Top  16  Stupid Actions To Be Banned While Biking

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As more and more people are getting a growing sense of cycling, cycling is becoming more and more prevalent all around the world. More people prefer to commute to work as well as travel on a bicycle because cycling concerns more with your health, financial, and environmental benefits.As a matter of fact, cycling can not only benefits you but also bring you risks if you do not pay attention to the following things. Most bicycle accidents happen when people do not take a serious attitude in cycling. DO remember these things!
16, Drink ice drink

You should not drink ice drinks during a cycling because blood is mostly concentrated on the surface. Frozen drinks drink will be on the anemia of gastrointestinal that produces strong stimulation, vasoconstriction, and anemia. In addition, drinking water and ice may also lead to cerebral vasospasm, causing angina after riding. Drink warm boiling water, salt water or sports drinks to supplement the body of water and electrolyte.

15, Driving through standing water at high speed

If you do not lower your speed when you are driving through standing water, you must be killed. You are going to stain people’s clothes and provoke him or her, right?

Keep yourself calm while cycling.

14, Do not know about your fundamental information

You need to know some fundamental medical knowledge, including your blood group, your history, your history of drug allergy. And if you are injured, make sure that your partner can get in touch with your family and help you out as soon as he can.

   13, Being abusive to other road users.

If someone cuts you up or roars at you, the best thing to do is to take it easy, and not revenge. If you do that, and they determine to retaliate, the cyclist will always play worst. You never know who will get out of the car. You are going to focus on the person and pay attention to him. It is not good for you to concentrate on cycling and will be easy to put yourself into dangerous.

12, Use your phone

Now in the Internet era, almost each of us every day, likes to carry a mobile phone for the whole day. But if you are riding, you had better not to use the phone, even if it must, and not to listen to the music. Listening to music is a very dangerous action while cycling. If you are crazy about music, you may need to turn up the volume, it is easy to disperse the attention of riding. If there are vehicles or pedestrians apporching to you, you don't notice, sometimes a little slower will cause an accident.

Take out your mobile phone only when you have stopped.


11, Not signals or pay no attention to signals

It is absolutely troubling that if there are no traffic signals. When you are standing at the crossroad, you are unable to know when is your turn to go without signals. If all of you are going together, the road will certainly get struck. Running red lights or stop signs is in the violation of traffic laws.

React and signal as soon as possible - when you are turning left or right, signal early on in order that the cars in front of you can adjust their speed. If both of you do not show signals of turning, you may crash into them. Pay attention to traffic signals and the cars near you.



10, Wearing heavy backpacks.

When you are preparing for a long ride, most of you are prone to put too much into your backpacks in case of need. You do not want to get into trouble when you need something. Even so, it is a danger lurking in your cycling. Wearing heavy backpacks often makes you feel tired and consumes your energy. Especially when you are in a difficult situation, you will be not flexible to react.

Attempt to release your backpacks so that you can be relaxed. Remember to take the things that are really in need.


9, Riding on the sidewalk or hog the road.

In many countries, it is illegal to ride on the road if children are not above 12years old or cycle on the sidewalk if you are over 12. Many adults like to bike on the sidewalk. The situation on the sidewalk is unpredictable and most people are not expecting a bike to fly past them. Ride on the road or bike paths. Be careful and do not hog the road. You will cut the road of others and other drivers and cyclists will be struck and get angry. Then you easily get into trouble.

Ride on the right road and do not hog the road.

8, Do not watch around

It occurs that some people are careless and crash into the car which in front is an opening door. Sometimes you may stop suddenly for some reasons, but the cars or bikes can not response fast. Accidents will happen. Remember to watch around and think more. Choose a good position and time before you stop. Before you turn left or right, you should signal your intention to  for several seconds. While cycling, use your eyes to sweep around, especially when you are approaching a curve. Be careful about the children who are playing around.


7, Have not enough exercise

It seems not so important for cycling. Yet, it decides the quality of your cycling. Having not enough exercise, you may encounter many unexpected things. For example, you may get a cramp in your leg during a cycling or fall in a faint after a longtime cycling. And you may hurt your muscles. There are so many results that having not enough exercise may lead to.


6, Ride fast

Some people would like to rush to work by riding fast. Still, it is prone to cause accidents. Things on the road are always out of control, especially when you are riding fast. You can never imagine the impact of inertia. In many accidents, you can see a long ling drew on the road because cars are always not easy to control.

So please ride at an appropriate speed for the sake of you and other people. Life is more expensive than speed and time.


5, Riding without a helmet.

Some of you do not like wearing a helmet because you think it is not necessary and you are careful enough to cycle. Don’t think that helmet is uncool or inconvenient. Yet, life is always unexpected. You never know what will happen in the next second. In most accidents, people who do not wear helmets are often hurt. All accidents are reasonable. There are many reasons why accidents happen. While some wear helmets during cycling, they are probably well-protected.

So, you need a helmet to protect you from being hurt. Choose a helmet of high quality and wear your helmet!


4, Riding an ill-fitting bike

Do not ride a bike that is too small or too large to you. You must feel uncomfortable. And it is not easy for you to control it. When you are maneuvering it, it should be flexible to deal with different situations. Some of you may like to ride the sharing bikes, yet they not always fit you. You can adjust the seat post before using it.

A bike without lights is also inappropriate. Even if you are riding in date time, it is wise for you to turn on the lights on your bike. Because it can make both drivers and pedestrians can see you and avoid crashing. If you ride a bike in a dark night without lights, it is putting yourself in danger. Because when you are cycling, the coming cars can not see you immediately and may lag in response. Then they are apt to crash into you.

Remember to ride on the well-fitting bike.

3, Riding in inappropriate clothes

You must prepare the most appropriate shoes, cycling shorts, and jersey. They are of tremendous significance in cycling. They can affect your feeling and maneuvering while cycling. If your shoes are unfitting, it may affect your pedaling. You may gain not enough power to control your bike. If your shorts are inappropriate, your legs will rub the cushion. You are prone to get hurt so that you can not ride for a long time. Jersey will influence your feeling of upper body and your maneuvering.

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2, Do not prepare well before cycling

Before a longtime cycling, adequate medicine, water, and clothes should be prepared well. It will cost you too much if you lack them during a cycling. You need to pause to find them. What should you do if there is no one can help you? Most importantly, warm up before starting. If you don’t, you are apt to hurt yourself. It the same with doing exercises. An insufficient warm-up will result in muscle pulling, aching, even bones hurting. Warm up as well as prepare things well. If you do not know how to warm up, surf the Internet. Besides, see the weather when you are preparing things for cycling. If NOT, when it rains or storm, you may get into trouble that you may be stuck in the rain. Furthermore, you are apt to fall ill. It is serious, right?

Check your equipment before you set out.


1, Cycling intoxicated

As we all know, driving in a bad situation is a dangerous behavior that may lead to a serious consequence. It is the same with cycling. You should not be drunk while cycling. Drinking drinks with alcohol before cycling is not conducive to your judgment and riding. If you do so, you will crash into a tree, a bus or cars. Then the people involved may hurt and you need to be responsible for them.

To avoid this kind of incidents, do not cycle intoxicated. Think about yourself and your family and answer for them.