Top 4 tips to improve cycling experience

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Every time when I am riding a bike, I always think it's comfortable and leisure. The wind is touching my face softly, and the beautiful sightseeing is behind me slowly. When I riding in an old antique charming street at a very low speed, it makes me feel that I am reading the story of it. What a nice cycling trip, I always tell myself. However, a tiny voice in my heart always tells me that:” that is not enough, I want more, I want more! The real cycling experience is more than that!” As I grew older, I wondered if I can make some changes when cycling to get that real experience. After some trials and errors, I draw the conclusion that there are some ways to improve our cycling experience. And now, I would like to share them with you. If you have some better opinions or different suggestions, please leave a message for me.
1.Get yourself a bicycle which fits you most.
It’s of vital importance to have a bicycle that fits you if you want to have a wonderful cycling experience and it’s one of the premises that you are willing to continue riding it more often. Why is that? If the bike is too small for you that you cannot even stretch yourself completely, you will feel uncomfortable and frustrated and you don’t feel like riding the bike anymore. If the bike is too big for you that it’s hard for you to get the handlebars and your feet can’t even touch the ground (maybe it’s the problem of the height of the saddle), you will feel tired very soon and it’s dangerous sometimes. Once I fell off the bike when it’s a panic stop and I couldn’t touch the ground with my feet.
There is no doubt that how important it is to pick a bike with the right size. But how? My experience is when you sit on the seat, you shall be able to get the handlebars in a natural gesture and your feet shall be able to touch the ground with your tiptoes; and you should feel very comfortable when your feet stepping on the paddles.
2.Set your saddle in a right position.
We all know that a saddle in its right height will bring us an enjoyable cycling experience--you will feel very comfortable and you can pedal the bike efficiently, but do you have any idea that riding on a bike with a saddle height that doesn’t fit for you will lead to long-term injuries? It sounds pretty scary, but that the truth. You may get niggles, back soreness. We need to pay attention to the height of the saddle because of its vital role placed for the comfortableness. And it’s quite easy to set it and get the greatest experience in my opinion.
There are hundreds of methods to tell you how to set the right height or the optimal height on the Internet and many of the people are professional in bike fixing (which I am not), so I am not telling you how to set it, go Google it. For me, the most important is to get the correct distance between my pedals and the saddle. In that way, I can stretch myself fully without bringing my knees too high or too low, and I can move more flexible, easier and faster with fewer efforts. Go and have a try, tell me how do you feel.
3.Use the front brake more often.
To stop the bike safely in a short time at a fast speed, I recommend you using the front brake. As we all know, a wonderful cycling experience should consist of the safety problem. And I presume no one wants to get hurt during the course of cycling. I believe that some cyclists still use rear brake or use them both at the same time because that’s what they were told as a beginner. However, if you don;t change your habit and get through to the using-front-brake part, you will never be able to stop your bike safely in a short time and enjoy the surprise it brings to you. And you can’t call yourself an experienced cyclist forever.
As for how to use the front brake, keep your arms stiff, brace yourself then squeeze your front brake firmly, pay attention to your position while getting your weight as low and far back as possible, practice it until you master the spirit of it and can use it with proficiency. This is just my way of using the front brake, if you still have some problem with that, go Google it. Practicing in the right way is the golden rule. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that use front brake only because the rear brake is useful when there is something wrong with your front tyre and when encountering slippy or bumpy surfaces where your wheels have a chance of skidding or bounce up into the air.
4.Control your bike when turning.
For me, the most enjoyable and exciting part is turning. We all know that when turning we must lean inward towards the turning direction. The faster you ride, the greater the turning angle, the greater your tilt angle is because of the center of gravity and the balancing torque of our bikes. Some people may be afraid of falling off the bike when turning, from my experience, there is a way to avoid that from happening: keep your body and your bike upper and keep them in line as the way when cycling straight at the same time. My experience may not fit for everyone, just practice and find your way.
To make your cycling experience to a whole new level, there are still many ways wLearning the attack positionaiting for your try.Riding with a helmet. Cycling is a wonderful sport. It can’t be better if you learn some useful skills to bring it to a whole new level. I do hope every one of us can find the ways and feel the different ultimate thrill.