. What is more, it cares much about the details.

Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


The cycling jersey of Mapp are wonderful views in Melbourne. It provides all kinds of superior men and women's cycling jersey. Its design style is pretty cool and full of artistic feeling. Cycling shocks are made in Australia while cycling jersey are made in Italy. Its products are of high quality and can be used in cycling for a long time.

12.Black Sheep Clothing

If you want to be OUTSTANDING, Black Sheep is the best choice. Someone said that Black Sheep is vulgar, but others think it so special. There is no doubt that if you wear this brand's jersey, you will be the main focus. Meanwhile, cycling jersey does good in style and comfort as well as in function.

Global Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Exusta is designed in Taiwan and produces a whole series of cycling shoes and pedals. Engineers in Exusta think that bicycle racers should have complete intact pedal systems to upgrade to most pedaling efficiency. No matter in the road race, climbing race or city race, Exusta products absolutely focuses on details in technology research. It is really fashionable and its products are sold in more than 40 countries.


Marmot is a famous American brand in the world. The name 'Marmot' refers to a group of highly social, large ground squirrels that live in mountainous areas. To become a Marmot, you had to climb a glaciated peak with another Marmot. One of the rules of the club was that everyone was President. Most of the other rules dealt with a collegiate fascination for bodily functions. Its concept, ”Marmot For Life” means that it intend for outdoor life. Professional outdoor athletes and skiing athletes test most products in the extreme environment.

Marmot has grown quite a bit since our humble beginnings in 1974, but one thing has never changed; our commitment to designing the highest quality performance product.

As a value-based company, Marmot is committed to a sensitive and sustainable approach towards all its stakeholders, employees, consumers, partners and public alike.

Global Famous Brands' Cycling Jersey


Cycling has already become a lifestyle. The choice of cycling equipment, especially the underwear, is of great significance. Some persons consider that wearing sports pants at random is all right. Yet, once you fall in love with cycling and have ridden for over 20km, you will found that common pants are tremendously not enough for longtime cycling. Wearing the crotch and letting the wind into your pants are unbearable.

4ucycling means “ for your cycling”. It is designed for you. The brand intends for those who love cycling like you. It wants to make its best to make people comfortable while cycling.
4ucycling is one of the American professional manufacturers. It was founded in 2002 and produces cycling equipment. It is not established for a long time, but popular among toilers in America and Africa due to its high quality and reasonable price. This cycling jersey is sometimes sold in off-season promotion. You can buy 4ucycling products on Amazon website. It is pretty convenient for you who do not like to go shopping in the mall.